Police Rescue Tiny Newborn Puppies Dumped In Trash

This past Monday, Tampa police officersresponded to a 911 call and became heroes to one very special family…

Amama dog and her four tiny newborn pups were found in the most nightmarish conditions possible. One of the puppies was reportedly left to die inside a plastic bag that had been tied and thrown in the garbage, while the other three puppies were huddledtogether under a shed. The mother had propped herself on top of the recycling, feverishly trying to pull her puppy out of the trash and to safety.

The puppies are still too young and too small for adoption. To help them grow and flourish, the family is being cared for by the kindhearted folks at Hillsborough County Animal Services until they are ready for adoption.

Read on to meet this incredible four-legged family…

In September of 2015, the Tampa Police Department responded to a 911 call. A mama dog and her four newborn puppies were found at a trash site, and were in serious need of help.


When they arrived at the scene, police saw the mother dog sitting panicked on top of a recycle bin. One of the pups had fallen inside, and she was desperately trying to pull her puppy free. The other three were found underneath a nearby shed.


Tampa Police Department

Officers jumped into action, pulling the puppy from the bin. To make matters worse, it was reportedly stuck in a plastic bag. Tampa Police Department spokeswoman Andrea Davis told WTVT, “We dont know if [the mother dog] was successful in getting the other three out of the can and under the shed, but she sure was trying to get that last one out. Either way, it looks like someone threw away at least one puppy and mom dog was in the garbage can trying to get that puppy out.” Here, Officer Whitney holds the teeny, tiny pup in her hands.


Tampa Police Department

By the next day, Mama pup and her four babies were safe and sound. They were finally able to nurse, nap, and eat.


Tampa Police Department

The puppies are still too young for adoption, but their story quickly hit the local news.


Tampa Police Department

To help them prepare for their forever families, the five dogs are being cared for by the kindhearted folks at Hillsborough County Animal Services until they are ready for adoption.


Tampa Police Department

Police are investigating who committed this horrible crime and abandoned mama and her pups. In the meantime, they’re getting all the love, care, and attention they deserve.


Tampa Police Department

Bravo to the policemen and women who saved this adorable family.


Tampa Police Department

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