Scared Bear Leaps Onto The Fence When Two Small Dogs Chase Him Down In Their Backyard

There’s nothing funnier than a dog that has absolutely no concept of its own size.

This seems to be something that all dogs struggle with.

There are big dogs who cower in fear at the sight of smaller animals. Then there are small dogs who won’t back down for anything. Their courage far outmatches those of their gentle giant counterparts and watching a face-off between these two animals is always hilarious. Smallerdogs always have the spirit of a much bigger animal!

It makes it so that no one messes with them, their bite is bigger than their bark.

That’s something that this bear in California certainly learned the hard way when it snuck into a yard that already belongs to two brave and territorial dogs.

The dogs spotted the bear and went full force with their barking a jumping around, doing all they could to show the bear who’s boss.

What happens next is one of the funniest moments between animals that I’ve ever seen.

Instead of asserting its dominance and putting the dogs in their place, the bear scurries up the fence to make an emergency exit.

With one glance back at the dogs, the bear makes a run for it. It’s absolutely hilarious to watch!

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