Shelter Workers Are Confused When 2 Dogs Wont Eat, Then They Put Dogs In A Room Together

The friendship between two dogs is not something to be tested.

Dogs can take comfort in their human companions, but a human can never understand a dog the way another dog can.

If a dog suffers abuse or neglect, they look for someone to lean on. It is easy to lean on another dog who has gone through something similar.

Chicky, a Chow Chow and Goofy, a terrier, were not in the best condition when they were both surrendered at a California animal shelter by their owner.

It is not clear if they were abused or just neglected, but either way, the dogs weren’t doing very well. Chicky had an eye infection and will need the eye removed.

The two dogs were placed in separate areas when they were brought in, but the volunteers quickly realized something was not right. The two dogs were not eating and refused to move.

They realized the dogs needed each other for support, so they put them together in a kennel and the dogs finally were more at peace. Once they’re cleared medically, these two are set for adoption!

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