Susies Senior Dogs Aims To Help Older Dogs Find Loving Forever Homes

Brandon Stanton, the brains behind the wildly popular Humans of New York blog, was out taking pictures for work when he spotted a 13-year-old pupshivering in the cold. It was Susie, a tiny, abandoned senior dog, who blossomed the moment he brought her back with him.

The new addition to their home inspired Brandons girlfriend Erin O’Sullivan to launch a campaign that would revolutionize the way we talk about and even perceive senior dogs particularly ones who are without homes and desperately need adoption.

She coined the new initiative Susies Senior Dogs, and the first pupto appear on itsFacebook page was adopted in only two days! The nonprofit is still going strong today, and there are many, many elderly dogs who now have a greater chance of finding a new forever home.

Erins incredible organization even inspired a kindhearted pet groomer who now gives makeovers to homeless senior pups in need of adoption. Another photographer feels similarly, finding his muse in older dogs and working to bring to light their amazing spirit.

Never thought about adopting an older dog? You should! Tiffany Lacey of Animal Haven says that senior dogs are far easier to manage than their puppy counterparts. “If you’re just looking for a companion [to] completely love you? The senior pet is the way to go.”

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