These 25 Animals Are Being Jerks Just For The Fun Of It — NOT Cool, Guys

Some animals are jerks…it’s pretty much a scientific fact.

You can train them all you want, send them to obedience school, or offer up loads of treats as incentives, but they’ll still act like a jerk every now and then.

They’re lucky they’re so cute — we’d never get away with anything like the jerk moves they’re pulling.

1. I can’t tell who’s the bigger jerk here.

2. This is just rude.


4. “Hmm…I’m bored. I guess I’ll just bite this human’s leg.”


6. “I’ll be taking this.”

7. Okay, the black goat should have seen this coming.

8. Mr. Stingray didn’t feel like playing anymore.

9. “Vanilla? My favorite!”

10. Turns out, there is a monster hiding under your bed — and it’s a jerk.

11. “Todd, I said no!”

12. “Try doing your homework NOW!”

13. “How are you not understanding…dis my counter.”

14. They’re testing out their new wrestling tag team routine.

15. “Nice hair, dork!”

16. Cold, ice-cold.

17. “Ahhhhhhh CHOO!”

18. “I’ll just sit riigghhtt HERE.”

19. This kid is just lucky to get out alive! It could have been worse.

20. Steve was sick and tired of Tracy always following him around.

21. “My ledge.”

22. “That looks pretty tasty.”

23. “Who do you think you are, Mr. Chicken?”

24. Dang, this guy even backed up a bit before charging.

25. Penguins…savage.

Just goes to show, no matter what we do, there will always be jerks — animal and human alike — in the world!

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