Awkward half-cat loafing on the stairs sparks Photoshop battle no one expected

Image: reddit, catcatdogcat

The Internet will never tire of the strange beauty of an awkwardly placed cat.

This poor feline who is stuck on the stairs, somewhere between a comfy cat-loaf position and actually being able to stand is a perfect example.

Poor cat.

Image: reddit, catcatdogcat

We’re sure the cute kitty was able to find a way to another part of the house, but not before a picture was taken for the Internet’s amusement and so Redditors could photoshop it to their hearts’ content.

You made it weird, Internet.

Image: reddit, meganlee

Image: reddit, InnererSchweinehund

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Image: reddit, TheBlazingPhoenix

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Image: reddit, JAGUART

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Taco Squirrel is just trying to live its best life

New York City squirrels are not like their rural and suburban counterparts they’re ruthless and fearless scavengers.

After the world was graced with the rise of Pizza Rat in 2015, a flurry of other food-loving rodents with their huge scores. There was Pizza Squirrel, Bagel Rat, and Milkshake Squirrel. But now, New York City is back to bring us Taco Squirrel.

While a squirrel enjoying a taco in a trash can in New York is nothing spectacular, this clever rodent managed to scavenge a fully intact hardshell taco, and bring it up a tree to enjoy it in peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the sidewalks below.

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Photos Capture Happy Pets On Their Birthdays!

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    Someone Is Hungry

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    Just A Little Taste…

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    My Birthday… I Can Do What I Want

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    Best Birthday Reaction Ever

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Kind family tries to release baby squirrel they nursed back to life, but things take a turn

After nursing an injured squirrel back to life, a kind family from Collierville, Tennessee, decided it was time to return their little buddy to the wild. 

But Tom the cat had other plans.

After placing the baby squirrel on a tree in their yard, the man in the clip affectionately rubs its back.

“There you go. Go on up that tree,” the man says. Then, out of nowhere, Tom swoops in and rips the poor little squirrel right off the tree.

According to the YouTube description, Tom did drop the squirrel at the family’s front door, as cats do. Unfortunately, the poor little thing did eventually succumb to its initial injuries — though Tom totally had nothing to do with it. 


22 Times People Broke Their Cats Simply By Putting Things On Their Heads

We love snuggling and cuddling up with our little animal buddies, but sometimes it’s more fun to mess with them. It’s just too easy to trick their tiny brains! And their hilarious reactions are always worth it.

Especially when it’s these cats who can’t figure out what is happening when something is placed on their heads. The simple act confuses them to no end and their silly faces never fail to crack us up.

1. Maybe he’s allergic?

2. “Do I look like George Washington to you?”

3. “Whoa, it’s been a whole year already?”

4. “What. Why. What.”

5. When cheese attacks:

6. “Everything is terrible.”

7. The sugar goes right to his head.

8. “This is just embarrassing.”

9. “Nope. Nope, nope, nope.”

10. A small sliver of spaghetti confusion.

11. “Note to self: Post-its are baffling.”

12. “I’m gonna get it! I’m gonna oof.”

13. “I am not moving until you give me back my dignity.”

14. “I get to eat it after the photo, right?”

15. He disagrees with the statement on the can.

16. “This is my crown. I am a queen.”

17. He keeps trying to crawl out from under it…

18. Her eyes are usually much brighter.

19. “This! Is! The! Worst!”

20. “But…I not water…why boat…why…”

21. “Ay yai yai yaiiii!”

22. “I’ve made a horrible mistake.”

Hey, it could be worse, guys. Your humans could be forcing you to wear actual hats. And I’m sure they made it up to you with plenty of head and chin scratches.


Remember Never To Show Fear In Front Of A Lion!

This might just be a goofy bit by the zookeeper, but then it would be staged pretty convincing! So remember never to show your back to a hunting animal…

“We were at ‘Out of Africa’, a huge sanctuary for animals. We were waiting for the bus to take us to our next stop and the zookeeper was exiting the exhibit. It looks like the lion had enough of his zookeeper’s demonstration.”

via: koreus