Puppy Abandoned On A Busy Road Is Rescued And Adopted By A Loving Family

It’s hard to see, but sometimes we come across stories of abandoned pets thatwere unwanted for some reason or another. We can’t understand why these poor animals were left on the street, but we can try to help them as best we can by giving them loving homes. But some of these pup have ahappy ending, just like Fram.

Fram is a 6-month-old puppy. His story wasn’t always so hopeful, but his luck changed when a couple of strangers found him wandering just feet from a busy road.

Afraid that the dog would run away from them and into traffic, the strangers waited until the dog felt more comfortable with them before reaching out to him. An hour later, they were able to pet him, and the pup even “shook” their hand with his paw!

Fram was hurried to the vet. Covered in ticks and fleas and suffering from mange, he needed medication and special baths. Before anyone knew it, Fram became a healthy and happy puppy!

Thanks to Howl of a Dog, Fram has recently found a home in the United Kingdom. In just one month, the adorable pup will be nice and settled in his forever home.


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