Powerful Video Shows The Importance Of Not Purchasing From Puppy Mills

Just about everyone loves puppies. With their cute little faces and their adventuresome spirit, a puppy can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Understandably, millions of children all around the country dream of getting a puppy for their birthday or Christmas, butunfortunately thousands of these families get a puppy with heartbreaking consequences.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with getting a new puppy for the family, it’s a horrible fact now that there are literally thousands of “puppy mills” that don’t raise their dogs in the best of conditions. These mills are filled with disease, dirty food and water, and all-around sickening conditions for dogs. Some of the mills might be bigger than others, while some of the mills might just be an untrained “backyard breeder” who doesn’t know what they’re doing in the slightest.

By purchasing a puppy from one of these breeders, a family will unwittingly increase the demand for more puppies, which will just continue a cycle that needsto stop! There are so many puppies, dogs, senior dogs, and special-needs dogs out there in shelters that are in need of a loving forever home.

The amount of money, time, and tears spent on a puppy mill can be shocking. These animals often have deadly diseases and many other problems that you won’t get with reputable licensedbreeders or healthy mutts. Please watch this touching video, and please share this valuable information with all of your friends!

Warning: This video might be hard to watch for animal lovers. But please be advised that these are all “actor dogs” and no animal was injured during the making of this important PSA!


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