15+ Photos Of Animals Eating Thatll Make You Smile

It’s usually agreed that you need to eat to live and that living to eat might be a tad unhealthy. But look at these cute animals having a go at it! From the cute-yet-gruesome sight of bunnies eating strawberries (so that’s how Monty Python got inspired) to everyone except otters enjoying watermelons, it’s a zoological dinner extravaganza. We’ve made this list specifically for your enjoyment.

However, animal feeding is not as easy as it sounds. From the extremely nebulous rules on cats and lactose to the fact that dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate, you would do good to Google any relevant information before feeding that squirrel your sriracha-laden macaroni salad.

Source: http://www.boredpanda.com/

Abandoned Baby Polar Bear Sleeping With A Stuffed Animal Makes Cute Sounds

Last Friday, the Internet received an ultimate dose of cuteness when the video of a baby polar bear sleeping with her stuffed Moose was posted online by the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Powell, Ohio. Sadly, the cub was abandoned by her mother, so the zoo’s staff is now taking care of her.

The zoo’s press release stated that the mother was too depressed to take care of her baby after the death of her other cub. Nevertheless, the zoo’s staff is doing their best to take care of her 24/7. The cutie pie is 5 weeks old and doing very well.

“The care staff says the sound that she makes in the video is of contentment. Her motor skills are improving each day and she has started trying to stand up on all fours, especially when she’s ready for her next meal!” says the post on the zoo’s Facebook page.

This poor baby polar bear was abandoned by her mother