Puppy Is Treading Water For Its Life Deep Out At Sea When A Beacon Of Hope Appears

What happens when you are enjoying a wonderful day of sailing and suddenly you come across the unthinkable: an actual puppy stranded in the water!

This is exactly what happened to these group of sailors who were sailing off the coast of Naples. It appeared as if the puppy had fallen off a ferry, and the ferry crew actually refused to stop to rescue the dog.

Thankfully, these guys had a different attitude.

This little pup was treading water for quite some time when the sailors found him.

He was totally exhausted and shivering.

You can view the full outcome in this amazing rescue:

They actually ended up locating the owner who was overjoyed that his dog, Noodle, was rescued and safe. The ferry offered an apology and there is now an investigation underway regarding the staff who denied any rescue efforts and instead told the owner that his dog had already drowned.

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