She Was Just Out In Her Garage When She Came Face To Face With A Huge Bear

A Florida woman recently filmed her close encounter with a black bear, and even though these creatures are usually pretty docile, the footage is still harrowing.

Teliece Sander of Seminole County, Florida, was sitting in her driveway and playing games on her phone when she looked up and realized that a massive bear was approaching. Having heard that you should keep calm at all costs in these situations, she didn’t panic and sat there quietly, taking a picture of the large beast, which she then sent to her son. To the attachment, she added the words “help me.”

As the bear got closer, she realized that it seemed quite tame, so she did something that few people would ever have the courage to do. She caught the entire encounter on film.

Luckily for Teliece, this potentially deadly situation ended when her son, who is extremely tall and weighs 325 pounds, walked out of the house and scared the bear away with his presence.

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