She Thought She Heard a Cat Crying in the ForestBut Then She Sees Little Fingers & Toes

“I was collecting some oranges when I heard something crying. I thought it was a cat until I looked closer…”

When we become moms, we automatically feel more compassion for ALL children, I thinkeven if they aren’t as delightful and perfect as our own. All kidding aside, motherhood changes something deep inside you, as police officerLuisa Fernanda Urrea in Colombia (South America) found out on the job recently.

Officer Urrea was called to the scene of a crime when 59-year-oldEdinora Jimenez foundan infant that had been abandoned in the forest and with her umbilical cord still attached.

“I was collecting some oranges when I heard something crying,” Jimenez said. I thought it was a cat until I looked closer and saw that it was a baby girl.”

The baby girl was nearing hypothermia and also starving. Without hesitation, Urrea, a new mom, began nursing the starving girl, ultimately saving her life.

Im a new mother and I have milk, and I recognized the needs that this poor little creature had, Urrea told her local news.

The baby girl is now in the care of the state as they search for an adoptive home for herand for the parent or parents who abandoned her. They could be facing attempted homicide charges.

Doctors say the baby wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for Urrea’s heroic actions, as she probably wouldn’t have evenmade it throughher ride to the hospital. Urrea hasbeen hailed a local hero, but according to her, she was just doing what any mom would’ve done.

I think any woman would have given her nourishment in the same circumstances, she said.

The baby has recovered nicely and is now in healthy condition thanks to Urrea’s maternal instincts and display of motherly love.

I’m so glad that God’s timing is so perfect that he placed just the rightperson at exactly the rightmomentto save this precious baby.

Oh the stories she will have to tell of God’s redemption as she grows!


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