Reverse Zoo Puts Humans In A Cage Car So The Animals Can Roam Free

Now heres a brilliant idea that turns the tables, giving animals freedom, while caging up humans.

Zoos have always been a love-hate scenario. On one hand you get to experience wild animals, yet on the other hand these animals arent really wild since they are confined and caged up. One zoo has emerged and looks to make things right, once and for all.

Its Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo in Chongqing, China. They actually let their animals roam free.

In this zoo, it is the visitors who are locked inside a cage. The cage is mobile and drives around the area, flipping the switch on the usual zoo experience.

Apparently they want to provide visitors with the experience of what it is like to be stalked. But basically without the actual risk and danger.

They have lions, Bengal tigers, as well as white tigers, and bears, all roaming wild!

Each tour includes a zookeeper who remains in the cage with the visitors while they lay out chunks of meat to bring the lions close.

Fingers and hands naturally must be kept inside the cage, or else the animals could turn them into dessert.

It does seem that eventually something bad will end up happening in this scenario. But for many, the thrill overcomes any immediate worry that things could turn dangerous!


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