Scientists Now Say Having A Cat Might Cause Mental IllnessAnd The Evidence Is Scary.

Cats can provide great joy to individuals.

They seem to be the perfect antidote to loneliness and depression. So it comes as shocking news that there could be a major downside that can affect you negatively if you own a cat.

Its a disease that most cats carry called T. gondii. Scientists are suggesting this may have a very negative impact on humans.

It is a parasite found in cats waste which can have the effect of altering the brains of other animals!

Mice for instance, have naturally adapted to stay away from the scent of cat urine. But if they are infected with T. gondii, then their brains get rewired and they begin to get drawn into the scent of cat urine!

The infected mouse is then eaten by the cat which proves a positive thing for the parasites as they can reproduce within the cats.

Mice arent alone though. Humans can become infected as well!

Mild toxoplasmosis can occur in humans, which in turn can actually lead to mental illness.

A study posted in Schizophrenia Research, actually found a link between those who were exposed to cats at an early age and the onset of mental illness later in life.

This is actually the third study that confirms this.

Suddenly owning a cat is not feeling so great, right? Mild toxoplasmosis? Yikes!

Share this with all your friends and family, and especially cat lovers, to spread the awareness and hopefully encourage an antidote to be discovered so we don’t have to give up our love for cats!


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