Shar-Pei Puppies Conquer Their Fear Of A Motorized Toy Pup

Pups are some of the most curious critters out there. They’re always exploring their world with a happy wagging tail and an insatiable desire to discoverevery nook and cranny. Every now and again, they’ll come across something that gives them quite thescare. That is, after all, how they learn what’s safe and what isn’t!

Sometimes, though, a pup’s instincts don’t give him or her the best information. Sometimes they take their curiosity too far,and get nipped in the noseby an irritated crab on a beach. Then, there are the times when they think something is much scarier than it really is.

This huge Doberman, for example,doesn’t realize that the little mini version of him is just a toy. He’s so afraid of the stuffed animal even though he has no reason to be. Wehumans do things like this all the time, like when we’re afraid to talk to a potential new friend. There’s no reason to be afraid of it, but sometimes the feeling just won’t go away!

When these little shar-pei pups come face to face with a mechanical toy version of themselves? They are quick to investigate. They’re pretty scared at first, but you have to wait and see how this saga ends. These little ones are so adorable.


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