Sweet Grandpa Surprises His Baby Granddaughter With The Biggest Teddy Bear Ever

It is an undeniable fact: grandparents LOVE spoiling their grandchildren!

Whether it’s with extra hugs and kisses during the holidays, or a special little gift whenever they come to visit, grandparents love showing their adoration however possible.

One particular grandad in San Jose found the perfect gift for his five-month-old granddaughter the mother of all teddy bears.

Being a Costco employee, he frequently works around thestore’s famous gigantic teddy bears that everyone has been buyingeven celebrities like Angelina Jolie!

So he bought a bear, hauled it into his car and surprised his daughter and granddaughter.

And what’s even sweeter than his gesture is the amazing photos that the mother took with the great big bear and the super tiny baby.

Since the photos have been posted online, they have gone total viral with smitten responses.

Check out the photos belowyou will see why all of twitter can’t stop talking about it!

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Grandparents are definitely known for spoiling their little grandbabies rotten.

Sabrina Gonzalez and her 5-month-old baby girl, Madeline, got a taste of this firsthand when they received a giganticgift.

Gonzalez’s father definitely dotes on miss Madeline.

And, being a Costco employee, he found the perfect way to show just how much he loves his little granddaughter.

After posting a photo online of Costco’s famously huge teddy bears, his daughter joked that Maddie needed one.

Next thing I know, I receive a text from him saying he bought her one, Gonzalez explained to BuzzFeed News.

Once the sweet grandad had delivered the big bundle to the baby, Gonzalez snapped a few photos of the pair and they are unbelievably adorable.

You can barely see the baby nestled alongside the truly massive teddy bear!

She even got a photo of Maddie being gently held on its head, showing off the bear’s huge scale even further.

Though it is a bit big for her right now, we have a feeling that she’ll be a hugefan of the cuddly teddy for years to come.

Gonzalez posted the pics on Twitterand thousands of people have responded, gushing over grandpa’s sweet gesture and laughing at the baby and the bear.

This sweet gift shows just how big the grandpa’s love is for Maddieit’s at least as big as the bear by our calculations!

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