Excited French Bull Dog Dances To Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

By the time you’re finished watching this video, I think you’ll agree that this looks like a fun house of dogs! But one of them is definitely more into the music scene than the other. The smaller of the two dogs in this house, definitely has bigger moves.

This little pup reminded me of the dog caught on camera dancing just likehis dad to some modern music. I think dogs catching on to their human’s actions and reactions are always entertaining.

Didn’t we all love the pup who was just as shocked by the baby fart as we all would be? I sure did, no one wants to smell that! Dogs so simply have us all in hysterics so often, they barely need to move and we’ll have a smile on our faces half the time.

I guess they’rejust correlated with happiness for some people and lucky for those people, this dog has some pep in his step to add to our joy from watching dogs do dog things!

When you see this pup taking up the spotlight, you’ll definitely get your daily laughs in.When you hear the song that he’s moving to? Even better, what a throwback!

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Abused Bird Happily Dances To The Beat In His New Loving Home

Unfortunately, there are all too many people out there that think it’s OKto treat their pets as if they are less than.

This simply isn’t right. Every living creature deserves to live their best life full of love and affection. No animal deserves to be ignored, mistreated, abused, or abandoned. Yet, it happens all the time,as we’ve seen from the dog who went blind because of the cruelty.

There are many people out there trying to negate all of this cruelty, though. You can do your part, too, by adopting instead of shopping for a pet, or by volunteering for your local animal shelter. With all those mean-spirited people wreaking havoc on innocent creatures, we can all do our very best to save them and bring them into loving environments.

When birds are stressed, one of the things they do is to pluck out their own feathers. Much like when we humans get nervous, we may bite our nails or pick at our scabs or pull at our hair.

Gucci the bird once lived with an owner that didn’t care about him, and he plucked out almost all of his feathers. While he’s naked now, he’s also been rescued and brought into a loving home. You can see how utterly joyful this not-so-feathered friend is now that he’s safe and loved. Watching him move to the beat of this silly pop tune it just about as good as it gets.

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What Happens After People Rip the Stuffing Out of Giant Teddy Bears is Hilarious and Terrifying

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