Rescuers Discover A Dirty Old Sack Containing 4 Abandoned And Terrified Puppies

It’s hard to imagine why anyone would ever want to harm a puppy.

Besides the fact that they are undeniably cute, puppies need a lot of love and care to make sure that they grow up healthy and happy.

But some owners don’t understand all the responsibility it takes to raise a puppy, and either give them up to someone else orabandon them altogether.

This was the fate for a litter of four 5-week old puppies, who almost perished while tied up in a white sack.

But fortunately, they were found and saved by someone who just happened to work for an animal sanctuary so they were taken in immediately!

Though they faced a lot of strife in their first weeks of life and are still learning to trust again, they’ll hopefully find new loving homes soon.

Check below to see more photos of the cute puppy crew and learn more about their harrowing past.

[H/T: The Dodo]

While feeding chickens on a Sunday afternoon, a tiny black puppy wandering alone caught a woman’s eye.

She quickly took the poor puppy to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuaryowner Juliana Castaeda Turner.

The two then two returned to the where the puppy was spotted only to find a dirty white sack.

They quickly opened it up and found the most disturbing sight.

A set of squirming puppies were inside weak, malnourished, and covered in fleas.

If one puppy hadn’t wriggled out and been found, the others would have surely perished in their senseless, sad confinement.

At around 5weeks old, they were barely clinging to life, having not received the proper puppy care.

Castaeda Turner rushed to take the puppies to the vet and get them the shots and medication they needed.

Once they are all healthy, they can start the process of getting adopted byloving families.

However, there is definitely an overabundance of stray dogs inBogota where the sanctuary is located, so it might be a while until they find their forever homes.

In the meantime,Castaeda Turner is working on getting them to trust and be less squeamish.

Because of the obvious abuse they suffered through during their first weeks of life, the puppies are, understandably, a little nervous.

“They have fear, [they’re] shaking all the time,” Castaeda Turner explained to the Dodo.

Regardless, she is happy that they are safe and away from the horrible people whoabandoned them.

Through their short lives have been filled with struggles so far, the puppies will hopefully find homes soon!

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