Pug Puppy Fights Poppa Pug For Space On Toddlers Motorcycle

When you were little, don’t you remember wishing to grow up as soon as humanly possible? Becoming an adult just couldn’t come soon enough. You wanted to be able to do all the cool stuff adults did, like reaching the top cabinet, deciding when it’s OKto eat a cookie, and maybe most of all, driving a vehicle.

I simply couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel. For a long time, and still a bit residually, I wanted to be a race car driver. The day I learned to drive couldnotcome fast enough.

This little boy has a lovely loophole to this desire to grow up:he’s got his very own motorized motorcycle. Well, it’s definitely more like a tricycle, but it sure does have that flashy red color of a cool motorbike, and he sure does feel tough while driving it!

One thing that his bike didn’t come with was a sidecar. So this little boy, with the help of his mother, came up with an alternate solution.

You see, this boy had two very special friends that he wanted to take along with him on his afternoon drives around the yard.

Using a bit of string and a scooter of sorts, he has his very own extra seating on his big-boy motorcycle. Now, he’s ready to roll with his two pals!

But you have to watch what happens when the little one falls off the back.

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