Sea lions jostle to get an up-close look at this flying drone thingy

A big bunch of sea lions looking at a drone camera is even cuter than it sounds.
Image: Jacqueline Mcghie

Sea lions are pretty cute animals already, but a bunch of them looking curiously at a drone camera? It’ll make you squee inside.

It’s a sight captured by Australian photographer Jacqueline McGhie, who was in a boat with her boyfriend in Jurien Bay, Western Australia. They often spot sea lions playing in the water, so McGhie knows their behaviour pretty well.

“The Sea Lions remind me of puppies, I’ve swum with these particular sea lions before in the warmer months and they’re always so curious and playful. They mimic you and show off with their ridiculously good underwater aerobatic skills,” McGhie told Mashable via email.

Image: jacqueline mcghie

But it was the sea lions’ eager jostling to get a look at the couple’s new drone that caught them by surprise.

“It was really interesting to see them all so transfixed on the drone. I was worried about launching it in case the noise scared them but we kept it far enough away and it doesn’t appear it would have bother them anyway.

“They were just so focused and curious about what is was. As soon as we moved the drone they all shifted and followed it until we hovered in one place and then they were pushing over each other to get a better look. Like I said, just like curious puppies!”

No, we’re not jealous at all.

[h/t WA Today]


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