The Science Behind Why Cats Meow Is Oddly Touching (And Very Surprising)

Everyone knows that dogs bark and cats meow, but we really didn’t know why. That’s what inspired this group of scientists to dig around and figure out what causes the cat’s meow.

The answer that they found is pretty flattering, and so surprising. When you learn the truth, you’ll never look at your feline friends the same way again.

That certainly explains a lot. Here’s what veterinarian Dr. John Bradshaw of Bristol University had to say:

The meow starts off as a kitten vocalization. It’s something they use in order to call their mothers over…the mother is very attentive to those meows. And then as the kitten grows up, it gradually stops meowing, presumably because it just stops working. The mother wants to wean the kittens and stops responding. A pet cat is constantly meowing at its owner. It’s a way of getting the owner’s attention.

Pretty cute, am I right? They’re just trying to talk to us!


Watching A Snow Bengal Kitten Become Friends With A Lab Puppy Is Way Too Precious

At Maplewood Bengals in New York, they raise Bengal kittens — and they’re insanely cute. These exotic cats are adorable on their own, but this particular kitty’s new best friend really ups the precious ante.

These two love playing together, and even though the puppy looks a little bit sleepy in the video below, it’s clear that this dynamic duo is prepping for a lifelong friendship.

It’s a shame that all BFFs can’t be this cute! I have a feeling that these two never fight like cats and dogs.


Tourists Were Taking Selfies With A Baby Dolphin…And It Died As A Result

In Argentina, people lined up for what seemed like a one-of-a-kind photo opportunity with a baby dolphin, but their actions possibly ended the creature’s life.

After a person spotted a baby Franciscana dolphin close to the shore at a local beach, they took it out of the water so that people could take selfies with the animal. Allegedly, they kept it out of the water for too long, the dolphin overheated and died.

What’s worse is that this particular species is endangered.

People couldn’t resist the temptation of taking pictures, and their actions ultimately doomed the poor creature.

Baby dolphin dies after tourists ‘pull it out of ocean for selfies’

Posted by The Independent on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Various wildlife organizations have responded to the tragic incident.

It’s possible that the baby dolphin perished before the crowd got their hands on it (which is why it was so close to the shore or possibly washed ashore). Whether or not it was already dead, there is a lesson to be learned here: love our planet and give nature the distance and respect it deserves.


Making Your Own Delicious Gummy Bears At Home Is Easier Than You Think

What is it about gummy bears that makes them so irresistible for everyone from toddlers to teens…and full-grown adults?

Perhaps we’ll never know whether it’s their squishy consistency or their sugary flavor, but one thing we do know is that we can finally stop spending money on the store-bought versions. Yes, my friends, you can indeed make these childhood treats at home!

And the recipe is really easy!

Your kids are about to tout you as the best parents ever.


Polar Bears Are Suffering Because Of Climate Change, And They Need Your Help


This week, November 1–7, is Polar Bear Week.

It’s when teams up with Frontiers North Adventures and Polar Bears International to raise awareness about the dire straits the majestic, white bears are facing. Climate change is affecting the polar bear population at Earth’s southernmost point in a hugely negative way.

While polar bears might not be the first thing on everyone’s mind on a daily basis, it’s important to give them the recognition they deserve for being truly beautiful, irreplaceable creatures. Here’s what you should know about how they’re being pushed towards extinction.

Since satellite tracking began in 1979, the Arctic has lost roughly 40% of its summer sea ice.

This is a loss slightly larger than all the land east of the Mississippi in the United States.


Sea ice is a crucial part of the Arctic ecosystem.


Polar bears rely on sea ice for catching their prey. Without it, the bears can’t survive.


The polar bear’s main prey, ringed seals, rely on sea ice, too – for giving birth to and raising their young.

Arctic sea ice is also important to our global climate.

The Arctic is called Earth’s air conditioner because the ice helps cool the planet by reflecting the sun’s light and heat back into space.

Courtesy / Erica E. Wills

Less sea ice means a warmer planet and more extreme weather events.


That’s not good for the polar bears or for us.

Without action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions…

The probability of ice-free summers in the Arctic increases significantly from the middle to the end of this century.


As the sea ice disappears, this is what will happen to the polar bears:


They’ll have reduced access to food, they will experience a drop in body condition, lower cub survival rates, an increase in drowning, an increase in cannibalism, and a loss of access to denning areas.

While this little guy is being modest…he really does need your help.


It’s so incredibly important to keep these amazing creatures alive.


We need to do everything we can to raise awareness about climate change and the effect it’s having on our polar bears.

You can watch a live feed from Churchill, Manitoba, where you could catch some polar bears at the water’s edge, or get more vantage points on the website.

While top scientists collaborate in Canada this week, sharing this information and educating the public on the truth and urgency surrounding climate change and polar bears, the best thing you can do is to spread the word as far and wide as you can, too. Knowledge is power, and the more people who know about the status of our melting sea ice, the more people will be inclined to help.

The other best thing to do is donate to help support critical polar bear research, education, and outreach efforts!


When A Good Samaritan Found A Baby Sea Lion In The Road…He Did The Right Thing

It might sound odd for a sea lion to be found anywhere but in or around the sea, but it actually happens more often than you’d think. This little guy was found wandering around San Francisco not once…but twice! And this brazen buddy decided to take a break from the ocean and test out the pool.

You see, when the moms need to find food for their pups, they sometimes leave them on shore. We imagine it can get a bit boring — and maybe even scary — so they opt to go out walking on their lonesome.

When San Diego resident Matt McDevitt found this little guy waddling across a busy street, he knew just what to do.

Grabbing a friend and two beach towels, they stopped traffic and herded the confused pup back to the beach.

After some patient coaxing, he got the hint, and when he saw the ocean he got so excited!

(via The Dodo)

McDevitt was smart not to touch the baby, as doing so could have caused his mom to not trust him. Hopefully he and his ma were reunited shortly after he dove into the waves.

What an adorable, majestic little guy!


22 Of The Fluffiest, Cutest Cats To Curb Those Frosty Winter Blues

The winter blues have finally set in. Sure, the days are “officially” becoming longer, but the weather is definitely also getting colder. In other words, there are few things that will get you out of your warm bed — food, work, and maybe showering are on the list.

If you’re like me, though, there is one thing that warms me up just thinking about it — a big, adorable, fluffy kitten. Get ready to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

1. “First let’s get the bed all nice and warm for ya!”

2. She wants to get under the covers with you.

3. “Yas all of the chin scratches!”

4. Chewbacca, is that you?

5. They’re judging you because you don’t have fur like them.

6. Even ears can be super fluffy!

7. “You’re feeling verryy warm and cozy inside…”

8. “Put. Me. Down.”

9. This is as close to a blanket as you’ll find in the cat kingdom.

10. Wait, I was wrong.

11. So, so wrong.

12. They’re going to grow up to be majestic Maine coons!

13. “I fierce and fluffy! Fear me!”

14. No shame in her fluff game.

15. “What is cold? Ever thought about that?”

16. “Higher, human! I can’t see all my kingdom.”

17. Are you even real?!

18. He’s the cutest foot warmer that ever existed.

19. I don’t know where the cat ends and the comforter begins.

20. “Fine, you can touch it.”

21. All that fluff can get heavy!

22. That’s just a pillow with a tail, right?

Okay, that’s definitely not a cat, but this fluffy cow was too cute NOT to include!

I just have one thing to say…


A Man Kayaking Through Flood Waters Spotted A Tiny Squirrel In Trouble

A flood surveyor was paddling his kayak through waters in Fenton, MO, when he made quite the discovery.

There was a little squirrel struggling in the current. The flood waters were fast moving, so the kayaker helped the waterlogged squirrel out.

“I saw this little guy jump and try to swim for a bigger tree for safety, but the current was just too strong. You can see him jump from the tree in front of me and start swimming but the current was quickly pulling him downstream. I know squirrels don’t understand English but I couldn’t help but yell out some positive encouragement.”

The current was almost too strong for this little guy.

Silly squirrel, you shouldn’t be swimming!


These 40 Seconds Of One Puppy Helping Another Will Melt Your Heart

The Beatles were probably talking about this little dynamic duo when they penned the lyrics, “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

Okay, so maybe not, but they should have been!

When three-month-old Moo Ping saw that his best bud Khao Neaw was struggling to join him on his cushy bed, he got right to work. You see, the one-month-old girl wasn’t big enough to make the little leap, so Moo Ping hopped off and gave her a boost.

What a great guy! Now, snuggle up and enjoy your nap…


This Cafe Offers More Than Coffee It Also Has Cuddles With Puppies On The Menu

What would make your morning coffee just that much better? What makes everything better, of course…dogs!

Yes, our prayers have been answered! After being overshadowed by countless cat and owl cafes around the world, a new coffee shop has soft launched in Silver Lake, California, that is going to change the game for good. The country’s first dog cafe is set to officially open on April 7!

Aptly named The Dog Cafe, this coffee shop allows its patrons to buy a cup of joe and enjoy it while hanging out with some of the area’s rescue dogs — all of whom are up for adoption.

The Dog Cafe hopes to change how people view and go about adopting pups. Customers get to interact with a pooch before deciding whether or not they want to take that dog home.

The no-pressure, relaxed environment is perfect for those considering adoption. Plus, if you just want to play with some dogs, you can do it while getting your caffeine fix!

Either way, the dogs benefit because they become socialized and comfortable with being around humans and other pups.

The price to enter the café is $10/hour. With that payment, you get complimentary tea or coffee and an awesome time.

For now, entrance is on a first-come, first-served basis, but after April 7, it’s recommended that you make reservations on their website.

Learn more about the great work they’re doing here!

(via People Pets)

If you’re a dog lover or know someone who is in the Los Angeles area, you definitely need to check this place out!


These Lions Turn Into Giant Kittens Whenever This Toy Comes Out!

They might not look it, but lions are really just big kittens at heart. Don’t believe us?

Well, these females at the Oregon Zoo are about to show you.

While they generally spend their days lazing around (sound familiar?), being fed at the same time, and never fearing for their safety, these beautiful lions still crave a little wild adventure now and then. In an effort to keep them alert and agile, workers at the zoo came up with a fun toy that plays on their feline instincts.

The fact that lions weigh in at over 250 pounds and can leap that far into the air proves Mother Nature wasn’t messing around when she created these amazing predators.

I guess they’re a little different from kittens after all…


This Animal Shelter Is Encouraging Adoptions With Puppy Pajama Parties

No one can resist a cute dog dressed in pajamas, and volunteers from one shelter use that to their advantage.

The LifeLine Animal Project, a rescue group in Atlanta, has come up with an adorable way to get people interested in adopting their rescue dogs. They throw pajama parties with the pups!

The foolproof idea has been causing quite the buzz and dogs that had been waiting a long, long time to find their new families have now been adopted. Not only can visitors to the shelter have sleepovers on site, but they’re also allowed to take dogs home for overnight stays to form bonds. However, the overnight visits aren’t just tryouts for potential adopters. They’re also intended to give these dogs a break from the stressful shelter environment.

But at the end of the day, LifeLine hopes that these pajama parties will help people see the dogs’ true colors and understand the fact that all they want is a little love in return.

That’s it. I’m scrapping my Saturday night plans. I’ll be hosting a puppy sleepover instead.


22 Times People Broke Their Cats Simply By Putting Things On Their Heads

We love snuggling and cuddling up with our little animal buddies, but sometimes it’s more fun to mess with them. It’s just too easy to trick their tiny brains! And their hilarious reactions are always worth it.

Especially when it’s these cats who can’t figure out what is happening when something is placed on their heads. The simple act confuses them to no end and their silly faces never fail to crack us up.

1. Maybe he’s allergic?

2. “Do I look like George Washington to you?”

3. “Whoa, it’s been a whole year already?”

4. “What. Why. What.”

5. When cheese attacks:

6. “Everything is terrible.”

7. The sugar goes right to his head.

8. “This is just embarrassing.”

9. “Nope. Nope, nope, nope.”

10. A small sliver of spaghetti confusion.

11. “Note to self: Post-its are baffling.”

12. “I’m gonna get it! I’m gonna oof.”

13. “I am not moving until you give me back my dignity.”

14. “I get to eat it after the photo, right?”

15. He disagrees with the statement on the can.

16. “This is my crown. I am a queen.”

17. He keeps trying to crawl out from under it…

18. Her eyes are usually much brighter.

19. “This! Is! The! Worst!”

20. “But…I not water…why boat…why…”

21. “Ay yai yai yaiiii!”

22. “I’ve made a horrible mistake.”

Hey, it could be worse, guys. Your humans could be forcing you to wear actual hats. And I’m sure they made it up to you with plenty of head and chin scratches.


16 Adorable Rescued Pets Before And After Their Adoptions

As the proud owner of a rescued dog, I know all too well what a difference a few days of love, good food, and a comfy puff can do for a scared pet.

While my dog was “just” malnourished, I’ve written about plenty of pups and kittens who saw God knows what in their past lives. But once they’re shown some affection and a good home, their whole demeanor, and hopefully perspective on life, changes.

To prove just that point, check out some of these amazing before and after adoption photos. Get ready for some serious feels.

1. Luna was found starving and covered in mud. Just look at her delight after finding her forever home!

2. Penny was rescued from the county shelter with a slew of medical problems…but that all changed after some trips to the vet and a whole lotta love.

3. Bug was found in the middle of nowhere not long after she gave birth. She was so timid until she went home with her mom.

4. Vitrio was found on the streets severely beaten and incredibly malnourished. Now he’s in a loving home with plenty of furry companions.

5. Lilo didn’t come into her beautiful “erect ears” until she was free of the shelter.

6. When she found Wombat, his rescuer thought he was blind. Luckily, he wasn’t and he’s now living the good life.

7. Poor Lily was forced to fight and lost an ear from it. After six days, she stole her new human’s hearts.

8. Gunny had been at the shelter for more than 100 days when his new owner fell in love with him.

9. An amazing Good Samaritan rescued this stray dog from the streets in Chile.

10. This sweet girl was surrendered with a few other litter mates. After some time in a new home, she clearly found her joy.

11. Matilda was found wandering on the side of the road with mange. A visit to the vet and a little love was all it took to get her back to 100%.

12. Pickles was so scared when he was in the shelter, but now he’s happy as can be!

13. Lea went from scared and grey to fabulous and snowy white!

14. Benny was found on the street with mange and a ton of other health issues. After some time in foster care, the cutie went to a forever home.

15. Kibby’s forever home had no idea that she would go from frail kitten to a fluffy, hyper cat.

16. Taboo was pulled from a kill shelter in the nick of time, and after some training, she’s become quite a lovely lady.

It’s clear that anything is possible with a little love, a ton of treats, and a trip to the vet. I highly recommend opting to adopt rather than shop. Saving one life saves the others who can be taken in after them.


This Is The Adorableness That Happens When You’re Surrounded By 18 Australian Shepherd Puppies

Everyone would be 100% happier if they were just surrounded by puppies. (It’s a scientific fact. Probably.)

That’s why you should check out the pictures and videos posted by Green Valley Australian Shepherds from Salt Lake City, Utah. They currently have 18 puppies just hanging around…and things get real adorable real quick.

If you need your day to be better, just check out the pups waking up from an afternoon nap.

Or playing in a puppy pile.

Or even running in slow-motion.

Nothing can stop the cuteness of this litter of puppies! (If you want to see even more puppy adorableness, you can check out the kennel’s YouTube channel, too.)

And, yeah, they were adorable from the very beginning.

So, sit back, relax, and ride out the last weeks of winter by staring at these cuties!

After all, the lingering cold weather isn’t so bad when you have 18 puppies around.


These Puppies On Swing Sets Will Make You Wish You Were A Kid Again

Compared to the long workdays and endless errand-running of human life, we tend to think our pups are pretty pampered. But with all of that pressure on their paws from taking long walks, and the stress that comes along with waiting to be fed, even our dogs deserve to put their feet up every once in a while. Next time you’re at the park with your pooch, why not help them take a load off and swing the day away? The pooches in the video below love it! Click play and get ready to watch the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

Those French bulldogs swinging together made me squee! Plus, that husky with two-toned eyes was so pretty.


You Know It’s Hot Out When Bears Start Doing This In People’s Backyards

While much of the U.S. is facing the fact that warm temperatures are slowly fading, the southern part of the country still has a good deal of time before it starts to feel like fall.

Whether you’re in South Carolina like me or Los Angeles like these bears, the heat index is real. While I have technology to thank for keeping me cool (shoutout to my air-conditioner!), these cuties have just shade and lakes to chill in. At least that’s what you would think.

When this momma bear and her cubs wandered into a suburban California neighborhood, they found a much nicer option — a swimming pool!

I never thought I’d say it, but I’m officially jealous of these bears.

The furry family was chased away from one pool by a brave dog, but found another one nearby to keep them cool just a little longer. I just wish I could have joined them…


10 Rescued Puppies Get Treated To A Wonderful Thanksgiving Meal Of Their Very Own

These 10 puppies were rescued right before Thanksgiving…and got treated to a warm bath, a lot of love, and their very own Thanksgiving feast! Now, all they need is a forever home they can truly be thankful for.

This pack of pups was taken in by 2nd Chances Rescue and wonderful foster moms Andrea, Amy, and Kristi.

You’ll be thankful for this downright adorable puppy feast. :)

If you’d like to take home one of these puppies yourself, please visit the rescue organization’s website (or donate if you can)! You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


A Hunter Shot This Mountain Lion But Freaked Out When He Got A Better Look At It

When a hunter was out on the trail in Idaho, he came across a mountain lion. Taking aim, he noticed something strange about the beast just before he decided to take the shot. After that, he followed state law and brought this animal to Idaho’s Fish and Game (IDFG) office to be checked out. IDFG officers are required to remove teeth from harvested mountain lions to gather data.

That’s when an officer on the scene noticed something that he knew the world would have trouble believing. But with photographic proof, it can’t be denied.

Though biologists and veterinarians never got a chance to examine the animal, it’s interesting to hear their thoughts. Was the animal originally a conjoined twin? Is that a tumor on its head? We may never know.


Stampede Of Golden Retriever Puppies Tumble Down A Slide And Right Into Our Hearts

Training puppies can be hard work. Extremely adorable hard work. Especially when they’re fluffy, wriggly golden retriever puppies.

As a way to help socialize them, this litter of of golden puppies at Enchanted Retrievers are given an obstacle to tackle before their feeding time. The result is one adorable stampede that comes to a momentary halt as the puppies take turns going down a slide. Some even need a friendly nudge to make it to the bottom in time for dinner.

I just love how brave the first little puppy is. Diving head-first towards that delicious food bowl.



When Her Baby Falls In The Water, Momma Bear Rushes To Save The Day

Milk is an adorable baby polar bear living at the Oga Aquarium Gao with her mom, Walnut, in Japan. Unfortunately, like a lot of four-month-old kiddos, Milk is also pretty darn clumsy.

The silly little girl slips right into the water as she tries to innocently play in the nearby snow. Since she hasn’t quite learned to swim yet, her mom quickly rushes to help bring her back to dry land. Thank goodness Milk can always count on momma to have her back!

“Oh, crap, not again.”

Maybe mom should start the swimming lessons early for this little one. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it in no time, Milk.


He Bought Some Turtles From A Market And Released Them Back Into The Wild

It’s amazing the things you can buy at foreign food markets. In Papua New Guinea, for instance, a man recently went to the market and found them selling giant sea turtles for a feast. They were still alive and crawling around!

Arron Culling decided to take action. He bought the two turtles, and instead of eating them that night, he did something amazing with them.

These are the turtles that were on sale at the food market.

He paid $50 for them, “drove 5km up the road and let them go,” according to his Facebook post.

This isn’t even the first time Culling has saved turtles! According to his Facebook, he’s already rescued about ten turtles.

There are only a few species of sea turtles and most of them are endangered.

(via Bored Panda)

What Culling is doing is so important if we want to keep these amazing creatures around. If a species is endangered, we should try to protect them as much as possible and get their numbers back up.


Pets Who Completely Lost Their Minds When They Saw Snow For The First Time

Snow evokes a slew of different emotions. Some people love it — spending hours rolling around in it, sledding down hills, starting up snowballs fights. Then there are those who are not so pleased with it — it makes getting to work a huge pain, driving is difficult, and don’t even get us started on shoveling.

Turns out, our pets are the same way…and here’s the proof!

1. “Can I lick it off?!”

2. “These boots are cold.”

3. “Do I have something on my face? You’d tell me, right?”

4. “I don’t like this, sir. Not one bit.”

5. “Wooowww. It’s coming from the sky!”

6. “You should be ashamed of yourself, snow.”


8. “Good thing we have these sweaters!”

9. “Must. Conquer. Evil flakes!”

10. “This is misery, isn’t it?”

11. “I’ve seen horrible things out there.”

12. “There, I gave it a try. Can I come back in now?”

13. “Winter is coming…I mean, winter is here.”

14. “I don’t even want to touch this anymore.”

15. “You are so beautiful…to me.”


17. “It’s eating me alive!”

18. “Why do you like to make me sad, Mom?”

19. “You missed a flake.”

20. “Look into my eyes. Do you think I want to be here?”

21. “Let me in. I’m done.”

22. “This is fun, but I expect a warm bath later.”

23. “AHHHH!!!!!”

24. “I could roll in this all day!”

25. “I won’t forget this.”

26. “Can I jump in it?!”

27. “Who would invent such a thing?”

(via Distractify)

Well, it’s a love-hate relationship, I suppose. Snow is beautiful to look at, but once you’re in the thick of it, you realize your paws are freezing. Time for a good snuggle sesh by the fire!


She Heard Her Cat Meowing On The Balcony…Only To Find The Most Unusual Friend Sitting Next To Her

Perched on a ledge in Dutch Harbor in Unalaska, a small island on the Aleutian chain in Alaska, Grizzle the cat was simply minding his own business. That’s when someone special decided to drop in for a little afternoon chat…

And that someone was a bald eagle.

Amazing When the eagles are quietly on the balcony with the cats

Posted by Immortal Che Guevara on Friday, November 13, 2015

Despite what you may think, Grizzle was in no danger of being eaten. “These eagles are raised in a very unique environment,” said Facebook user Kimi Braun. “They are VERY used to humans, and routinely are found along railings, on pots, fences and other objects within touching distance of humans, foxes, cats, dogs. Food is also extremely abundant for them. It would be like hunting a deer in the middle of a Vegas buffet line.”

Thankfully, that kitty will live to befriend another eagle!


Lions, Tigers, Bears…Oh Really! This Sanctuary Rescues Them All From Abuse

With so many house pets entering animal rescues every year, it’s easy to forget about their wilder cousins.

It’s not just cruel hunting practices that endanger our wildlife, though. People illegally take them in as pets, abuse them in circus acts, and trade them in the exotic animal market. In fact, this very live underground currency is the third largest source of illegal profits in the world!

That’s where The Wild Animal Sanctuary aims to help. Founded in 1980, today, it’s the oldest and largest sanctuary in the world devoted to rescuing captive exotic and endangered large carnivores. More than 400 lions, tigers, bears, wolves, and others call the Colorado shelter home.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary (TWAS) rescues exotic animals from around the country and world.

They’re victims of abuse in shopping malls, used as attractions in amusement parks, held as pets by people who don’t know how to care for them, and even taken from drug dealers.

Once at TWAS, they’re given top-notch veterinary care to assess their mental and physical health.

Most face years of recovery for the emotional scars left behind long after their external wounds heal.

But with over 720 acres, the animals finally have plenty of space to run, play, sleep, and interact with new friends.

Every animal has its own heartbreaking story…Mary Jane was a truck stop attraction in Texas. Her cubs “were sold to motorists who stopped to get gas.”

Yukon is a tundra wolf who was kept in an Iowa mall as an “educational” display. He was thankfully rescued and placed in the hands of the professionals at TWAS.

Amazingly, though, many of the animals are rescued from more credible zoos, where they’re set to be euthanized because of overcrowding or other sad reasons.

In addition to the wide open grasslands of the sanctuary, there are also lakes and ponds for the animals to explore.

Learn more about TWAS here:

This truly is a magical place.

If you’d like to visit, you can walk along the enclosures and see the animals enjoying life up-close! Please also consider contributing to their wonderful cause, be it through “adopting” one of the animals or donating.


Tiny Puppy Left In A McDonald’s Trash Bin Finally Feels What Love Is Like

When Poptart and her furry dog buddy were taken to McDonald’s, we can only imagine they thought they were in for a treat…

But when they were left for dead behind the fast-food chain in Sacramento, California, the poor puppies were probably terrified.

Due to the freezing-cold temperatures and Poptart’s severe mange skin condition, she almost didn’t make it. But the three and a half pound cutie was a fighter. Sadly, though, her friend didn’t pull through.

Thankfully, the sweet girl’s luck changed when she was rescued and brought to the Sacramento SPCA where the rescue team worked tirelessly to get the little lady healthy once more.

Everyone at the shelter fell in love with Poptart’s tenacity, and she had so many fun times during her stay with them.

Sadly, though, after a long struggle to survive, Poptart passed away in her sleep.

The shelter shared this update:

“She had a great week last week: playing, wagging her tail and back to her happy self. Unfortunately, it seems like her little body couldn’t quite keep up with her great spirit. She had many friends through her journey (her Doberman big brother, her BFF Nellie, and all of you) and we’re sure she’s bounding around on the other side with perfect knees, booping all the boops and enjoying the sunshine.”

This just breaks my heart! Shame on the person who left this gentle creature to die behind a McDonald’s. She didn’t deserve that fate.

If you’d like to help the SPCA that gave Poptart the happiest days in her final few weeks, you can do so here. Even though they couldn’t save this sweet girl, they’ll continue to do everything they can for other pups just like her.


They Thought They Saw Birds Flying Out Of The Forest, But They Were So, So Wrong

There are times when you get to witness something spectacular in nature, and watching birds migrate is one of the finest sights of all. To see a whole flock of flying birds is something majestic that you can’t understand until you’ve experienced it for yourself.

That’s what these people thought they were seeing, but as it turns out, they were dead wrong. What looked like hundreds of birds migrating actually ended up being thousands of bats going out for their nightly hunt.

I would turn the other way and run. I don’t want any part of this. So freaky!


Dog Refuses To Leave The Side Of His Dying Friend, Showing True Canine Loyalty

When Samuel Flores was driving by Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery recently, he saw something that made him pull over immediately. A dog was solemnly standing guard over his dying friend — we can only imagine he didn’t want his buddy to pass through to the next life alone.

Turning to Facebook, he hoped to enlist the aid of shelters willing to come out and help the dogs. Luckily, Julie Fennell, a local animal lover and advocate, was nearby and jumped into action.

Staying with his friend who appeared to have been hit by a car, this loyal dog not only provided comfort but also dragged him off the road away from further harm.

The gentle giant was so dedicated to his best friend.

So vigilant was he, that when Fennell first approached, he barked for her to stay away. He needed to protect his friend.

When he could see that she only meant to help, he relented.

Fennell loaded the two dogs into her car and took them to Dallas Animal Services. This was how he thanked her.

(via The Dodo)

Proving his loyalty, this incredible dog reminds us that love is not something that exists only in humans.

If you’d like to help fill the void left in this poor pup’s heart, share this story with your friends, especially in the Dallas area. Finding a forever home is a gift we can give him for his incredible deed. Visit SPIN Rescue, an organization that focuses on matching great Pyrenees dogs with loving homes.


5 Cats Meet Their Baby Brother For The First Time…Get Ready To Laugh!

When parents bring their newborns home for the first time, there’s often a bit of hesitation if they already own pets. Will they embrace their new brother…or use him as a chew toy? One family decided to find out by bringing their baby home and filming the whole exchange…

…with not one, not two, but five cats! The result is something too adorably precious to miss.

Don’t forget to turn on closed captions!

Though the cats didn’t quite know what to make of him at first, it looks like they’ll get along just fine. At least until he starts crying at all hours of the night, keeping this furry family from their cat naps!


30 Overly Happy Animals That Are About To Make Your Life So Much Better

There’s nothing better than seeing an overly happy animal just living its happy little life. It’s science. There’s just something about watching a pup do his happy dance that can turn any awful day around.

If you’re having a horrible day, week, or month, let these bundles of joy help you out.

1. “For me? You’re too kind, sir.”

2. “This is my human! She’s a very nice human.”

3. A toast to the happy couple!

4. “I get some sleeps now.”

5. Does it get happier than this? I think not.

6. “Mom! Mom, look at this guy I found!”

7. This is what luxury looks like, my friend.

8. “I’m very happy. Also, I’m an owl.”

9. As it turns out, pygmy anteaters are the cutest animals ever. Who knew?

10. “Person! You have returned!”

11. Just hangin’.


13. “This is my friend. I like my friend! You should also like my friend.”

14. And here we have the happiest cat in the history of cats.

15. He loves picture time.

16. “I can has biscuits now?”

17. The little things in life are the best.

18. Life would be easier if we just let towels make us happy.

19. Quokkas are gifts to the universe.

20. “Look at my legs! Aren’t they funny legs?”

21. “It doesn’t get better, man.”

22. It’s almost like she’s a human (but cuter).

23. “Yaaaaaaaas!”

24. The prettiest smile ever.

25. You basically have to be happy if you’re this fluffy.

26. “All you need is bath! Bath is all you need.”

27. What a nugget!

28. “I am cat, and this cake is also cat.”

29. “Cannot…contain…the happy!”

30. Just keep smiling, okay?

It’s basically impossible to be sad after seeing those cuties, so I hope that you’re smiling right along with them!


Every Year, Turtles Get Stuck In These Railroad Tracks — This Is The Cute Solution

When a bunch of turtles were found riding the rails near the Suma Aqualife Park in Kobe, Japan, something had to be done. Because of the park’s proximity to the ocean, these cute critters often end up climbing over one of the train tracks, becoming stuck between the two.

With nowhere to go though, they previously had to walk along the track where either they were run over by a train, or ended up destroying railway switches. At least that was until the West Japan Railway Company came up with a solution that has the Internet abuzz.

Because the turtles could hurt themselves, the train, or the switches, all causing major delays, the railway company worked hard with marine experts to determine a viable and cost-effective solution.

Their eventual idea? Create escape ditches for turtles all throughout the region.

And the results have been phenomenal. In just a few months, the passageways have saved the lives of at least ten turtles, not to mention the monetary benefits associated with trains arriving on time.

One thing’s for sure: this is definitely a better long-term fix compared to getting seeing-eye dogs for all the turtles…

Thanks to the ingenuity of a few, everyone in this situation comes out a winner.


This Rescue Of A Sea Turtle Caught In A Fishing Net Will Have You Cheering

Life is full of surprises. You never know when a moment might arise where you’re called upon to do something heroic.

It’s these moments of true spontaneity that show others who we really are.

For the three men in the video below, one such moment presented itself when they were sitting by a beach restaurant and spotted something moving by the shoreline. What they found was a massive leatherback sea turtle struggling to untangle itself from a fishing net.

After some incredible teamwork — and some hissing from the nervous turtle — the three heroes with hearts of gold were able to set the majestic sea creature free.

What a beautiful moment when the turtle swims back out to sea. It must have felt so relieved when it took that dive.


She Thought She Heard a Cat Crying in the ForestBut Then She Sees Little Fingers & Toes

“I was collecting some oranges when I heard something crying. I thought it was a cat until I looked closer…”

When we become moms, we automatically feel more compassion for ALL children, I thinkeven if they aren’t as delightful and perfect as our own. All kidding aside, motherhood changes something deep inside you, as police officerLuisa Fernanda Urrea in Colombia (South America) found out on the job recently.

Officer Urrea was called to the scene of a crime when 59-year-oldEdinora Jimenez foundan infant that had been abandoned in the forest and with her umbilical cord still attached.

“I was collecting some oranges when I heard something crying,” Jimenez said. I thought it was a cat until I looked closer and saw that it was a baby girl.”

The baby girl was nearing hypothermia and also starving. Without hesitation, Urrea, a new mom, began nursing the starving girl, ultimately saving her life.

Im a new mother and I have milk, and I recognized the needs that this poor little creature had, Urrea told her local news.

The baby girl is now in the care of the state as they search for an adoptive home for herand for the parent or parents who abandoned her. They could be facing attempted homicide charges.

Doctors say the baby wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for Urrea’s heroic actions, as she probably wouldn’t have evenmade it throughher ride to the hospital. Urrea hasbeen hailed a local hero, but according to her, she was just doing what any mom would’ve done.

I think any woman would have given her nourishment in the same circumstances, she said.

The baby has recovered nicely and is now in healthy condition thanks to Urrea’s maternal instincts and display of motherly love.

I’m so glad that God’s timing is so perfect that he placed just the rightperson at exactly the rightmomentto save this precious baby.

Oh the stories she will have to tell of God’s redemption as she grows!


23 Guilty Pets Who Had Absolutely No Idea You’d Be Home So Soon…

If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably wondered more than once what your furry ones do while you’re at work…

Are they sleeping away the day, maybe they’re getting into the food, or tearing up your magazines? Short of installing a security camera, we’ll likely never know. That is unless you’re one of these lucky folks who came home and caught their pets knee-deep in destruction.

They just weren’t expecting their parents home so early…and the look of incredible and hilarious guilt on their faces is priceless!

1. “Dinner’s on me, Mom.”

2. “I wasn’t grabbing your wallet. I swear.”

3. He’s not even sorry!

4. Looks like someone’s hungry!

5. Are these guys not getting fed?

6. “Come on in…the water’s perfect!”

7. Oh, Denver!

8. “Ummmmm, it’s not what it looks like.”

9. She’s trying to tell you she needs to use the bathroom.

10. “Oh. You’re home.”

11. “It’s more comfortable this way!”

12. That looks cozy.

13. *Just act natural.*

14. He looks guilty…but the cat? Yeah, he looks dead.

15. You suuuuure you didn’t get into the lipstick?

16. No, see, it’s supposed to go on your lips…not your paws, silly!

17. “There’s definitely nothing dead buried here.”

18. “What? Stacey said she needs cupcakes for her bake sale!”

19. If you’re innocent, why are you hiding?

20. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

21. “You know how much I love sashimi, Mom!”

22. “I thought we could use a little green indoors!”

23. “Dad…DAD! Look what I did!”

In the end, though, it’s just so hard to stay mad at them!


21 Reasons Life Would Be Super Chill If You Could Just Be A Cat

1. You live by your own rules. And better believe EVERYONE in the household knows it.

2. You’re a respected rebel with little to zero consequences for your actions.

3. Feeling annoyed? Just knock everything off the nearest table with a flick of your paw. Someone else will clean it up.

4. Still feeling annoyed? Swat the first person who walks by.

5. You can lick your genitals and no one will bat an eye.

6. You can literally hide from people whenever you want.

7. When company comes over that you’re not fond of, you can just chill under the couch until they leave.

8. You’re almost to be antisocial.

9. People feel very special when you decide to grace them with your affection.

10. You don’t have to cook for yourself.

11. No seriously, someone just feeds you. You get to lazily sit by your dish and wait for those inferior humans to do your bidding.

12. If someone touches you in a way you don’t like, you can hiss or scratch the hell out of them.

13. And they definitely won’t touch you like that again.

14. Napping all day long is in your job description.

15. You can go full nocturnal and no one will accuse you of being the Unabomber.

16. That sandpaper tongue of yours can be used as a weapon, if necessary.

17. The Internet is obsessed with you.

18. You can do something stupid, clever, or just look kind of weird and instantly become an overnight celebrity.

19. Nobody shames you for your naturally growing hair.

20. You can leap super high distances, like you’re a low-key superhero.

21. You get pets and massages just because you exist. Good for you.


Think Cats Aren’t Loving? Here’s Exactly How They Show Their Undying Affection.

Cats are known for their independence and stoic faces, both things which make it hard to tell if you’re really bonding with your furry feline friend. Are they doing that thing your ex did where they act all distant but really, deep down, they love you? Or do they secretly talk smack about you to the dog when you aren’t looking?

While they remain mysterious for the most part, these gestures of affection are a sure sign that your kitty is totally smitten.

1. Sometimes they think you knead a massage.

They just want to return the favor for all those cuddles you provide.

2. A gift is a gift, no matter how gross we think it is.

They’re trying to show off their hunting prowess and make you proud.

3. Head butts are, like, totally their way of saying, “I love you, man.”

It’s like a fist bump, but so much cuter, dude.

4. They aren’t staring at you to freak you out.

In fact, it’s the opposite. To them, the prolonged eye contact is like a smooch.

5. Showing off his belly is a huge sign of trust.

Since animals prefer to keep their vulnerable sides hidden, seeing your kitty lying around with his tum exposed is a sure sign he feels comfortable and at home.

6. Their tails can tell a lot of tales.

When it fluffs up at the base and curls at the end, you’ve definitely got one happy little guy on your hands.

7. They don’t mean to hurt you with their bites.

It’s a love bite! They’re used to the thicker skin of their fellow felines, though, so sometimes they’re a bit too aggressive with their affection.

8. They aren’t trying to trip you all the time so you break your legs and have to stay home.

Not that they’d mind that, of course, but they’re really just nuzzling up to you to mark you with their scent.

9. The power of the purr is real.

The volume and tone of your cat’s purr can indicate just how content they are with your snuggles.

10. If she’s always up in your business, it’s because she loves you.

You might find it kind of annoying when you’re just trying to get things done, but they simply can’t stand the idea of being so far from you! How cute is that?

(source Wimp)

Sure, some of their tokens of affection may seem strange or disgusting, but underneath that? It’s all about the love. And tuna. They might just want you to buy more tuna.


Moses The Otter Plays With Lions And Hyenas — But His Story Wasn’t Always So Happy

When Moses was just a few weeks old, he found himself in a precarious position. Abandoned on the side of the river, the tiny Cape clawless otter had no mom or dad to care for him. When a friendly police officer found him, the little guy weighed less than one pound!

Not knowing how to nurse the baby back to good health, he brought Moses to Annel Snyman at Loebies Guest Farm and Predator Park. There, the little guy grew bigger and stronger…but not as massive as his favorite playmates:

What an unlikely group of buddies! Here’s hoping the otter and his bigger cat pals will keep it purely playful as the furry friends grow older.


Let These 20 Animals Show You Why Adulting Is For The Birds

Having countless responsibilities is the best, isn’t it?

Nope! As kids, we spent so many years wishing that we could be grownups that it’s almost funny to look back at those times in an existence-is-futile, how-did-I-get-here sort of way.

Whether you’re a 20-something like me who’s just been dropped into adulthood against her will or a seasoned veteran in the real person department, you know the struggle. Adulting is the worst, and here’s why.

1. The second paycheck of the month magically turns into rent right before your eyes.

2. Spending more than $6 on anything fills you with a deep sense of existential dread.

3. You have to live in a city for work, but the only apartment you can afford isn’t actually big enough to house a real human being.

4. Halloween gets creepier and less appropriate every year because adulthood is where fun goes to die.

5. The words “health insurance” strike fear into your heart.

6. You can’t just go to the playground and wait out a crisis because you’re “too old” and “you need to go home, or I’m calling the cops.”

7. Your car is out to get you at all times.

8. Pretending to be sick and making your mom play along to avoid your responsibilities for the day is no longer an option.

9. Weekends are less about having fun and more about preparing for the work week ahead in a never-ending cycle because nothing gold can stay.

10. Grocery shopping is a silent killer.

11. Social media starts to feel more like this by the second.

12. You have to make your own appointments.

13. Niceties are thrown to the wind because all anyone really cares about is when you’re getting married and having children when you can’t even handle paying your own phone bill yet.

14. Speaking of phone bills, gross.

15. Politics.

16. You have to make your own food but all you typically have on hand is balsamic vinegar, old bread, and donuts.

17. You start realizing that your parents were right…about everything.

18. “No, beer does not count as a meal,” is something that you and your depressing bank account have to hear about 30 times a month.

19. Pinterest is quick to remind you that most of your goals are unattainable.

20. You figure out who’s always going to be there for you no matter what, like student loans.

Hey, paying bills might be the worst, but at least we can find a false sense of agency in eating cheese puffs for dinner. Small victories, friends. Small victories.

Oh, and wine is a thing that exists. We’re going to be okay.


Stunning Footage Captures The Incredible Moment A Dolphin Gives Birth To Her Calf

Katrl, a Pacific white-sided dolphin living at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, recently gave birth to a calf. A sight that has never been observed in the wild for this particular species of dolphins, much less ever having been filmed!

After three hours of intense labor, the mixture of nervous and excited chatter from onlookers gave way to gasps and applause as the newborn dolphin calf wriggled with the kick, kick, kick of its tiny tail to the tank’s surface and took its very first breath of air.

Witness the miracle of life unfold in the video below, and don’t worry, it’s not too graphic!

The as-yet-unnamed calf is the first for 29-year-old mother Katrl and it increases the relatively small population of the Pacific white-sided dolphins in North American zoos and aquariums to 16.


The Most Adorable Wolfdog Puppies Swarm Woman With Tiny Kisses

The only thing cuter than a puppy is, of course, a dozen puppies! You’ll know exactly how true that is once you see this overjoyed woman get swarmed by twelve adorably fluffy wolfdog puppies, who jump all over her while giving her the sweetest little puppy kisses.

If only our mornings could start like this…this would be the best alarm clock ever!

This adorable litter of Czechoslovakian wolfdog puppies are currently being taught how to hunt at their woodland home in Slovakia. Although, it seemed like all they wanted to do that morning was cuddle and play in the snow.


They Added A Photo Filter When Taking Pictures With Their Pets This Is Hilarious

While Snapchat has been around for a while now, filters and their popularity have definitely grown recently. The technology allows you to digitally transform your face with everything from ears to full-on goofy disguises. At times, the results are hilarious…but sometimes, it’s just plain weird.

Just as taking selfies made its way to the animal kingdom, so have Snapchat filters. As you could imagine, the photos are pretty ridiculous:

Now give me sultry.

“I wear my sunglasses at night.”

“How do ya like my ‘stache?”

Everyone looks pretty unsure here.

This might give me nightmares.

This cat-bunny is a lil’ scary.

This is what happens when the cat pulls an all-nighter.


This dog is going to Coachella.

No one should use this panda filter.

If you’ve ever considered putting makeup on your dog, here’s proof for why you shouldn’t.

“Ma’am, do you know why I clawed your face?”


Here comes (unhappy) Peter Cottontail!

Fluffy’s feeling a bit zombie-like this morning.

I’m so glad cats and rabbits don’t look like this.

Harry Catter, is that you?

Doggy filter inception.

Well that’s not particularly flattering.

Awww, don’t cry!

Either way, she’s a cutie.

(via Bored Panda)

Have you ever used Snapchat filters on your fur friends? Share your photos in the comments!


This Cow Thinks She’s Just One Of The House Pets Her Antics Are Just The Cutest

This is an adult female Brahman. They can grow up to be 1,500 pounds and as tall as six feet. This is not an animal you’d want or expect to see in your house, right?

But that’s exactly the stunt that Beryl the Brahman pulled!

Raised with two dogs, the not-yet-full-grown cow thinks she’s a house pet…so much so that one day, she actually snuck into her owner’s home and took up residence in the living room.

Imagine the surprise when her owner walked in and caught Beryl relaxing on the cozy carpet!

Beryl the cow was raised on a farm with two dog companions. Because of this, she has gotten used to the house-pet life.

She’s constantly looking for ways to get inside her family’s house, even though she knows that she belongs outdoors.

Then, one day, her owner Sally Webster walked into the living room to find Beryl, patiently waiting for her.

Beryl was amazingly well-behaved. She didn’t break anything and there was no mess. She was just lying down on the living room carpet, chillin’.

Webster says that Beryl is smart and whenever she sees an open door to the house, she’ll most likely sneak in. But nothing prepared her for seeing the big girl making herself at home in the living room.

Her owner attributes Beryl’s behavior to being raised with two dogs and being given a blanket when she was just a calf. That would explain her fondness for carpets and the indoors.

But soon, Beryl will have to learn that she’s an outside animal. That doesn’t mean her loving family won’t visit her!

(via The Dodo)

Beryl is such a cutie and, hopefully, she gets all the loving that she needs…outside of the house. It won’t be long before it’s pretty tough for her to squeeze into those rooms!

You can watch the cutie grow big and strong via her Facebook page.


If Vet Ranch Didn’t Take These Abandoned Puppies In, They’d Have Been Euthanized

When three newborn puppies were abandoned at a shelter, covered in fleas and hungry, there was no way they were going to survive unless someone was there to take care of them around the clock. Lucky for the two little girls and their brother, Vet Ranch took them under their wings and made sure they grew up to be happy, healthy puppies.

Watching them grow up is priceless:

Just look at these blue-eyed babies!

They’ve sure turned into playful little pups.

River, Willow, and Meadow have all found their forever homes…which is no surprise! They’re all so sweet, who could resist their adorable faces and bubbly personalities? There are, however, plenty of other animals that still need your help. You can donate to Vet Ranch to aid in more rescues like this, and you can keep up with their good work on Facebook and Instagram.


He Let His Bird Say Goodbye To A Dead Friend — This Will Surely Break Your Heart

For this bird and his owner, today is a terrible day. There’s been a death in the family — the bird’s best friend. Sadly he passed away, leaving these two to grieve together. But when it comes time to take him away and bury him, this feathery friend can’t bear to say goodbye.

The emotional reaction is truly heartbreaking…you may need more than a couple of tissues to watch.

You can’t watch that and say that animals don’t have feelings. Because like you, we felt that bird’s despair.


Tourists Were Taking Selfies With A Baby Dolphin…And It Died As A Result

In Argentina, people lined up for what seemed like a one-of-a-kind photo opportunity with a baby dolphin, but their actions possibly ended the creature’s life.

After a person spotted a baby Franciscana dolphin close to the shore at a local beach, they took it out of the water so that people could take selfies with the animal. Allegedly, they kept it out of the water for too long, the dolphin overheated and died.

What’s worse is that this particular species is endangered.

People couldn’t resist the temptation of taking pictures, and their actions ultimately doomed the poor creature.

Baby dolphin dies after tourists ‘pull it out of ocean for selfies’

Posted by The Independent on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Various wildlife organizations have responded to the tragic incident.

It’s possible that the baby dolphin perished before the crowd got their hands on it (which is why it was so close to the shore or possibly washed ashore). Whether or not it was already dead, there is a lesson to be learned here: love our planet and give nature the distance and respect it deserves.


This Dog Really Wants To Play With This Cat…So Much That He Starts Mimicking Her

Making friends can be one of life’s most difficult challenges. Even when you think you’ve found the perfect bestie, they might need a little more time to feel the same…which is something this hilarious husky is learning the hard way.

He wants to play with his new cat friend so, so bad, but the feline is not convinced. Of course, that doesn’t stop the persistent pup from trying his darnedest.

“See? We have so much in common!”

“Pleeeease, be my friend!!”

Watch the whole adorable encounter here:

Poor guy, he probably just needs to be a bit more patient. I’m sure the little lady will come around in no time! Cuties like those two are bound to get along, eventually.


This Bird Has An Unhealthy Obsession With Paper Towels. And It’s So Cute.

To most human people, paper towels are used for cleaning. That’s that. You’ll find them in most homes, probably in the kitchen or cupboard, and they’re not terribly exciting.

But do you know who loves paper towels? This little bird. There’s nothing else in the world that makes this tiny fella skip and dance like a double roll of Bounty towels.

Check him out, he can’t get enough!

I will never be this happy about anything in life.

I would love to know a joy like that. Maybe I’ll start playing with paper towels, too. This might be the cheapest key to happiness ever.


21 Adorable Animals That Are STILL In Food Comas After Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving unless half of those at the table end up on the couch in a deep, jolly, sometimes painful, food coma. The struggle couldn’t be more real to get up and make it to a bed for the night…especially since in a few hours, you’ll eat even more. Because, Thanksgiving!

But us humans aren’t the only ones who get tummies so round and eyelids so heavy from all those yummy sides. No, our pets know just how we feel…

1. After all, they do lay the guilt trips on thick to get some scraps.

2. When this face pops up under the table…it’s impossible to say no.

3. “Please, sir, can I have some more?”

4. Sometimes the coma is so deep, you wake up in dangerous positions.

5. Or with awkward facial expressions…

6. “Make the pain go away.”

7. “I give up!”

8. If you’re lucky, you make it to bed.

9. She feels like garbage, so this is appropriate.

10. Sometimes, you just have to let it all hang out.

11. “There’s no shame in my Thanksgiving game.”

12. “I made it upright again! Do I get a treat for that?”

13. “We’ll make it through this together!” “Get your own bed.”

14. A coma cuddle buddy always makes the trying time easier.

15. It’s a bird…it’s a plane…no, it’s just a ginormous rabbit in a food coma!

16. Puppy’s first Thanksgiving:

17. And don’t be mistaken, they don’t get smarter with age. Food comas hit everyone hard.

18. He saved some stuffing for later…this is him trying to get the last bits off his chin.


A photo posted by Lilly (@lilly_crazyeyes) on

20. After a certain period of time, the resemblance is uncanny.

21. “I can barely remember a time when I wasn’t this full…”

It’s okay, guys, I feel you.


27 Tuckered Out Animals Who Are Legit WAY Too Tired To Function

As a huge fan of sleep, I’ve carefully studied the various degrees of being tired we all experience over the years. On one side there’s the normal, end-of-the day fatigue, and on the other, there are those times when you realize you accidentally binge-watched an entire season of a show until 4:00 a.m.

Even though these sweet animal friends probably don’t have a Netflix password, they’re all definitely closer to that end of the spectrum. They just can’t keep their eyes open for one more second.

1. “What?! What happened??”

2. “Just give me like five minutes…I mean hours.”

3. “Nature is exhausting.”

4. Yeah, that looks comfy.

5. “What? What’s happening? Nothing? Good.”

6. “Ah, my spot.”

7. You can practically hear his puppy snores through the computer.

8. “Please, no more spreadsheets.”

9. “Really, what did you expect?”

10. Leg bridge out of service due to sleeps.

11. “Is this the longest block in the entire world?”

12. “Let’s plaaay!” “No.”

13. “Trick or tre…zzz.”

14. “This is the best tree I’ve ever seen.”

15. “Ugh, beds are so hard…eh, I’ll figure it out later.”

16. He’s, uh, just testing it out.

17. “Do. Not. Disturb.”

18. “You’re starting ANOTHER episode?”

19. “No photos before my coffee, please.”

20. Dreaming of tuna as far as the eye can see.

21. Wait, who shared this photo of me waking up every morning?

22. They take turns being each other’s pillow.

23. Naps are always better with a buddy.

24. “Stairs? Whyyyy?”

25. Being a brat can be so draining.

26. The sleepiest lil’ roly-poly…


Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for my nap, too.


A Squirrel Stuck On The 21st Floor Of A Building Jumps…And Miraculously Lives

After climbing up the side of this apartment building, one squirrel quickly learned that it had made a grave mistake. Getting up to the top wasn’t too hard, but getting down was about to pose a major problem.

After a while, its tail began to twitch in agitation. The poor thing had to get down, but had no idea how. That’s when this guy began filming. He was just as confused as the squirrel, but after a few seconds, the tiny creature did something that made his jaw hit the floor.

Okay…how did it survive that fall? We always talk about cats having nine lives, but I’m pretty sure this video proves that squirrels have 10. That one probably just used up about eight of them.


Little Boy Can’t Hold Back The Tears After Meeting A Tiny Chihuahua Puppy

Sometimes puppies can be so overwhelmingly cute and sweet you could just cry. At least, that’s how this little boy feels.

Sweet Zayden was already bursting with excitement when Mom took him to the pet store, but as soon as he got to hold a Chihuahua puppy, he was so completely overcome with emotion that tears of joy started pouring down his cheeks. So heartwarming!

My heart melted when his response to his mom asking, “What’s wrong?” was “She’s just beautiful.” I’m sure these two new friends will be so happy together.