Rare Albino Squirrel Found In An Attic Wont Go Back Into The Wild With His Siblings

When theAntler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located in northern New Jersey, received a litter of tiny baby squirrels, they could immediately tell there was something special about one of the critters.

The precious bundle of cuteness was taken in by the facility earlier this year and nestled in with his fellow eastern gray squirrel siblings a stark white coat made him standout from the rest. As you might guess by the breed’s name, they are typically a gray color rather than this snowy shade, but the little guy totally rocks it.

They weren’t sure if he was albino until he opened his eyes to reveal red eyes as confirmation, making him one of the most rare animals on the planet. It also, unfortunately, makes him a much easier target for predators out in the wild, but he seems to be enjoying life at the sanctuary just fine.

The litter was discovered in an attic and arrived on March 17, 2016. As you can see, the unusual nugget quickly caught their attentionas they all snuggled up together.

They expected it to take about a week for him to open his eyes, but even that short time probably felt like an eternity with their curiosity growing stronger each day!

If his eyes had been dark rather than red, he would have a different genetic condition known asleucism which manipulates colorization in a similar way.

But when he finally took a peep at the world, they were able to say without a doubt that this is one rare critter.

They named him Filbert and unlike his siblings, he won’t be going back into the wild since he’s such a target for predators. Two of his sisters are also staying with him to keep him company and the shelter, which is completely non-profit and run on donations.

Take a look at the video below to seemore ofthis special fella.

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