Stop what you’re doing and look at these birds with human arms

Since the dawn of man, humans have dreamed of soaring through the sky like birds.But we rarely think about what hopes beat in the secret, tiny hearts of those birds. Maybe they’d love to be able to twist the cap off a bottle of beer, or enjoy the simple pleasures of a game of Jenga. We humans with fully articulated hands take these things for granted.

At last, though, there’s an entire subreddit dedicatedto birds living out their dreamsphotographically, at least.

Many these avians appear to be on the ripped side. I guess if you’re a bird gifted with arms, you’re going to want to take care of those things.

Of course, that’s not alwaysthe case.

There are also many birds with arms with arms (also known as birds with guns with guns).

There were even a few rule-dodgers who decided the birds needed beefier legs instead.

You’ll want to check out the entire galleryright away. Hypno Bird commands you.

Photo via Imgur


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