Playful Puppy Takes His Baby Around For A Fun Little Spin

Babies are so easily entertained, and actually, so are dogs. Realizing things like this makes me want to get babies and puppies in a room to interact on the daily; what a fun experiment that would be…

Wewouldget a million hilarious videos like this one where a mom’s puppy and baby human snuggle together for the camera, or even the one where the sweet puppy and baby look like they find love at first sight!

I don’t know how no one has started this experimental movement yet, literally any baby and animal duo is adorable to see! Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes clearly, and every friendship will always find new ways to play.

This videois no different than the ones mentioned when it comes to the reaction that it’ll get from you. But, what this pup finds stuck on his human’s baby walker is actually the perfect combination of curiosity, friendship, and overall cuteness. They find a new way to play, that’s for sure!

Watch what the pup and baby decide to do with this object, and enjoy as the mom continues to supervise and catch it all on tape for our enjoyment (and laughter).


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Fluffy Cat Takes Her Twister Game Very Seriously

Right hand green, left hand green, and right hand in the air! Such are the commands of one adorable yet bossy little fluff ball cat that shows humans how a game of Twister is really played.

In a funny video, a black cat takes control of the Twister spinner and patiently waits for the arrow to land on the command. Once herowner says the command out loud, then the funny feline spins the arrow again.

While it would be even more hilarious to see the cat actually do the commands as well, we have to appreciate herinterest in the game and the fact that she doesnt want to claw off the arrow, throw it around and play with it, as many cats would do.

You got to give it to the gal, shes also staying in command of her own instincts, especially around quick movements. Weve seen all sides of these adorable creatures, like the feisty cat that hates when her owner sings despite her beautiful voice, and the adorable cat that sneaks into the bathroom and gets caught using his owners toilet.

Cats may be unpredictable, but we love them all the same. If cats could indeed play the entire game of Twister, then contorting, twisting, and standing on one foot would be a breeze. Maybe there should be more animal-human board games to play!


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News Anchor Cant Stop Laughing At A Fat Cat Swimming

About three years ago, WDBJ7 news anchor Susan Bahorich covered a story of a fat kitty cat named Holly. Holly, who is 13 years of age in the video, had taken to swimming as opposed to the gym in an effort to lose weight.

The story starts out ordinarily enough, with a focus on the cat in her big yellow life vest. But that cat itself quickly becomes the secondary source of attention here, as something much more interesting takes over.

Barely 10seconds into the segment, Bahorich breaks her professional and composed demeanor and descends instead into a fit of laughter, essentially becoming incomprehensible and overwhelmed by the giggles. Her reaction reminds me of the baby in this video that cant stop laughing while acat observes.

The story is made even more appealing by her reaction, especially by the snorting and high-pitched voice that quickly took over right before the segment ended. Not only is her laughter hilarious but the cats overall demeanor throughout the video is as well.

Cats arent arent usually known for taking swims, being that they dont normally take well to water. But alas, I guess anything is possible! This clip goes to show that sometimes a story really is too hilarious and unthinkable for words.

If this video made you laugh,


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Creative Dad Gets Squirrels Help With Pulling His Daughters Loose Tooth

As we grow older, we shed a lot of things we used to cling to. It can be an idea we firmly believed, like when we find out the truth about Old Saint Nick, or it can be something a bit more real, like our baby teeth. The tiny chompers serveus well as we make our way from an all-liquid diet as infants to adapting to ordinary food overtime, butwe all have to say goodbye to ourmini molars eventually.

I always loved playing with my wiggly pearly whites, but would get so anxious when the time came to actually yank them out of my head. I remember my parents trying to convince me to use the old tie-a-string-to-the-doorknob trick, but I preferredletting it work itself out over the next few days. I definitely would never have signed on for what this youngster volunteers for when her dad gets a creative idea to rid her of the dangling denticle(like the hilarious family who got some help from their dog).

After setting up a camera, he sets the little girl down on a bench and gets to work tying a long string of floss to the tooth. So far, it isn’t all that much different than any other attempt, but then you see what’s on the other end of that string. Instead of tyingit to something mobile, this dad ties a scrumptious granola bar to tempt the nearby squirrels into giving her a hand! It’s a bit unorthodox, sure, but you can’t really argue with these results.

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Puppy Hilariously Sneaks Up On His Toy In The Hallway

There’s something to be said about being extra cautious as we go about our day. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!Of course, it can also be easy to take that a little too farand find yourself in a needless tizzy over something completely harmless, much like the cutie in the clip below.

Like many puppies, it’s prettyhard to tell what’s going on in this little furball’s brain as he approaches his stuffed toy with such trepidation. It reminds me a lot of the little guy who played a silly game of tag with his bird buddy, but he was a bit braver than this precious pup. What makes this example particularly hilarious, though, is the fact that another toy is laying innocently on the floor behind him as he makes his way ever so slowly towhat likea mini stuffed lion.

It’s moments like this that make having a pet so worth it.Each one has their own unique set of quirks that set them apart from their fellow animals and makes them all the more adorable.For instance, my dog always acted like this around something even more strange: balloons. She is absolutely terrified of them and we have no idea why! It’s just too funny to watch her every time a birthday or other event rolls around as the floating orbs taunt her yet again.

Take a look below to see him finally muster the courage to swipe the toy up.

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A Couple Builds A Mega-Bed So All Their Pets Can Sleep With Them

When we fall in love, we want to do special things that will make the object of our affection happy. However, wedont always fall for another person…Sometimesit’s our pets we go ga-ga for!

For instance, just look at this lovesick cat owner who took her time designing a gorgeous kitty playground for her favorite four-legged friends! Is that not true love?

But recently, one couple has done for their beloved pets that might just take the cake. They’ve embarked on a DIY projectso over-the-top that the image of their final product is going viral…

Now, the image has gained over 1.5 million views and more than 500 comments and while of these comments hail the project asamazing,” others think the project is unsanitary and bizarre. One commenter even went so far as to say, “I think I can smell your house from here.”

What do you make of this creative invention? Is it over-the-top, or just right? Let us know in the comments below!

This is the creation that’s caused nothing but controversy: a bed that is 6.5 feet in length, 11.5 feet in width, and about 75 square feet total. It includes a king- and full-sized mattress and takes up most of the space in their bedroom. The reason behind this massive bed?


They wanted a bed large enough to accommodate their seven pets! Now, there’s plenty of room for nightly sleepovers with their beloved critters. There’s even a little beside step ladder so their pets can climb with ease.


Their brood includes (from left to right): Pomeranian Lexi, Lola the Chihuahua, and cats Zoey and Kitty.


There’s also Bear, Prince Caspian, and Isha.


I’m an epic neat freak, says Robdogbird. However, because their pets are so fond of the bed, the couple is forced to wash four loads of bedding regularly! And speaking of bedding, making this giant mattress is no simple task! Honestly, we only do if people are coming over. Otherwise it’s a giant pile of pillows, blankets, cats, and dogs, the couple said.


Many commenters loved their mega bed, saying things like:


Yet, for everyone who adored it, there seemed to be even more who hated it:


What do you think of this couple’s massive bed? Let us know below!

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Loving Labrador Retriever Puppy Babysits A Tiny Newborn Baby

There’s always been a mysterious bond between babies and their dog family members. These huge animals know just how fragile a little baby can be, so they’ll do everything in their power to be as gentle as possible around them at all times. And the video below shows that amazing relationship firsthand!

Little Elarose has only been around on this planet for 3 weeks. But so far, it seems she’s already made a friend for life! After Elarose was born, her amazing parents safely introduced her to their beautiful labrador puppy, and from day one he’s been madly in love with her.

In fact, he loves her so much that he’ll happily act as a big pillow if she needs some support. With mom close by to make sure everything goes fine, she managed to capture this precious momenton camera,and we’re certainly happy she did!

Elarose squiggles a few times and makes a few squeaks, but this amazing puppy doesn’t seem to mind in the slightest. Hopefully, mom will remember to capture these two best friends growing up through the years, because with a beginning like this, something tells us that they’re going to be as close as family.


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Homeless Pets Are Finding Their Forever Homes Thanks To This Photo Booth

If you want a pet anykind of pet perhaps the best place to find it is at an animal shelter.

Some people choose tospend hundreds even thousands of dollars on an animal that has been specifically bred to be a certain size or color. But animal shelters all around the world are full of adorable, affordable pets that are desperately searching for someone to love them, and someone they can love in return.

Animal rescues often haveanimals with a less than perfect pedigree like this kitten in a wheelchair so they sometimes have to get creative.

Animal rescue volunteers at theHumane Society of Utahrecently came up with a brilliantway to help find a warm and loving home for some of their furry inhabitants they put them in a photo booth and let them ham it up in front of the camera.

Scroll through below for a look at these photo booth pups that are trying to pose their way to adoption!

The dogs like Ranger, shown above were placed in a photo booth to capture and showcase their winning personalities.

As anyone who has adopted a shelter pet knows, being without a family doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the animal like Abby, shown above. It just means they haven’t found the right human to love yet.

These adorable, spontaneous pictures show the intuitive, relatable side ofshelter dogs.

They can make almost as many facial expressions as we can! (Of course, some of them, like Rosco here, needed to be tossed a treat first.)

Photos of the pets likedynamic duo Cookie and Patty here are meant to inspire as many people as possible to choose a shelter pet. After all, how could anyoneturn their backs on these precious faces?

It is all part of the goal to givefolks a chance to fall in love with these beautiful creatures, like Bit ‘O Honey, shown above, named as such because he’s so darn sweet.

And if you loved these dog photo booth pictures, we’ve got good news.

The shelter that took these pictures has a fullbook coming out in May 2016, featuring over 100 never-before-seen photo booth images and stories.

A portion of proceeds will benefit the Humane Society of Utah and Best Friends Animal Society, an organization thatfocused onstopping the killing of nearly 4 million pets in shelters all across America.

What do you think of this unique idea for finding homes for shelter pets? Let us know in the comments.

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There is nothing more relatable than this squirrel eating a hot Cheeto

Image: reddit,  Thereconraccoon

Squirrels: They’re just like us.

On a sunny afternoon, there’s one snack you can’t help but crave. This squirrel was dying for a mid-day snack, and of course he reached for the nearest hot Cheeto to quell his appetite.

The editing experts on the subreddit r/PhotoshopBattles agree that this squirrel is all of us and naturally they chose to honor him with his own battle.

What’s next for this squirrel after he finishes his spicy snack? Perhaps a few hours of playing Call of Duty or a Star Wars movie marathon. Maybe a nap.

This is the life we all want to lead.

Image: reddit, greatminds1

Image: reddit, TheBorodaShow

Image: reddit, aaronroot

Image: reddit, DranoelTheGreat

Image: reddit, spshop

Image: reddit, Veyr0n

Image: reddit, murraydylan2001

Image: reddit, evkorchomny

Image: reddit, Sumit316

Image: reddit, Dom_Angelo66

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Photographer Depicts His Little Dogs Larger-Than-Life Personality In Hilarious Series

If you have a tiny dog, you know that their physical size is usually no indicator of the size of their personality. Sometimes the tiniest dogs have the biggest personalities!

That’s definitely the case with Vivian. Vivian is a miniature dachshund who lives with her human,photographer, illustrator, and writer Mitch Boyer.

Naturally, she’s the perfect model and muse, but Boyer wanted to capture the sheer scale of her personality a little better.

So how to do that while still capturing her perfectly sweet face? Boyer turned to the magic of Photoshop to tweak his photos into something great.

Like the photographer who created magical, storybook-like photos by making his dog larger than life, Boyer captured Vivian’s personality by making her giant!

The duo lives in New York City, and recently moved to Brooklyn. Boyer is photographing their life there, and putting together a book calledVivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn, which you can support on Kickstarter.

Check out some of Boyer’s great shots below,and see how big Vivian’s personality really is!

[H/T: Colossal]


This is Vivian the dog in actual size.

As you can see, she doesn’t have a large physical stature, but she more than makes up for that in personality.

Her humanphotographer, illustrator, and writer Mitch Boyer wanted to capture just how big she really was.

He started creating these photos, where he used digital editing software to blow Vivian up to an enormous size, and place her in funny situations around their Brooklyn home.

He’s putting them all together in a book calledVivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn, and follows her adventures as she adjusts to life in Brooklyn.

And that means a lot of snoozing.

And a lot of exploring the city’s picturesque areas.

But the book isn’t just going to be a bunch of cute, silly photos. Boyer wants to use it as a tool to help children cope with the anxieties that can come with moving.

Vivian’s adventures, he hopes, will help kids feel more comfortable with the transition.

In the book, Vivian is disappointed to find out she’s the only six-foot weenie dog in New York City, but she soon learns to adjust and make new friends along the way.

This one probably won’t go into the book, but it’s pretty great!

It’s also an early example of Boyer’s experiments with photo editing.

In reality, Vivian adjusted to her move to Brooklyn quite well, and is enjoying all the friends she’s making.

And at any size, she’s extremely photogenic.

You can see more of her adventures on her Facebook and Instagram pages, and you can check out Boyer’s other work on his website. And if you like, you can also grab a copy of the upcoming book via Kickstarter.

If you agree that big personality can come in small packages, please SHARE this little big dog!

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Man Surprises His Emotional Wife By Bringing Their Two Cats Home

If you have a pet at home, you know how hard it would be if you had to be separated from him or her, and how sad it would make you. Even when you go on vacation, you count the days until you can see that pet, because any animal who shares your home is like family!

So when Avery and his wife found out about their new landlord’s strict “no pets” rule, it was hard for them to leave their two cats with her parents. She was obviously very upset by the fact, but life moved on as usual.

That was until Avery received a surprise call from the landlord who finally approved the two cats, now allowed to stay at home where they belong. How did the husband choose to tell his wife the good news? With a surprise, of course! And he caught it all on camera!

She comes home after work, and she’s almost embarrassed by the fact that he won’t put the camera down. She knows there’s a surprise waiting inside her home, but she has noidea what’s coming.

Now watch the clip to see the moment Avery’s wife sees her two babies again…


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Puppy has a head-on approach to swimming in the pool

Peyton the puppy is still trying to figure out the world.

So when the puppy was on a recent trip in Florida, he had his very first encounter with a pool.

After getting his paws wet just a little, Peyton decides to really dive into the pool. But as he takes the plunge, Peyton gets a little too excited and accidentally goes head first and gets a snout full of water.

He was not very pleased.

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26 Pets That Got Busted Doing Something They Definitely Shouldn’t Have Been Doing

Pets are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. They can be trained to detect illnesses, seizures, and can learn so many different tricks!

Then again, they also know things that they shouldn’t be doing. And that means, when they’re caught, they immediately know they are guilty. Here are some of the most guilty pets that have gotten busted.

1. What is so appealing about toilet water?

2. Not my favorite shoe!

3. I wonder if rolling around in human food has the same appeal rolling around in money does to us.

4. “There’s definitely no dead mouse under here…”

5. At least he’s honest.

6. “Look, I just like toilet paper, okay?!”

7. Is this the cat version of a peep show?

8. “Digging? Never!”

9. “I thought I could get myself out…so, are you going to help me or what?”

10. “Tom, I swear I didn’t touch the trash can!”

11. He has guilt written all over his face.

12. “Please don’t put me in jail…I have a wife and a family!”

13. “I know. I’m in trouble. I’m sorry.”

14. “What are you lookin’ at?”

15. “I was just about to clean it!”

16. “WAIT! Let me explain!”

17. “Oh, you were looking for this? I was just keeping it safe!”

18. “Sit down. I’ll tell you everything.”

19. “You see…I was about to fall and this is the only thing that saved me. I swear!”

20. “It’s just catnip!”

21. “I need help. I can’t control my urges.”

22. “I bet you think this is real funny, don’t you?”

23. “What’s that? This isn’t the bath?”

24. “It’s your fault for not cleaning the dishes.”

25. “You’ll never take me alive!”

26. “Oh, that? No, I have no idea how that got there.”

I’d say to lock these animal criminals up and throw away the key, but they’re just too cute. We’ll let them slide this time, but they better not get caught again!

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Dog And Squirrel Play A Hilarious Game Of Tag Around A Tree

Every time I visit my mom’s house, I’m greeted by three very excited pups who bark, jump, and wag their tails to say hello. They calm down after a few minutes, and I, of course, don’t mind the spirited welcome, but I also know they’ll be right back at it again before too long. No one has to arrive, but simply seeing something from their perch by the window will set them off on another storm.

What really gets them in a lather, like many other dogs, is spotting one specificsmall, furry, adorable little creature: the squirrel. Our golden retriever was even worse about chasing them in our backyard each time he spotted one.That wasn’t as bad as the times we’d take him for a walk wearing our Rollerblades, though. There’s just something in most pups’ brains that see a squirrel and instantly sets off an alarm.

The cutie in the video below is a prime example of the critter’s ability to rile canines up. This tiny fella, though, doesn’t simply scurry away from the much larger dog who’s chasing him. Instead, he cleverly turns it into an adorable game! Something tells me it’s not the duo’s first run-in with each other in the backyard.

Zooming around the bark at lightning speed, the poor pooch can never quite catch up to the infuriating ball of fluff. That doesn’t stop him from trying, all while happily wagging his tail! He gives it his all as they spin in circles over and over again.

Take a look and be sure to SHARE withall the animal lovers you know!


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Two Dogs Are Adorably Guilty For Stealing Dentastix

The Internet sure does love adorably guilty dogs. In this new viral video, a woman came into the kitchen to discover her two dogs got their paws on the Dentastix without permission. The way the dogs look away is just precious. They know they’ve done wrong. But of all things to get into,isn’t Dentastixthe one thing you actually want your dogs to eat?


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It Turns Out That A Lot Of Animals Happen To Look Like Food…

Thanks to genius Twitter user teenybiscuit, two amazing parts of life have just been combined.

She noticed that some animals look like food…and some food looks like certain animals. And thus, the most amazing series of Twitter updates was born. If you’re bored and feel like getting hungry…or possibly sappy over adorable animals…you’re welcome.

Duckling or plantain?

Labradoodle or fried chicken?

Puppy or bagel?

Sheepdog or mop?

Chihuahua or muffin?

Shiba Inu or marshmallow?

Parrot or guacamole?

Barn owl or apple?

Kitten or ice cream?

…I definitely need to get myself one of those ice cream cats.

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Proud Mama Dachshund Poses For Photos With Her Six Adorable Puppies

Photographer Belinda Sol helps new moms celebrate their bundles of joy every day, so when a woman named Mona called her to schedule a photo shoot, she didn’t think anything of it.

But Mona had something a little different in mind.

Solwas surprised, when she returned Mona’s call, that Mona wasn’t planning the shoot for herself, but for her dog, a dachshund named Mia!

It wouldn’t be the first time someone has committed their dog’s pregnancy and motherhood to memory. In Brazil, a dog named Lilica became a star after her human posted joyous, adorable photos of her before and after giving birth to a litter of five.

“I had never done [a dog shoot] before, and I was excited to do so,” Solsays, and she accepted the challenge immediately, even purchasing a dress and some props for Mia’s shoot.

The shoot went well, and although Solonly expected a moderate response, she soon found over 100,000 people fawning over the adorable shots. And that meant only one thing: that a newborn shoot was a must!

Check out Sol’sprecious photos below!

[H/T: BoredPanda]


When photographer Belinda Sol initially got the call from dachshund Mia’s human, Mona, she was expecting a human maternity shoot.

But that wasn’t exactly the case. The shoot was for Mia! And the proud dad, of course.

“[I] treated it as any other human maternity session,” Solsays. “I went and made her a maternity dress, purchased some props specially for her, and made our appointment.”

Although this was her first non-human maternity shoot, it was surprisingly easy.

Mia was heavily pregnant at the time, so she wasn’t scampering around too much. “She was very well trained,” Solsays, “so it wasn’t too difficult to direct and pose her.”

Solstyled and shot Mia the same way she shoots her human clients, with lots of elegant, billowing fabric and a sweet, feminine air.

When she posted the photos, Solexpected a few people to react, but for it to make a relatively small splash.

Instead, thousands of people flocked to the photos, leaving positive comments.

So that meant that Mia would have another shoot when the puppies were born!

Soon enough, Mia gave birth to six tiny babiesof her own and Solwas there to capture the joy.

She even had crocheted caps custom-made for them, thanks to Crochet Creations by Rebecca Monroe, which are just perfect.

And it really doesn’t get much better than tiny weenie puppies in tiny hats, does it?

Like her maternity shoots, Solcaptured the puppies in much the same way she captures human babies on camera, with lots of swaddles, cuddling, and of course, the tiny caps.

The puppies got some individual beauty shots, too.

As for the puppies, they seemed to nap the whole time (much like their human counterparts) on those fluffy blankets. It seems like everyone involved had a great day!

You can see more of Belinda’s photography, this time with human subjects, on her Facebook page and on Instagram.

And be sure toSHARE these adorable photos with anyone who needs a daily dose of cute!

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Squirrel Hilariously Outsmarts Cat

Cats are notorious for getting themselves into trouble, and chasing after and batting at anything that catches their eye.

When it comes to having an uninvited insect or critter in your house, this cat trait can actually come in handy… although they usually like to swat at insects for a while and then leave them right in the kitchen or next to your bed.

No matter how big or small, cats have a tendency to think they can chase down and catch anything, from lions chasing after jeeps, to house cats chasing after big dogs.

The cat in this video is just like the rest of ‘em, and decides he is going to chase after a squirrel in his front yard a chase that takes him out of the yard, down the street, and clear up a telephone pole.

The funny thing is that, once he is up the pole, the squirrel has him right where he wants him, because his small size and quick speed allow him tomaneuver just out of paw’s reach and the cat’s sight!

The whole thing was caught on camera by a neighbor who also captures the moment that the cat finally gives up this hilarious game of “cat and mouse.”

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These 25 Animals Are Being Jerks Just For The Fun Of It — NOT Cool, Guys

Some animals are jerks…it’s pretty much a scientific fact.

You can train them all you want, send them to obedience school, or offer up loads of treats as incentives, but they’ll still act like a jerk every now and then.

They’re lucky they’re so cute — we’d never get away with anything like the jerk moves they’re pulling.

1. I can’t tell who’s the bigger jerk here.

2. This is just rude.


4. “Hmm…I’m bored. I guess I’ll just bite this human’s leg.”


6. “I’ll be taking this.”

7. Okay, the black goat should have seen this coming.

8. Mr. Stingray didn’t feel like playing anymore.

9. “Vanilla? My favorite!”

10. Turns out, there is a monster hiding under your bed — and it’s a jerk.

11. “Todd, I said no!”

12. “Try doing your homework NOW!”

13. “How are you not understanding…dis my counter.”

14. They’re testing out their new wrestling tag team routine.

15. “Nice hair, dork!”

16. Cold, ice-cold.

17. “Ahhhhhhh CHOO!”

18. “I’ll just sit riigghhtt HERE.”

19. This kid is just lucky to get out alive! It could have been worse.

20. Steve was sick and tired of Tracy always following him around.

21. “My ledge.”

22. “That looks pretty tasty.”

23. “Who do you think you are, Mr. Chicken?”

24. Dang, this guy even backed up a bit before charging.

25. Penguins…savage.

Just goes to show, no matter what we do, there will always be jerks — animal and human alike — in the world!

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Curious And Playful Bears Investigate A Balloon That Drifted Into Their Enclosure

However much you enjoy playing with the latest gadgets, you probably won’t get as big a kick out of them as these adorable bears do when they play with their pink balloon.

The three sloth bears were captivated when a balloon floated into their enclosure at the Beekse Bergen Safari Park in the Netherlands. After they chased it around for a while on their hind legs, one of the bears got a little too excited and…well, they got to experience the inevitable letdown as it popped under the bear’s enormous paw.

"Beren maken kennis met een ballon!" Wilde deze video graag delen omdat je de beren maar weinig op deze manier ziet 󾌵 (we hebben in de gaten gehouden dat de beren en apen de ballon niet op aten). Groeten Xaviera Simons

Posted by Xaviera Simons on Tuesday, 8 March 2016

What is it about bears walking on their hind legs that I find so adorably amusing? It never ceases to make me laugh.

I felt so bad when it popped…someone get these guys another balloon, stat!

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Puppy Loves To Sit Inside Of An Empty Watermelon While He Eats It All Up!

Summer wouldn’t feel much like summer without cookouts, swimming pools, and the most important fruit of all: watermelon! While we usually expect watermelon to be a fruit that humans love, it turns out that this amazing treat is not only enjoyable to our furry friends, but it’s safe and healthy as well.

It seems like Mom had scooped out the inside of the watermelon earlier for a party, but that didn’t stop this adorable little baby bulldog from getting his fair share of the fun! While we can’t be sure if the puppy got himself into this mess, or if Mom posed him there for the adorable photo-op, regardless of the reasons behind the moment, all that really matters is the cuteness factor. Especially when you consider how comfortable and happy the little guy seems to be; in fact, it almost looks as if he might think he’s back in his mama dog’s belly.

This little puppy certainly is chowing down on the sweet treat, but it seems like he got a bit overexcited, because when the whole thing comes tumbling down, it seems like he’s finally had enough of it and is off to enjoy a nice, long afternoon nap.

It should be noted that while feeding your dog watermelon is great, make sure to pick out any of the seeds before you do!


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Floki The Cat Meets Her Puppy Siblings For The Very First Time

Whoever came up with the idea that cats and dogs are sworn enemies probably never owned a cat or a dog. Sure, dogs can be a little energetic and cats can be somewhat easily annoyed, but isn’t that true of most human beings? With the right forgiving feline and polite pooch, cats and dogs can be a match made in furry heaven for each other and their humans who get to bask in the ensuing adorableness!

In the Atkinson family,Floki the cat thought she was the head honcho of the house. It was just her territory until her humans brought home a precious pair of puppies to join the family. The put the babies on the couch to get comfy while Floki scouts out the competition. At first, she’s rightfully a little nervous. Who are these creatures? Why are they so little andrambunctious? And when do I get to paw at their flappy tails?

The next thing you know, that fear turns into fun as she’s playing, pawing, and perhaps even petting (at 4:22) her new puppy sibling. She might not get all the attention anymore, but she knows when to take care of little ones, and it’s time to be responsible and care for another family member. They may not share much DNA, but they can share a happy home, and that means they’re family for life.


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20 People And Animals That Blend In With Their Environments A Little Too Well

It’s no secret that some people like to stand out and others like to blend in.

While I personally take no issue with having all eyes on me, some people just can’t get down with that, and that’s totally okay! But no matter what side you happen to fall on, we all have those days when we wish we could just channel our inner Harry Potter and throw on an invisibility cloak.

Although magic isn’t real because the world is a big, spinning ball of banality, these people and animals pulled off epic examples of accidental camouflage without even trying.

I really need to get on their level for when I’d rather go about my day hidden in plain sight. If you need me, I’ll be taking serious stock of my wardrobe.

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23 Guilty Pets Who Had Absolutely No Idea You’d Be Home So Soon…

If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably wondered more than once what your furry ones do while you’re at work…

Are they sleeping away the day, maybe they’re getting into the food, or tearing up your magazines? Short of installing a security camera, we’ll likely never know. That is unless you’re one of these lucky folks who came home and caught their pets knee-deep in destruction.

They just weren’t expecting their parents home so early…and the look of incredible and hilarious guilt on their faces is priceless!

1. “Dinner’s on me, Mom.”

2. “I wasn’t grabbing your wallet. I swear.”

3. He’s not even sorry!

4. Looks like someone’s hungry!

5. Are these guys not getting fed?

6. “Come on in…the water’s perfect!”

7. Oh, Denver!

8. “Ummmmm, it’s not what it looks like.”

9. She’s trying to tell you she needs to use the bathroom.

10. “Oh. You’re home.”

11. “It’s more comfortable this way!”

12. That looks cozy.

13. *Just act natural.*

14. He looks guilty…but the cat? Yeah, he looks dead.

15. You suuuuure you didn’t get into the lipstick?

16. No, see, it’s supposed to go on your lips…not your paws, silly!

17. “There’s definitely nothing dead buried here.”

18. “What? Stacey said she needs cupcakes for her bake sale!”

19. If you’re innocent, why are you hiding?

20. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

21. “You know how much I love sashimi, Mom!”

22. “I thought we could use a little green indoors!”

23. “Dad…DAD! Look what I did!”

In the end, though, it’s just so hard to stay mad at them!

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21 Dogs Who Have Absolutely No Idea How To…Well, Dog

Some pups are practically professionals at fetching, playing tug-of-war, cuddling, and just all-around being good dogs. Then there are those…special pooches who just missed the memo — or, perhaps the whole intro course on how to act according to the dog rule book.

That doesn’t mean we love them any less — in fact, we might just love them more for their quirky ways!

1. Take this guy who has zero clue how to drink water.

2. This genius who can’t decide if he wants on or off the couch.

3. This little guy tried to fetch…a little too hard.

4. This pup has the whole fetch thing down, but the execution is all wrong.

5. Then there’s this dog who doesn’t care about your stupid Frisbee.

6. This pup who thinks playtime involves rocking horses.

7. This dog is too far gone.

8. This dog totally forgot about his species’ love for tennis balls.

9. And this dog just doesn’t understand that stairs aren’t for sleeping on.

10. At least he’s not like this one who just doesn’t do stairs, period.

11. What about this dog who doesn’t understand couches? Not. One. Bit.

12. Or this dog who is betraying his entire species.

13. And this one forgot that cats and dogs just don’t get along.

14. Then there’s this pup who forgot how to be a lap dog.

15. Or this little guy who doesn’t know how to enjoy a car ride.

16. This one forgot that heads go out the window…not through the headrest.

17. This dog who can’t dog door.

18. And this pooch completely forgot that belly rubs are best enjoyed lying down.

19. Then there’s this pup who defies all conventions by never wanting to go for a walk.

20. This one got outside but forgot how to walk.

21. This pup has no clue that he’s supposed to hate baths.

Maybe all these dogs were just assembled wrong? That might explain a thing or two…

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Sneaky Squirrel Steals The Nuts From Right Under A Big Pups Nose!

Many people adopt dogs to serve as a protector of sorts for their home. Even the kindest, most gentle dogs will get a little rowdy when an unwanted visitor intrudes upon theirfamily’s territory. Dog are so loyal, they’ll go above and beyond to protect their human families.

Dogs have also been known to protect their people from dangers within their own homes, like this pup who warned his owners of a fire, and saved their lives. How incredible!

But there are other dogs who are a bit more trusting, and would rather go around the yard chasing squirrels than chasing after intruders.

This Great Dane, though? He’s not really all that interested in doing either.

As he relaxeson his comfy dog bed on the porch, something sneaks up the steps. The pup notices, but he honestly doesn’t really seem to care that much.

The little squirrel making his way onto the dog’s territory takes care to be as sneaky as possible, as if maybe, just maybe, this pup hasn’t spotted him yet.

Well, I’ve got news for this squirrel: this giant dog does, in fact, noticeyou. He just simply has more important things to think about, like dinner, or maybe his other comfy bed in the living room.

When the pooch finally lays eye on the thieving squirrel, though? You have to see for yourself.


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If You Want To Let Your Cat Enjoy The Outdoors Without Worrying, Build A Catio!

Just because your cat is an indoor pet, doesn’t mean they still don’t long for the wind in their hair and the smell of fresh-cut grass.

But letting them run freely in the backyard is simply out of the question. Predators lurk there, they could get lost, or worse…stolen!

So what can you do to keep your little kitten as content as can be? With just a few tools and materials, they can have their outdoor cake and enjoy it, too.

I give you…a catio!

For starters, you’ll need wire mesh fencing for the actual cage part, a shelf with brackets, Plexiglass, and some of these insulated staples.

Use the staples to secure the wire to the board.

Cut the mesh to fit around the base.

Don’t forget to leave one side open…this is where the door into the house will go.

Boysterload cut a hole in his Plexiglass with a jigsaw and used a cat door he bought at a pet store for the entrance.

The Redditor attached brackets to the shelving — you’ll want to make sure they’re strong enough to support your cat’s weight.

The first taste of the outdoors…

This is the finished product from inside…

Boysterload says his cat is getting used to it and has tons to look out onto — including a bird feeder!

(source Reddit)

What a fun way to let your cat enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about their well-being!

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We’ve All Face Swapped With Our Pets, But He Just Changed The Snapchat Game

Face swaps are all the rage right now. While it’s a little exhausting to see everyone bombarding Snapchat with their not-so-funny takes on the trend, some people go above and beyond the call of duty to pull off the most epic swaps of all time.

And a man named Jake Marshall is one of those people. As he was strolling through the British Museum in London, he had an idea. What he captured through everyone’s favorite filter is actually pretty impressive.

Rock that curly wig!

Sphinx swaps are the best.

The statue looks better with facial hair, anyway.

I think he might want to visit a dermatologist.

Those ears are a little unfortunate.

Look at that bust, baby!

I’m officially freaked out.

He encourages Egyptian busts to stop looking so serious. What a guy!

Why are you screaming?! Why?

Sick hat, man.

Well, this is pretty awful.

(via Bored Panda)

While face swapping with our friends is entertaining, the trend has pretty much been beaten to death. Did this inspire you to step your Snapchat game up? It certainly had that effect on me!

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These 13 Adorable Puppies Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile Forever

I don’t know about you, but there’s no placeI love more than my bed. Every morning when I’m forced to leave my bed, there’s nothing I look forward to more than coming back home and getting the chance to reunite with the things I love most!

Seriously, there’s just something about about being all wrapped up in blankets that makes everything feel just a little brighter. Well, as much as I love my bed, and as much a you may think you love yours, there’s someone who probably loves it even more: your dog.

That’s right, you’ve probably spent more money than you care to admit on a bunch of cute little dog beds, but guess what: your dog loves your bed waymore. Dogs may not have to deal with the stress of working a 9-to-5, or the responsibility of paying bills, but they enjoy kicking back in the bed just as much as anyone else.

If you’ve ever been jealous of your dog’s laid-back and lazy lifestyle, you’re about to be completely green with envy. Even if you’re not a huge fan of pets being on the furniture, there’s no denying that these fluffy little dogs are incredibly adorable.

Take a look at the video to see just how much these dogs love their beds.

And please don’t forget to SHARE this post with all of your Fido-loving friends on Facebook!


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Dog Adorably Sneaks Up On His Young Owner To Tackle Him

Have you ever been caught off guard? It’s a terrifying feeling! I get startled at least five times a day! I’m very easy to sneak up on.

Most people hate being snuck up on. Their terror tends to outweigh the funny surprise. It’s usually only the prankster who enjoys it. But some people enjoy the fun! Like these little babies getting a bath who LOVED it when their daddy snuck into the bathroom. Not every surprise is a bad one!

This little boy was standing in a field, being videotaped by one of his parents when he was caught off guard. If you watch the grass behind him closely, you can see slight movement at first. But then he realizes something is happening behind him and when he turns to see what it is, he’s barrelled down.

Instead of it being a terrifying creature that knocked him over, it’s his dog! You can see the delight on the young boy’s face when he realizes this. He’s laughing loudly and when the camera pans to the pup, he looks very proud of himself.

Watch the video below and just imagine the ‘Jaws’ theme song playing in the background. It fits perfectly!

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Mom Captures Adorable Moment Between Bulldog Puppy And Baby Human

There’s something special about the friendship between a baby human and a little puppy dog. Maybe it’s because they’re both so new to this big planet, or maybe it’s because they’re both so innocent and pure; whatever the reason is, all that really matters is the result. And the result is absolute adorable videos like the one below!

It was a beautifully peaceful weekend afternoon when Mom came across this adorable sight. It seems like her little boy and his best friend in the whole world had both gotten themselves comfortable in the baby human’s little swing. These two best friends truly love each other, and when you look closely at their faces throughout the video, you’ll see just how much they enjoy each other’s company.

Mom asks her babies if they love each other, and while neither the baby nor the dog is able to answer just yet, something tells us we know exactly what the answer would be! These two are already the best of friends, and something tells us as they both get a little older they’re going to become even closer than they are today. This little boy has a best friend that he will cherish for the rest of his life.

Thank goodness Mom thought to film this beautiful moment, the whole family will surely cherish these two for generations to come!


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Adorable Little Puppy Is Too Afraid Of The Water To Go For A Swim

One of the most amazing things about puppies is the fact that they’re just always learning something new and fun. Every single day is an adventure, every single smell is completely new to them, and every moment is filled with brand-new experiences.

While that’s true for any animal, it’s all about how puppies react to these new stimuli that’s so adorable. If a puppy doesn’t understand what they’re seeing or smelling, they’ll certainly let you know that there’s a problem! Just like the tiny Shiba Inu puppy in the video below, this little angel has a pretty big problem to deal with!

While she loves to drink a lot of water, it turns out that this little baby has never gone for a swim before. Her dad has a pretty nice setup for her, and she’s excited at first, but within a few moments, it turns out that this dog is not as brave as she initially thought she was.

She gives a few tentative barks to the water, but it seems like this little pool is still too big for her! Even with Dad nearby, this little dog isnotgoing in for a dip today. We’re sure after she’s grown up just a bit, she’ll be one of the strongest swimmers in the whole family!


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These Campers Were Woken Up By Lions Licking Rainwater Off Their Tent

“Good morning this is your wake-up call.”

For many people, theres nothing finer than waking up to the great outdoors. If youre not one of those people, thats probably because of videos like these.

Amazingly, the footage shows three parched lions licking water off a tent from rain the night before. The lions appear to be completely indifferent to the tent’s occupants, ortheir bottle of Scotch.

The video was shot by Francie Francisca Lubbe earlier this month while camping at theKhiding campsite with her partner in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Botswana. While many would understandably be pretty shaken up by having a lion lick as an alarm clock, Lubbe described the occurrence as a privilege.

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Fluffy Puppy And His Bird Buddy Have Fun Chasing Each Other Around

Sometimes friendships don’t look like they make much sense on the outside. Of course, that’s because it only matters how much love is between the buddies on the inside, not how similarly they dress, look, or act. In fact, I’d say the more differences, the better! My best friend is half-Indian, a culture I knew nothing about before meeting her in middle school. I have really enjoyed learning about the delicious food, entertaining Bollywood films, and gorgeous attire customary in her dad’s home country. Having that personal touchstone with my friendship makes all of the fascinating informationso muchmore interesting!

If the two buddies in the clip below could talk, I imagine they’d feel exactly the same way. Popcorn, a super fluffy pup who’s halfSaint Bernard and halfAnatolian shepherd, and his pal Cody, arescued Molukkan Cockatoo, have a blast hanging out together despite being very different types of critters. The only thing they have in common is their white fur and plumage and clearly an affection for teasing each other!

While soaking up the sun on their family’s deck, the twosome taunt each other playfully as they scurry back and forth across the wooden planks. Popcorn could easily overpower Cody with his strong little paws, but the sweet boy is always gentle with his feathered friend. According to their owner, the pup even usually lets the bird win their adorable mini-battles! I bet they’ll stay just as close as Popcorn grows all the morebigger.

Take a look and be sure to SHARE their silly antics with your friends!


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Big Fluffy Dog Is The Perfect Babysitter For A Group Of Adorable Baby Goats

Babysittingis a pretty big responsibility no matter where you are in the world. To promise to look after someone else’s childand take good care of them while their parents are away takes a huge amount of trust. While it may seem that humans are the only species on this planet who are familiar withbabysitting, it seems that is totally wrong in every single way!

This beautifulPyrenean Mountain Dog named Betty knows what it takes to be a good mother. Even though her puppies aren’t exactlydogs,that doesn’t mean she can’t look after them like every babysitter should! She keeps a watchful eye on one little goat who slowly approaches her and within moments, she’s hopping up on mom’s butt! Althoughthis little goat is having some trouble with her balancing skills, mom is very concerned and makes sure everyone is okay even while playing.

Eventually, the little goat’s brothers show up and within seconds you have one of the most beautiful pastoral farm scenes you could ever imagine. These “kids” might be a bit energetic, but the coolheaded and down-to-Earth nature of Betty’s personality seems to be a perfect fit. I know a few human kids who would love to have her as a babysitter!


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Adorable Dog Works Up The Confidence To Walk Inside Again After Bumping His Head

Life will always have its ups and downs. Just when things seem to be going perfectly, it appears there will always be something that will try its best to get in the way of happiness. While it might be easy to feel bad for yourself, possibly even wanting to give up on your dreams, it’s very important to forgeahead and never let anything beat you down too much.

Meet Buddy. He’s a very special and beautiful retriever thatusedto have everything easy in his life. Buddy always loved to play outside in the backyard, and whenever he was finished, he would run right back into the house to be loved by his human. But on a day like any other, Buddy was running into the house when he suddenly felt a horrible pain in his head. It turns out that mom had closed the sliding glass door, not realizing that Buddy was going to want to come in so quickly. He bumped his head and instantly felt the pain!

Mom opened the door and brought Buddy in. She gave him plenty of treats and love, but the damage was done. Buddy couldnevertrust that sliding glass door ever again! He’ll never be able to tell whether or not it’s open.

Mom caught Buddy slowly walking into the house until one day she decided to record it to share with her friends just how nervous her dog was nowadays! Even when she tried to give him treats, Buddy went at his own speed. After a lot of slow-pawing actions, he finally got the confidence to walk in all by himself!

It took him a week or so to gain his confidence back, but these days you can find him running again! Hopefully mom will just keep the door open from now on!


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Puppies Form An Adorable Pinwheel While They Chow Down On Their Dinner

This adorable group of Doberman puppies seems to be trying to stay in shape by getting in some cardio during mealtime.

The cute video shows the puppies’ owner placing a huge circular container full of food on the ground, but rather than them all jumping in and fighting over the kibble, the seven pups all take their place around the container. Then…they begin to rotate around the bowl just like a pinwheel!

That’s the cutest version of Ring Around The Rosie I’ve ever seen!

This gets me wondering, if we took these cuties to the Southern Hemisphere, would they spin in the opposite direction?

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