Puppy Is Reunited With Mama Dog After Getting Trapped Under A Pile Of Rubble

There’s no worse situation for a mother to be in than to not be able to reach her child during his or her time of need. It’s a nightmare for any mother, but only a select few actually have to live through it.

No matter how serious or simple the situation may be, it feels completely overwhelming in the moment when it’s happening.

And this isn’t something that only human mamas feel. It extends to our animal friends as well.

Doggie moms instinctively know when their puppies are in harm’s way and will do their absolute best to try and save them.

Take Gypsy for example. This stray dog was saved from the streets, but risked her own life by escaping in the middle of the night to track down the litter that she left behind.

She finds all seven puppies doing just fine and gets help for them as well.

For the mama dog in the video below, there was nothing she could do to get to her trapped puppy.

Thankfully, there were people there to intervene, and Mom and her puppy were happily reunited.

It took just seconds for the mom to scoop her baby up in her mouth and carry her back to their little safe haven where she happily eats and reunites with her siblings.

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Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited, India/ YouTube/ Facebook

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