30+ Shameless Pets That Stole Owners Partner And Didnt Even Feel Sorry

We all love our pets, and (with the exception of maybe a few angry cats) they really do love us too. Some however love us a little too much. They don’t want anyone coming between them and their favourite humans, and they are not afraid to show it!

Bored Panda has compiled a list of jealous pets that will try to steal your significant other if you aren’t careful. Scroll down to check out the hilarious list below and don’t forget to vote for your favourite!

Vet Who Posed With A Dead Lion He Shot, Just Fell 100ft To His Death While Hunting

The infamous vet who sparked a backlash after posing with the big game animals he shot, died while hunting birds in Italy. 55-year-old Luciano Ponzetto had a veterinary clinic near Turin. After pictures of him with trophy kills emerged on social media (think lions, leopards and deers) , animal rights activists started a campaign against him. There was even a Facebook page dedicated to the shaming of Luciano Ponzetto. The vet also received some death threats.

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When all of this happened a year ago, Luciano Ponzetto defended himself saying that being a vet “is not incompatible with hunting, either morally or professionally”. Italy’s Veterinarians’ Guild was on Ponzetto’s side, stating that “hunting is a hobby regulated by the law, which does not allow us to take measures against him.”

Ponzetto’s last hunting trip proved to be fatal. The vet slipped on the ice and fell 100ft down a rivine while trying to shoot wild birds. An Italian police officer told The Sun: “His body was recovered by helicopter and taken to a local hospital… It looks like he slipped and fell when he was out hunting. He died instantly and there was nothing that could be done.”

(h/t: thesun)

The infamous vet Luciano Ponzetto enjoyed hunting big game animals as a hobby