Dude and his cat try to kill a rat, and things don’t go as planned

Extracting a rat from a bathroom when you’ve got a cat seems like a pretty reasonable solution. Cats are natural predators, and they often catch small rodents. 

Turns out, though, rats are probably a little too big for a house cat. 

Shortly after using a broom to scare the rat out from behind the sink, this dude realizes that he has made a very, very large mistake. He promptly screams bloody murder, as his poor cat tries desperately to search for higher ground. 

Eventually the two escape the bathroom; the fate of the rat is still unknown. Let’s be real though — it’s the rat’s house now. This is how rat kings are crowned. 

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The Internet Is Hilariously Renaming Animals In The Spirit Of Boaty McBoatface

The Internet is notoriously amazing/horrible at naming things. Just look at the recent online poll that might end with a multi-million dollarAntarctic research ship named Boaty McBoatface.

Continuing inthis spirit, Twitter has been getting inventive with the hashtag #TheInternetNamesAnimals. Tweets have been suggesting names of animals which, quite frankly, scientists should have used in the first place. After all, who was it who missed out on the opportunity to name a stingray a Flappy McPancakeFish?

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Kind family tries to release baby squirrel they nursed back to life, but things take a turn

After nursing an injured squirrel back to life, a kind family from Collierville, Tennessee, decided it was time to return their little buddy to the wild. 

But Tom the cat had other plans.

After placing the baby squirrel on a tree in their yard, the man in the clip affectionately rubs its back.

“There you go. Go on up that tree,” the man says. Then, out of nowhere, Tom swoops in and rips the poor little squirrel right off the tree.

According to the YouTube description, Tom did drop the squirrel at the family’s front door, as cats do. Unfortunately, the poor little thing did eventually succumb to its initial injuries — though Tom totally had nothing to do with it. 

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Fancy cat accompanies high school student to prom

Image: imgur, caroline12006

Meet the purr-fect prom date.

Prom time is always fraught with drama, especially for the students out there who can’t find a date. However, sometimes you don’t have to look very far to find the ideal companion for the best night of your high school life.

Image: imgur, caroline120006

Imgur user caroline12006‘s brother, Sam, couldn’t find a date to his senior prom, so he chose to bring an even more adorable date instead: his cat, Ruby.

Dressed in their finery, Sam and Ruby no doubt had a magical time. She certainly seems happy to be on his arm.

Image: imgur, caroline120006

These two deserve all the best things in life.

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These Campers Were Woken Up By Lions Licking Rainwater Off Their Tent

“Good morning this is your wake-up call.”

For many people, theres nothing finer than waking up to the great outdoors. If youre not one of those people, thats probably because of videos like these.

Amazingly, the footage shows three parched lions licking water off a tent from rain the night before. The lions appear to be completely indifferent to the tent’s occupants, ortheir bottle of Scotch.

The video was shot by Francie Francisca Lubbe earlier this month while camping at theKhiding campsite with her partner in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Botswana. While many would understandably be pretty shaken up by having a lion lick as an alarm clock, Lubbe described the occurrence as a privilege.

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Remember Never To Show Fear In Front Of A Lion!

This might just be a goofy bit by the zookeeper, but then it would be staged pretty convincing! So remember never to show your back to a hunting animal…

“We were at ‘Out of Africa’, a huge sanctuary for animals. We were waiting for the bus to take us to our next stop and the zookeeper was exiting the exhibit. It looks like the lion had enough of his zookeeper’s demonstration.”

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12 Weird Truths All Cat Owners Sadly (And Hilariously) Accept As Cold, Hard Fact

My cat can be so sweet and cuddly that my heart (and Instagram feed) overflows with all the snuggly love. But then a few moments later, without warning, I’m sporting a new scratch on my hands from petting him just one second too long. Sometimes it looks more like I live with Edward Scissorhands rather than a small, domesticated pet.

The fickle nature of felines is part of their charm, of course. This artist captures all the hilarious and conflicting ways our cute yet flawed buddies wriggle their way through our world.

Not so sweet dreams.

Commitment issues.

Apathetic death traps.

It’s not an unfair question…

At least something calms them down.


At least he has a reason.

Perfect strangers.

They were Jack*ss way before Johnny Knoxville.

Conditional love.

We all need something to live for.

Message: received.

At least cat owners aren’t alone in our pain. You can find more hysterically honest comics over on Catsass‘ website.

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10 Pets That Aren’t Amused By Their Owners

  • 1

    His owner tried to put his clothes away

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  • 2

    They put a hat this was not his style on him

    Via: jingle_hore

  • 3

    The owner got a cat

    Via: esayer

  • 4

    The owner pretended to do a scene from the Lion King… Cat not amused

    Via: justaguyulove

  • 5

    Owner blew air at the cat while it was napping.. not cool

    Via: stellarmeadow

  • 6

    Owner told the cat to wake up and go to its bed… Cat is not happy

    Via: 11equals7

  • 7

    Owner decided to do the stack challenge… Cat is slowly planning revenge

    Via: NTX_cat_rescue

  • 8

    Camera wayyyyy too close- cat is just done

    Via: jn380

  • 9

    Didn’t know what shirt to wear… had him try them all on..

    Via: cameramanlady

  • 10

    They took the cat out for a walk…

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