Puppy drowned in bath by ‘barbaric’ burglars – BBC News

Image copyright Mark Phillips
Image caption Benji, a cockapoo puppy, was drowned by burglars who ransacked a house in Gorleston, Norfolk

A seven-month old puppy was drowned in a bath by burglars who broke into a house in Norfolk, police said.

Cockapoo Benji was in the property in Cobholm Close, Gorleston, at the time of the break-in on Wednesday afternoon.

His owner Mark Phillips, 40, said the burglars’ actions were “barbaric” and he had been “in hysterics” when he found his pet in the bath.

“They’d have to be sick, or twisted, or both, to do that,” he said. Police said it was a “particularly cruel crime”.

“Steal the dog, take him – but to do what they did was barbaric,” Mr Phillips said.

Image copyright Mark Phillips
Image caption Benji’s owner described the burglars’ actions as “barbaric”

“We only got Benji last year, and he was such a loveable dog. Things around our house remind us of him.

“I want to remember him as he was and not seeing him in the bath. That’s still in my head.”

The burglars stole a number of items, including a computer, detectives said. They urged anyone who saw suspicious behaviour to come forward.

Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk