Policeman Shoots And Kills Beloved Pet Dog After She Ran Up To Greet Him

A mother and daughter were left mourning when a Police Officer shot their dog dead when she ran up to greet him.

The Officer knocked onto the owner’s house to tell them that their car door was open when their 40-pound bull terrier, Duchess, ran up to greet him. That’s when he shot her three times.

Gillian Palacios and her daughter were visibly distraught in the security footage and photos taken afterwards.

*Warning: Some viewers may find the content below distressing*

The footage backs up the mother’s claim that thedog wasn’t being aggressive and wasn’t barking at the time. The family go on to say that they were in no trouble with the police and are clueless as to why their dog was shot for running into their garden.

The police officer has not been identified but has been places on administrative leave.

He claimed the dog was charging after him when he shot her. Afterwards, he told the family Animal Services would come around to pick up the dog.

A Florida City police spokesman, Officer Ken Armenteros said:

“We dont have the luxury of hindsight. We have to use the information that is given to us in a split second.

So, the officer has to make that decision with the information that he has available.”

We wishGillian and her daughter our sincerest condolences.


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