Cat Really Hates It When Her Owner Sings Despite Her Beautiful Voice

We all have those sounds that, as soon as we hear them, make our head feel like it’s about to explode. There’s the classic “nails on a chalkboard” that gets on everyone’s nerves pretty muchunanimously around the world, but there are plenty of other noises that might seem totally normal to us yet make our friend’s skin crawl.For instance, I don’t mind the sound of crunching chips or food, but one of my best friends goes absolutely berserk every time she’s near any loudsnackers.

Apparently, the little ladyin the video below is reallynot a fan of listening to herowner sing. Either that, or she’s got a real grudge against Swedish super-pop stars known as ABBA! Whatever her reasoning, it’s a shame she can’t appreciate the lovely vocal range the woman puts on displays as she belts out the tune “Thank You for the Music.”

The cat’s name is Sunny, and she has livedwithMarianne Kane and her husband, as well as two other cats and dog, since being rescued from the desert of Saudi Arabia. Abandoned by her mother, Sunny is clearly one of the family in this home as she has no qualms about making her opinions known. While the other furry faces sit idly by as Marianne begins to sing, you can see Sunny skulk her way around the table to launch into her protest.

And I do mean “launch” quite literally here, folks. Take a look and see the funnyfeline for yourself.

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The Worlds Worst Zoo Where Animals Starve To Death And Are Left To Mummify

WARNING: This article contains images some people may find distressing.

The privately run Khan Younis Zoo in South Gaza is being described as the ‘world’s worst zoo,’ and it’s easy to see why. The ongoing conflict in the area, and a shortage of funds, has made the zoo difficult to maintain. Things have gotten so bad that they exhibit dead, mummified animals in enclosures alongside living ones.

The animal protection organisationFour Paws have been trying to raise money to get much needed supplies to the zoos in Gaza. They were recently able to deliver enough food to get the animals through four weeks, but the problem is ongoing.

Here’s a video released by Four Paws

These upsetting images have shown how the animals have decayed over the years.

If you want to help by donating to Four Paws, then you can do so via this JustGiving page.

Image Credits: Daily Mail, Huffington Post

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Animal Activist Saves 1000 Dogs From The Yulin Dog Meat Festival

The Yulin dog meat festival occurs every year at the beginning of the summer solstice in China, as the belief that eating dog meat will help one’s body to cope with the heat presides.

Over the ten-day course of the controversial festival, 10,000 dogs are expected to be slaughtered and eaten. Although around 15 million dogs are killed a year for food in China, it’s the Yulin festival that riles up animal activists the most.

Activists such as America Marc Ching who travelled to China for the festival to try and save as many dogs as possible…

As his Facebook page would have it, as of last night, he and his accomplice, Valarie Ianniello, managed to save over 1000 dogs so far.

Amongst his methods, he buys the dogs from the slaughterhouses and then ships them to America for rehabilitation. He also persuades people to stop working in that trade as well as helping them set up new businesses. He says that many are in it purely for the money and not the tradition.

Having said that, Marc doesn’t always come across such amicable people and, every now and then, they act violently against him…

It’s not just Marc, either – Animal activists from China have been getting involved left, right and centre and, with the pressure on the state, authorities have dissociated themselves with the festival completely.

Nevertheless, organisers of the festival are still aiming to restore it to its former glory. Here’s to hoping that doesn’t happen…

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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A Baby Dolphin Died Because Tourists Wanted Selfies With It

This is the infuriating moment that a baby dolphin died because tourists in Argentina carried it onto the beach to take selfies, exposing it to the hot sun and condemning it to death.

The Dodo reports that the incident took place on the beachSanta Teresitain Argentina. One man picked up the dolphin and brought it ashore, this is when tourists began passing around, taking it in turns to get their photo with it.

The dolphin overheated in the blazing sun, and soon died. Beachgoers were reportedly still passing it around after it had died, before later leaving it discarded in the sand.

The dolphin was from the Franciscana variety, which is considered a vulnerable species as there are only around 30,000 left in the world.

An environmentalist from the Vida Silvestre Foundation wrote online in response to the incident:

“[Dolphins] can not remain long above water. They have very thick and greasy skin that provides warmth, so the weather will quickly cause dehydration and death.

“This occasion serves to inform the public about the urgent necessity to return these dolphins to the sea as soon as possible if they find them on the shore.”

Sad times.

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The Secret Life Of Pets Review Youre In For A Treat

What do our pets do when we’re not at home? Sleep? Pine for us? Steal out of the fridge? Sleep some more?

According to The Secret Life of Pets, yes, they do all of these things. But, while watchinganimals snoozing might be cute at first, it probably wouldn’t be engaging enough to sustain a 90 minute feature film…

That’s why it’s a good thing that Max’sowner Katie (Ellie Kemper) brings him home a brother. You see, Max (Louis C.K.) and this new “brother” (Duke, voiced by Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet) don’t exactly get along. They squabble, they torment each other and – besides – Max can’t stand that he has to share Katie’s affections with another dog.

Before too long, Max and Duke’s squabbling gets out of hand, and they manage to get themselves lost. And not only do they manage to get themselves lost: they also inadvertently get themselves involved with a gang of human-hating ex-pets, headed up by a ferocious (yet very adorable) bunny rabbit (Kevin Hart, the best part of the film).

Now, if you swap “Katie” with “Andy”, Max with “Woody” and Duke with “Buzz”, what you’ve got so far is pretty much the firstToy Story. (Andy brings home Buzz, Woody and Buzz hate each other, Woody and Buzz get lost together, and Woody and Buzz have to overcome their differences to make their way home).

There’s even a comparison to be made between Kevin Hart’s Snowball, and the sadistic Sid (although admittedly, that might be pushing it a bit).

But, don’t write The Secret Life of Pets off as a carbon-copy of Toy Story just yet. While it might share some similarities (what pets do when we’re not looking/ what toys do when we’re not looking being the glaringly obvious one), it also has a lot – and I mean a lot – that’s new and original.

The multi-faceted characters, for example, are a particular strength. You see, whileMax and Duke are trying to escape this terrifying gang, Max’s domesticated mates (Jenny Slate as some sort of tiny poodle, Lake Bell as a very fat cat, Hannibal Burress as a sausage dog and Albert Brooks as a hawk) launch a rescue mission that involves them leaving the safety of their homes, and journeying out into the big bad world (New York, in this case) in an effort to bring their friend home.

While the main players here areMax and Duke, this motley crew of their would-be rescuers have enough adventures to sustain another film entirely. Plus, while Max and Duke have issues to work out, their only function is to be funny. (A scene that you’ll struggle to forgetseesChloe the cat wreak havoc at a house party, and could have been lifted from “Cats Do The Funniest Things”).

Then there’s Kevin Hart, whowas – quite frankly – born for this role of an evil fluffy bunny. Stealing every scene that he’s in,Snowball is high-energy hilarious to the extent that I found myself considering whether I should be joining his miscreant group ofhuman-hating ex-pets. And look how cute he is…

The plot might be a bit predictable, but The Secret Life of Pets is for kids – it’s not exactly going to attempt a ‘Bruce Willis was dead all along’ style twist. Besides, this is the kind of film that you want to be predictable.

You want the emotional heart-to-hearts between two dog “brothers”. You want the poojokes and the sausage factory montage. You want the adventure, but you want everything to work out in the end.

And then, when it’s all over, you’ll want to go home and hug your pets.

The Secret Life of Pets hits UK screens on the 24th June.

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Lion Tries To Eat A Kid At The Zoo

There’s something pretty eerie about watching a lion stalk its prey, and it gets even eerier when that prey is a cute little boy in a yellow raincoat.

A video has made its way online of just that, a little boy visiting the zoo and when he turns his back, the lion reminds us what would happen if we got to see him in real life out in the wild somewhere (clue: we wouldn’t win).

The video has been shared widely across the internet,with many making link to the recent shooting of Harambe. What I will say aboutthis Japanese zoo, is that they’ve really mastered the whole ‘zoo’ thing – in so much as the kids can’t get into the enclosure, and the lion can’t get out. Bravo.

Check out the clip here:

This video is a stark reminder that despite us humans keeping them in zoos, these animals will always be wild.

And also that little kidscan be super chill, even when a lion is trying to eat them. Cool guy.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Porn Parody Will Ruin Your Childhood

Ten Inch Mutant Ninja Turtles, what a brilliant name for a porn parody.

“Ten inches” I hear you cry. “How did this happen?” Well, some horny fella who worked at a nuclear power plant managed to spill his radioactive sperm into the sewer and onto the turtles. Moments later they have ten inch growths on their unmentionables. It’s a watertight story line, which I’m sure is what you’re here for.

That, and to learn what the best kind of porn is, which is pizza guy porn of course.

Meet the brilliantly named cast.

You can watch the full, naked video over at Wood Rocket.

H/T: Uproxx

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This Is What It Would Look Like If We Evolved From Other Animals

Evolution didn’t happen. We’re all lapping up the lies fed to us by “the man”! The Queen’s a lizard and so is everyone else in charge. Aliens built the pyramids and now they’re watching us…

Or, you know… none of that is right and we evolved from apes. It’s one or the other, really.

But have you ever wondered what it would be like if we evolved from other animals? Me neither. But just in case…

1. Wild Boar

2. Bull

3. Camel

4. Cat

5. Donkey

6. Eagle

7. Fox

8. Lion

9. Lynx

10. Monkey

11. Mountain Goat

12. Owl

13. Parrot

14. Wabbit

15. Raccoon

16. Mountain Goat

It’s all very interesting but I can’t help but think that, if we evolved from birds, we’d have beaks – not just big noses.

Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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Lions Shot Dead After Naked Man Jumps Into Zoos Enclosure In Suicide Bid

Two lions were shot dead after a naked man jumped into their cage at Santiago’s Metropolitan Zoo in Chile.

The 20-year-old was mauled when he entered their cage in what is being reported as a suicide attempt. The man, who has been named asFranco Luis Ferrada Roman, was saved by a zoo keeper who intervened and shot the two lions. Romanwas taken to hospital where he is now believed to be in a stable condition, he had several injuries and trauma to the head and the pelvic area.A park director later confirmed that a note, which is believed to be a suicide note, was found in his clothing.

Alejandra Montalva, the Zoo’s director, told Mail Online:

“We believe that this person entered as a visitor and paid for his ticket.

“Later he trespassed into an area where the public are not normally allowed and we understand that he forced the roof of the lions enclosure.”

“It was from there that he jumped, took off his clothes and started to attract the lions.

Montalva went on to say that there wasno fast acting tranquilizers available at the time, addingthat she has beendeeply affected by the deaths of the two lions.

Other witnesses have claimed that the man was shouting religious things and that the zoo was slow to react to the situation. The man’s actions haven’t gone down well on social media.

This footage was taken at the zoo.

Warning: Some viewers may find this distressing

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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Lion King Broadway Cast Surprises Subway Riders With Circle Of Life Performance

I ride the subway two times a day, five days a week. Usually, my headphones are placed firmly in my ears to drown out any unwanted noises from my fellow passengers trickling in while I try to solve my phone’s crossword or simply shut my eyes while I make the journey to my office. More often than not, I’m trying to squeeze in a few extra winks of relaxation before starting my day.

If the folks from the clip below ever step into the same car as me, though, you can be sure my headphones will get tucked right back into my purse. The talented actors and actresses from Broadway’s widely acclaimed version ofThe Lion Kingtook a break betweenshows to hop on the subway and give commuters a free taste of their incredible show.It’s like how upcoming Tony Awards host James Corden invited several famous faces to belt out a few Broadway standards in his car, butfor even more people to enjoy!

It’s Broadway’s first official billion-dollar show, thanks to the performers enticing audiences with their amazing theatrics since 1997. They’re able to keep things under wraps as they casually stand on the train pretending to read their books or look at phones, butwhen ensemble performerRema Webb bursts out that first, unmistakable line, everyone is in awe! Several other cast members are sprinkled throughout the car, each chiming in and creating a stunning moment for all on board.

Take a look and be sure to SHARE withall your friends who love the Lion King!


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Turtle Beach retakes the gaming audio throne with the Elite Pro Tournament headset

In the years since Turtle Beach became a household name, the company has seen intense competition from the likes of SteelSeries, Tritton, and many other high-end headset manufacturers. Now, Turtle Beach is aiming to retake its throne with a new line of ultra-high-end audio gear that is the epitome of premium.

A long history

During the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 era, the Turtle Beach name was synonymous with hardcore gaming. If you had a Turtle Beach headset, you were immediately at a huge advantage in most fast-paced online shooters: You could hear an enemys footsteps with such clarity that picking off foes before they knew what hit them was a relatively simple task.

Over time, Turtle Beach continued to roll out new-and-improved versions of its headsets for various platforms, and eventually the companys product lineup became somewhat cluttered. It was hard to determine what headset was the best of the best, and when competing brands began to muscle into the space, gamers who were once dedicated Turtle Beach fanatics eventually began to branch out.

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro headset and its ultra-premium accessories are clearly the absolute top of the companys product line, with the highest-quality components, and there is no longer any doubt what the best Turtle Beach headset is. This is it.

Top-of-the-line audio

Lets get the specs out of the way up front: The Elite Pro uses 3.5mm stereo audio jacks for all of its connections, and it will work with both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4when plugged into their respective controllers. Each ear cup house a 50mm NanoClear speaker, and the headset weighs just over a pound. The ear pads are a mix of leather and memory foam, and theres an adjustable ProSpecs feature that creates small indentations in the pads if you game while wearing glasses, so theres no added pressure on the sides of your face.

Mike Wehner

The build quality is nothing short of what youd expect from a headset that costs $200; the plastic that encases each ear cup is thick and rigid, and the two-tier headband is extremely sturdy. The foam padding on the inside of the headband is firm but still comfortable, and you can adjust both the tension of the headband and the drop of the ear cups, so if you have a big dome or game while wearing a hatlike I often dothe pads will still feel secure when the size is maxed out.

The headphone cable has a breakaway point just a few inches down the wire, which is a godsend if you hate having to wrap your wired headsets in a lengthy cable, and the removable microphone easily snaps in and out without a fuss. Theres even a tiny plastic arm that holds the microphones foam windscreen in place, and as someone who has lost more of those little foam covers than I care to admit, this small addition makes me particularly giddy.

Mike Wehner

Of course, since this is a gaming headset, the sound quality matters more than anything Ive mentioned thus far, so lets get into it.

Turtle Beach uses a lot of fancyand trademarkedterms for its audio technology such as NanoClear and TruSpeak. After reading all of the documentation and blog posts, I still have no idea what those terms actually mean, but what I can tell you is that games sound absolutely fantastic with this headset.

I put the Elite Pro through a few different tests, including many, many rounds of Overwatch, hours upon hours of DayZ, and even a few days where I just listened to my Spotify playlist while working. In Overwatch, listening for another players ultimate attack sound cue was easier than ever, and Ill go ahead and give credit for at least a dozen ambushes in DayZ to Turtle Beach as well.

This isnt to say that you dont have to make sure your own computers (or consoles) audio settings are correctly tunedtheres no headset on the planet that will make bad settings sound goodbut the Elite Pro manages to nail both the crisp highs of grassy footsteps and the deep thump of a grenade explosion better than pretty much any headset Ive ever tested, and Ive been doing headset reviews for the better part of a decade. Its very, very good.

In fact, theres literally only one thing that could possibly make the headset, by itself, sound better, and Turtle Beach actually built that, too.

Elite Pro TAC

Mike Wehner

The Elite Pro TAC (short for Tactical Audio Controller) is an optional accessory for the Elite Pro headset, but once I tried the two in tandem, I found it extremely difficult to go back. The TAC sits separate from the headset, on a desk or coffee table, and acts like an extra audio brain.

The TAC features individual sliders for mic boost, background noise cancellation, outbound mic monitoring, and a mixer slider for gaming and chat audio. The large dial acts as the master volume control, and a pair of buttons on the top let you cycle through a total of 16 different audio modes.

Mike Wehner

It connects to the headset via 3.5mm jacks, but its system connection options are much more robust, allowing you to use inputs and outputs for optical audio connections, as well as a USB output to connect to a PC or Mac using something other than a standard audio jack. The TAC can also be chained with others for in-game communication in tournament settings, showing Turtle Beachs dedication to making the Elite Pro the go-to esports headset for both professional gamers and amateurs with big dreams.

Whats particularly great for the PC gaming crowd is the TACs ability to pull double duty as both an audio controller and an external USB sound card with full 7.1 surround sound capability. Thats a massive bonus, considering such cards usually cost a significant amount on their own.

The different audio presets are really the star of the show with the TAC. There are settings for various types of music, several movie genres, and of course a plethora of options for gaming. Theres even a mode dedicated specifically to pinpointing footsteps which is so good that it almost feels like cheating. Almost.

Elite Pro Tournament Noise-Cancelling Microphone

Mike Wehner

Along with the headset and TAC, I was able to try out another tournament-minded accessory for the Elite Pro: the Elite Pro Tournament Noise-Cancelling Microphone. Its a mouthful in name, and also a mouthful in size, with a massive mouthpiece and extra thick adjustable boom.

Unlike the TACwhich takes the entire Elite Pro experience from great to superbthis microphone doesnt add a ton to the overall package. Its big and sturdy, which is great, but in terms of audio quality, it was difficult for me or my online teammates to choose between it and another mic.

The consensus seemed to be that there was very little difference between the default Elite Pro headset and this tournament-grade option. Both sound good, but unless youre playing in an area with a ton of noise, this fancy mics marquee feature will go largely underutilized. In short, its a great add-on if youre going to be playing in a crowded stadiumhence its Tournament brandingbut most dedicated gamers will do just fine with the fantastic mic thats already in the box.

The Elite Pro headset ($199.95), Elite Pro TAC ($199.95), and Elite Pro Tournament Noise-Cancelling Microphone ($29.95) are currently available for pre-order, and will hit retail shelveson June 12, 2016.

Disclosure: Turtle Beach Elite Pro headset and accessories were provided for review purposes by Turtle Beach.

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These Shocking Illustrations Put Humans In The Place Of Animals

Hoping to offer a different perspective on animal rights, Bored Panda have collected cartoonsthat imagine what life would be like if animals were the dominant species, and behaved towards humans the way we behave towards them.

The result is a shocking (and occasionally upsetting– so be warned) series of images that is intended to make us “think differently about the way that humans treat animals”.

Check them out, and see what you think:

For more cartoons, head over to Bored Panda to check out the whole collection.

And let us know what you think of these cartoons in the comments. Have they made you change the way you think about animal rights?

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Reviews Of Sugar-Free Gummy Bears Are The Funniest Thing Youll Read This Week

Anyone who has spent any time on the internet will know not to eat sugar-free gummy bears.

They’re kind of renowned for being pretty good at giving you the sh*ts. Here are some of the most entertaining Amazon reviews of the hellish little treats:

1. “Good thing today was my day off

What was once white but is now brown all over? No, no one has gotten a reverse Michael Jackson operation except my poor, unsuspecting toilet. It has only been two hours since I consumed 23 of these delectable gummies and I have already pulled a hat-trick in the bathroom. It has gotten to the point where my next Amazon purchase will have to be an industrial sized container of vaseline, because my scratchy 2-ply is quite literally sandpapering me away. If there is anything left of my intestines, I am sure to reach them soon at the rate of my wiping.

2. “Be sure to buy Oxyclean too!

Be sure to also buy a tub of Oxyclean with this to get the blood and diarrhea stains out of your underwear, clothes, furniture, pets, loved ones, ceiling fans.

3. “You dont understand.

I was glued to the toilet seat. Streams of fire burst from my colon. When i wasnt experiencing Satans fury exploding from my rear, i was laying in the fetal position on my bathroom floor, sobbing and asking for forgiveness. Im a 280 pound man. I. Was. Sobbing.

When it was finally over, i couldnt move. I crawled onto the floor one last time and sat, motionless, until my dehydration finally required that i drink water. The other reviews are perfectly accurate. This is absolutely, 100% true.

Eat two at a time. Three if youre brave. But for the love of God and all things on this earth, DO NOT EAT ANY MORE.

4.”Just dont. Unless its a gift for someone you hate.

What came out of me felt like someone tried to funnel Niagara Falls through a coffee straw. I swear my sphincters were screaming. It felt like my delicate starfish was a gaping maw projectile vomiting a torrential flood of toxic waste. 100% liquid. Flammable liquid. NAPALM

5.”Yup – Believe the hype!

I saw the product reviews and told some coworkers, so we bought a bag (because who doesnt want to spend the workday on the toilet AND get paid, right??). Brought them in yesterday morning and a bunch of the guys immediately downed a handful each. Within half an hour they were in the bathroom. Best moment of the day was when one of them (who had been in the bathroom for half an hour by that point) texted one of the others. If you think its a fart.its NOT. hahhaaaaaa

6. “Its. All. True.

OMG. Everything previously written is true. Its all true. Dont eat more than 15 in a sitting unless you are trying to power wash your intestines.

7. “Excellent taste, in small portions.

During one of the last of the 8 trips to the bathroom, I released such a large volume of gas that my external anal sphincter could not do its job, and remained open/relaxed, while about 4.5-5 seconds of gas was expelled. Ive never experienced, or even heard of that happening. It was so unnatural, that I had to check to feel if my colon had somehow passed through the anal sphincter muscle.

And production company ‘Stray Mongrel’ havecreated a hilarious re-enactment of some of the reviews – check it out:

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Animals Discuss David Attenborough In Hilarious Birthday Tribute

David Attenborough turns 90 today, and – to celebrate – the folks over at Aardman Animations have put together some hilarious tributes, from the animals that Attenborough has met over his career..

Yes, the people behind Wallace and Gromitand Creature Comforts have (in conjunction with the BBC) created cartoons of penguins and lyrebirds discussing the living legend that is Attenborough.

Check them out here:

The BBC are airing a special tribute programme –Attenborough at 90 – for David, tonight at 7.

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26 Ridiculously Cute Before And After Photos Of Dogs Growing Up

Man’s best friend. We all know and love a dog somewhere down the line and, if you don’t have one, you’re constantly jealous of your friends that do.

And the great thing about dogs is that they’re lovely at every age. The whole time you have them, they love you and you love them.

Here’s to dogs and their loving ways. Keep on trucking, you fantastic mutts!

1. It still doesn’t look like it’s used to standing on backs…

2. The dog grew into a legendary pokemon!

3. Always there to take up bed space

4.It’s got a look on it’s face like when you tell a kid he’s too old to play with lego…

5. It learned how to smile!

6. That’s one photogenic dog

7. Still looks grumpy

8. Awww

9. It looks like it hates that now

10. Nice bow tie

11. No it’s sad that it can’t fit any more!

12. At least it’s not tired any more…

13. Arty

14. How’d it get in there?

15. Love the grin

16.This one’s far too emotional

17. Impressive

18. Army rescue pup

19. That guy looks progressively more happy to have his dog

20. It’s grown to know when it’s being watched

21. What type of dog is that?!

22. I bet that the dog ruined that chair

23. Happier with age

24. Humans grow too?!

25. That dog hasn’t even aged

26. Can huskies control their tongues?

Is it us or did they get a little melancholy? Dogs are great. Really really great.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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Hilarious Comic Strip Tells Us What Animals Are Really Saying

What do animals get up to when they’re not busy being patronised by us? It’s weird to think that they have their whole lives that have nothing to do with humans…

Like when two dogs are barking, what are they going on about? The weather? Some cat? Or do they just like making noise? It’s hard to tell, really.

Luckily, They Can Talk (a comic strip) is around to give us an insight into what they’re talking about… we’re not sure how the artist got the information but, you know… we trust him.

Finally. It’s about time we knew what whales were shouting when they jumped out of the water and all this time the sharks where just trying to help!

Did that horse one upset anyone else?

What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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Meet The Guys Who Just Want To Live Their Lives As Puppies

It takes all sorts to fill a world. I once met a man that put his milk in first when making a cup of tea. That was pretty wild but, oddly, it seems impossibly tame when you compare it topuppy play.

What’s puppy play? Puppy play is when men dress themselves up in weird, full-bodied latex puppy outfits to fulfil some sort of fetish (although it’s not always sexual) and have people literally treat them like dogs – walk, treats, etc…

It’s been around for a while, I even met a few a while back…

It’s weird. They seriously don’t drop the act.

But why are people only interested in it now? Well, Channel 4 have made a documentary on it (as they often do with this kind of thing) and they’re offering a whole new and deeper insight into it…

Puppies can even find their respective handlers on message boards and forums today which is… nice? And whilst you might think these guys just put on their latex suits and go shagging in them, you’re only half right. Whilst some “puppies” do that, some are just lookingto find their identity.

The Guardian spoke to one pup who had a pretty deep tale (tail) to tell…

Toms discovery of puppy play came about gradually. He knew he liked sleeping in a collar, had a fetish for skin-tight clothing Lycra, rubber, even off-the-peg cycling shorts then came a dalmatian zentai suit he found on eBay, a 1 orange lead from Pets at Home until, eventually, a man in a club walked up to him and said: Oh right, so youre a pup. The realisation was not without its repercussions: it led to a breakup with his former fiancee Rachel and a move into a gay relationship with his new handler. Colin.

I wouldnt say it was the catalyst, but it was the straw that broke the camels back, says Tom. Then I had this moment of panic because a puppy without a collar is a stray; they dont have anyone to look after them. I started chatting to Colin online and he offered to look after me. Its a sad thing to say, but theres not love from the heart in me for Colin but what I have got is someone who is there for me and Im happy with that.

As they would have it, the main attraction to being a puppy is the emotional freedom. You’re able to connect with (willing) people on a far simpler level and, if you do have a (willing) handler, you really don’t have many cares to worry about.

Obviously, for some, there is a huge sexual element. Puppy Play is a sub-genre of BDSM, after all.

The thing is, if you want to dress up as a puppy, fill your boots. Nothing’s stopping you, be a little friendly dog if that’s what takes your fancy but… why latex? Why not some lovely, soft, furry number? In my whole life I’ve only ever seen one latex dog and I’m pretty sure that was inanimate…

Holly and Phil met one on This Morning, have a look!

Anyway, what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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Simon Cowell Furious After Trembling Puppies Used On Britains Got More Talent

If there’s one thing everyone knows about Simon Cowell, other than his penchant for weirdly high-waisted trousers, it’s that he loves dogs.

And during a recent episode of Britain’s Got Talent’s companion show, Cowell was faced with terrified little puppies and he wasn’t happy about it.

The puppies were part of a quiz hosted by Stephen Mulhern, that involved BGT-related questions with adorable little puppies a prizes. However, the little Dalmatian looked terrified – probably by the large audience and new environment. Or, you know, the close proximity to Simon’s chest hair.

Simon quickly ditched the quiz when he realised how terrified his puppy was and got up to return him/her to his owner and put him in his carrier. He was reportedly heard telling production staff:They shouldnt be doing this.

And then allegedly spent some time with the owners making sure the puppies were well looked after and admitting that they should be taken home.

Mulhern went on to apologize later in the show for the use of the puppies, saying:

‘Very quickly, I just want to apologise if we upset anybody with the puppies. Obviously that was not our intention in any shape or form.

So if we have upset you in any way I do apologise on behalf of Britains Got More Talent.

And fans praised Simon for his actions:

Here’s a clip of the quiz and apology:

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