Watching A Snow Bengal Kitten Become Friends With A Lab Puppy Is Way Too Precious

At Maplewood Bengals in New York, they raise Bengal kittens — and they’re insanely cute. These exotic cats are adorable on their own, but this particular kitty’s new best friend really ups the precious ante.

These two love playing together, and even though the puppy looks a little bit sleepy in the video below, it’s clear that this dynamic duo is prepping for a lifelong friendship.

It’s a shame that all BFFs can’t be this cute! I have a feeling that these two never fight like cats and dogs.


These 40 Seconds Of One Puppy Helping Another Will Melt Your Heart

The Beatles were probably talking about this little dynamic duo when they penned the lyrics, “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

Okay, so maybe not, but they should have been!

When three-month-old Moo Ping saw that his best bud Khao Neaw was struggling to join him on his cushy bed, he got right to work. You see, the one-month-old girl wasn’t big enough to make the little leap, so Moo Ping hopped off and gave her a boost.

What a great guy! Now, snuggle up and enjoy your nap…


Adorable alert: Kylie Jenner has a new puppy

If there was one thing we could count on in 2016, it was that Kylie Jenner’s love for puppies would prevail.

The youngest Jenner already has a slew of dogs running around her home, but she unexpectedly introduced us to what seems to be her newest pup on Snapchat over the weekend.

With no warning whatsoever, and just weeks after her greyhound gave birth to adorable puppies, Kylie presented us all with adorable footage of the pup wandering around the house and sniffing out his new digs.

Image: kylie jenner/snapchat

While we don’t know this dog’s name, it’s hard not to fall in love with this new Jenner right away.

Image: kylie jenner/snapchat

Kylie also filmed him frolicking and try really, really hard to fit in with the rest of the crew.

Give it time, buddy. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

BONUS: This is probably the most over the top gingerbread house ever


16 Adorable Rescued Pets Before And After Their Adoptions

As the proud owner of a rescued dog, I know all too well what a difference a few days of love, good food, and a comfy puff can do for a scared pet.

While my dog was “just” malnourished, I’ve written about plenty of pups and kittens who saw God knows what in their past lives. But once they’re shown some affection and a good home, their whole demeanor, and hopefully perspective on life, changes.

To prove just that point, check out some of these amazing before and after adoption photos. Get ready for some serious feels.

1. Luna was found starving and covered in mud. Just look at her delight after finding her forever home!

2. Penny was rescued from the county shelter with a slew of medical problems…but that all changed after some trips to the vet and a whole lotta love.

3. Bug was found in the middle of nowhere not long after she gave birth. She was so timid until she went home with her mom.

4. Vitrio was found on the streets severely beaten and incredibly malnourished. Now he’s in a loving home with plenty of furry companions.

5. Lilo didn’t come into her beautiful “erect ears” until she was free of the shelter.

6. When she found Wombat, his rescuer thought he was blind. Luckily, he wasn’t and he’s now living the good life.

7. Poor Lily was forced to fight and lost an ear from it. After six days, she stole her new human’s hearts.

8. Gunny had been at the shelter for more than 100 days when his new owner fell in love with him.

9. An amazing Good Samaritan rescued this stray dog from the streets in Chile.

10. This sweet girl was surrendered with a few other litter mates. After some time in a new home, she clearly found her joy.

11. Matilda was found wandering on the side of the road with mange. A visit to the vet and a little love was all it took to get her back to 100%.

12. Pickles was so scared when he was in the shelter, but now he’s happy as can be!

13. Lea went from scared and grey to fabulous and snowy white!

14. Benny was found on the street with mange and a ton of other health issues. After some time in foster care, the cutie went to a forever home.

15. Kibby’s forever home had no idea that she would go from frail kitten to a fluffy, hyper cat.

16. Taboo was pulled from a kill shelter in the nick of time, and after some training, she’s become quite a lovely lady.

It’s clear that anything is possible with a little love, a ton of treats, and a trip to the vet. I highly recommend opting to adopt rather than shop. Saving one life saves the others who can be taken in after them.


This Is The Adorableness That Happens When You’re Surrounded By 18 Australian Shepherd Puppies

Everyone would be 100% happier if they were just surrounded by puppies. (It’s a scientific fact. Probably.)

That’s why you should check out the pictures and videos posted by Green Valley Australian Shepherds from Salt Lake City, Utah. They currently have 18 puppies just hanging around…and things get real adorable real quick.

If you need your day to be better, just check out the pups waking up from an afternoon nap.

Or playing in a puppy pile.

Or even running in slow-motion.

Nothing can stop the cuteness of this litter of puppies! (If you want to see even more puppy adorableness, you can check out the kennel’s YouTube channel, too.)

And, yeah, they were adorable from the very beginning.

So, sit back, relax, and ride out the last weeks of winter by staring at these cuties!

After all, the lingering cold weather isn’t so bad when you have 18 puppies around.


Tiny Puppy Left In A McDonald’s Trash Bin Finally Feels What Love Is Like

When Poptart and her furry dog buddy were taken to McDonald’s, we can only imagine they thought they were in for a treat…

But when they were left for dead behind the fast-food chain in Sacramento, California, the poor puppies were probably terrified.

Due to the freezing-cold temperatures and Poptart’s severe mange skin condition, she almost didn’t make it. But the three and a half pound cutie was a fighter. Sadly, though, her friend didn’t pull through.

Thankfully, the sweet girl’s luck changed when she was rescued and brought to the Sacramento SPCA where the rescue team worked tirelessly to get the little lady healthy once more.

Everyone at the shelter fell in love with Poptart’s tenacity, and she had so many fun times during her stay with them.

Sadly, though, after a long struggle to survive, Poptart passed away in her sleep.

The shelter shared this update:

“She had a great week last week: playing, wagging her tail and back to her happy self. Unfortunately, it seems like her little body couldn’t quite keep up with her great spirit. She had many friends through her journey (her Doberman big brother, her BFF Nellie, and all of you) and we’re sure she’s bounding around on the other side with perfect knees, booping all the boops and enjoying the sunshine.”

This just breaks my heart! Shame on the person who left this gentle creature to die behind a McDonald’s. She didn’t deserve that fate.

If you’d like to help the SPCA that gave Poptart the happiest days in her final few weeks, you can do so here. Even though they couldn’t save this sweet girl, they’ll continue to do everything they can for other pups just like her.


15+ Dogs That Look Like Teddy Bears

Puppies are cute, and bear cubs are cute, but puppies that look like bear cubs are the cutest of them all. Some time ago we posted a list of these adorable creatures, and the response was overwhelmingwe had no idea that there were so many teddy bear pups out there?

As a new year’s treat, we’ve gathered the top images submitted by pandas like you, and made a new, mega list! Which puppy teddy bear do you think is the cutest? Do you have a puffy pooch at home that you want to share with the world? Vote and submit your photos below!


This Puppy’s Ready to Pounce on His DinnerBut Now WATCH When His Daddy Says “Let’s Pray”

Talk about some serious animal etiquette!!

11-week-old Kahlua (nicknamed “Curly”) is a purebred yellow Lab, but besides being a little bundle of adorable, he’s got dog manners that will just melt your heart right OUT.

When supper time rolls around, most pups can’t wait a single second when the Kibbles ‘n Bits hit the panbut just wait ’til you see what lilCurly does instead!!


World’s First IVF Puppies Born

Amid the current whirlwind of depressing research regarding the current state of our planet, lets take a break for something a little more light-hearted. And fluffy. In a landmark study, published in PLOS ONE,scientists have produced the worlds first test-tube puppies, using in vitro fertilization (IVF) to bring seven bundles of joy into the world.

Although fertilization is very much a natural process, getting it right in a test tube is notoriously difficult; its not as simple as putting an egg and sperm cell together. The donor sperm must have reached the correct phase of maturation, known as capacitation, which enables them to penetrate the egg. The egg cells, or oocytes, must also be obtained at a developmentally competent stage. The conditions in the lab must also be optimal to keep the fertilized cells viable.

Coupled with the fact that dogs have a unique reproductive physiology compared to other mammals, scientists have spent decades struggling to develop assisted reproductive technologies for these animals. But a group from Cornell University, headed by AlexTravis, has finally managed it.

The first hurdle the researchers had to overcome was getting an oocyteat the right stage of maturation for fertilization to be possible. Dogs release eggs at anearlier stageof maturation compared with other mammals, which needs to mature in the fallopian tube in order to be fertilizable. This stage is reached around 60 hours post-ovulation.

While most mammalian oocytes are fertilizable four days after the surge of hormones that drive ovulation, the team discovered this wasnt the case for dogs. If we took them from the oviduct at day 5 we got some success, but at day 6 it started working really well, Travis told IFLScience.

The team also found that the medium scientists had been using to drive sperm capacitation was missing a crucial ingredient: Magnesium. According to Travis, adding this not only boosted the motility of the sperm, making the tail hyperactive, but it permitted the onset of a secretion event that is a prerequisite for egg/sperm fusion, called acrosome exocytosis.

This releases things that help the sperm make its way to the egg, said Travis, like proteins that help it stick to the oocyte.

One of the gorgeous IVF puppies. Image credit:Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Using this modified approach, the team implanted nineteen embryos into a recipient dog, which gave birth to seven puppies. Five of these were from beagle parents, while two were from a beagle mother and cocker spaniel father. In addition, the embryos had previously been frozen, a crucial practical aspect given the limited window of fertility in dogs.

The idea behind this research isnt to selfishly bring more designer dogs into the world, such as pocket-sized variants of existing breeds, but to contribute towards far more honorable causes. Now this has been achieved with domestic dogs as a model, it may be possible to apply the technique to endangered canid species in order to raise dwindling numbers.

In addition, this research may lead to improvements in the welfare and health of domestic dogs. Intense inbreeding for desirable traits has led to many breeds being predisposed to various diseases, such as blood or metabolic disorders. Golden retrievers, for example, are prone to blood cell cancers, or lymphoma. But with IVF now demonstrably possible in these animals, this raises the possibility that faulty genes could be edited out of embryos to stamp out certain heritable diseases.

Alongside the implications for dogs, this research could also benefit humans: Around 350 human diseases have equivalents in dogs, so learning from them could provide crucial advances in medicine.


Amazingly Preserved Remains Of 12,400-Year-Old Puppy Found In Siberia

Frozen in permafrost on the banks of a Siberian river, the remains of a 12,400-year-old puppy hasbeen discovered, giving scientists an opportunity to examine a well-preserved Pleistocene canid for the first time. The dog is thought to be a sibling of another that was unearthed in 2011, and is presumed to have been killed in a landslide before becoming mummified.

While the previous find was in a more advanced state of decay, the latest discovery has been described by Sergey Fedorov of the North-East Federal University as preserved from nose to tail, including the hair. Perhaps the most intriguing feature of the ancient animal is its brain, which MRI scans have shown to be 70 to 80 percent intact.

Speaking to the Siberian Times, Dr. Pavel Nikolsky, research fellow of the Geological Institute in Moscow, said that the brain has dried out somewhat, but the parencephalon, cerebellum and pituitary gland are visible. We can say that this is the first time we have obtained the brain of a Pleistocene canid.

The specimen which DNA analysis has revealed to be a dog rather than a wolf was found on the banks of the River Syalakh in the Sakha Republic. The discovery of stone tools nearby suggests human activity in the region, leading researchers to speculate that the puppy may have been a pet.

Aside from examining the puppys brain, scientists also hope to analyze the bacteria in its digestive system and the parasitic ticks present in its fur in order to learn more about the diversity of life present in Siberia during the Pleistocene a geological epoch spanning the repeated glaciations known as the last Ice Age.

Attending the site of the discovery, controversial Korean scientist Hwang Woo-Suk, who has expressed a desire to clone a number of extinct animals, took samples of the dogs skin, muscle, and cartilage. Said to be very excited about the level of preservation of theses tissues, he has now added the puppy to the list of animals he hopes to clone, which also includes woolly mammoths and cave lions.


If Vet Ranch Didn’t Take These Abandoned Puppies In, They’d Have Been Euthanized

When three newborn puppies were abandoned at a shelter, covered in fleas and hungry, there was no way they were going to survive unless someone was there to take care of them around the clock. Lucky for the two little girls and their brother, Vet Ranch took them under their wings and made sure they grew up to be happy, healthy puppies.

Watching them grow up is priceless:

Just look at these blue-eyed babies!

They’ve sure turned into playful little pups.

River, Willow, and Meadow have all found their forever homes…which is no surprise! They’re all so sweet, who could resist their adorable faces and bubbly personalities? There are, however, plenty of other animals that still need your help. You can donate to Vet Ranch to aid in more rescues like this, and you can keep up with their good work on Facebook and Instagram.


21 Adorable Animals That Are STILL In Food Comas After Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving unless half of those at the table end up on the couch in a deep, jolly, sometimes painful, food coma. The struggle couldn’t be more real to get up and make it to a bed for the night…especially since in a few hours, you’ll eat even more. Because, Thanksgiving!

But us humans aren’t the only ones who get tummies so round and eyelids so heavy from all those yummy sides. No, our pets know just how we feel…

1. After all, they do lay the guilt trips on thick to get some scraps.

2. When this face pops up under the table…it’s impossible to say no.

3. “Please, sir, can I have some more?”

4. Sometimes the coma is so deep, you wake up in dangerous positions.

5. Or with awkward facial expressions…

6. “Make the pain go away.”

7. “I give up!”

8. If you’re lucky, you make it to bed.

9. She feels like garbage, so this is appropriate.

10. Sometimes, you just have to let it all hang out.

11. “There’s no shame in my Thanksgiving game.”

12. “I made it upright again! Do I get a treat for that?”

13. “We’ll make it through this together!” “Get your own bed.”

14. A coma cuddle buddy always makes the trying time easier.

15. It’s a bird…it’s a plane…no, it’s just a ginormous rabbit in a food coma!

16. Puppy’s first Thanksgiving:

17. And don’t be mistaken, they don’t get smarter with age. Food comas hit everyone hard.

18. He saved some stuffing for later…this is him trying to get the last bits off his chin.


A photo posted by Lilly (@lilly_crazyeyes) on

20. After a certain period of time, the resemblance is uncanny.

21. “I can barely remember a time when I wasn’t this full…”

It’s okay, guys, I feel you.


Adorable puppy gets so many pets, he falls asleep

Being a puppy is very hard work. Everyone knows.

As a creature who is expected to look effortlessly cute at all hours of the day or night, and is subject to infinite number of pets and pictures, puppies really do deserve all the naps they randomly lapse into.

So when we see Gordo, the puppy in this video, fall asleep literally in the middle of playing, we completely get it. You have a tough job, Gordo. Get all the sleep you can.


Oh the places this cute puppy goes in this epic Photoshop battle

Fact: Puppies are the cutest. Corgi puppies, even more so.

So can we blame the internet for wanting to Photoshop this adorable corgi puppy into as many different places as possible?

Image: javareallysucks/reddit

No. We cannot. In fact, we encourage and we celebrate the results of this incredible Reddit Photoshop battle. Thank you for spreading this happy corgi everywhere it seemed appropriate, and even some places where it wasn’t appropriate.

We first travel to Spain, where this pupper is about to teach some bulls how actual running is done.

Image: stupidphotoshop/reddit

This pup is so photogenic that Reddit made it the spokesdog for its new dog food.

Image: KrombopulosJeff/Reddit

Someone imagined this puppy as the next city-wrecking monster. With a face like that, we should just let him do it.

Image: ]workingat7/reddit

His cuteness is so overwhelming, even cheetahs can’t handle it.

Image: useingatlin/reddit

This doggo is also active in the community, doing his part to promote equality for all.

Image: albo_underhill/reddit

You never know what cute beasts live deep in the desert.

Image: AttackPony/reddit

We would risk the zombies to pet this pup.

Image: ]smudgyboar/reddit

This corgi truly loves everyone, even letting Putin hitch a ride.

Image: gnostic_cat/reddit

With a smile like that, this pup is ready for Hollywood. He looks right at home in Forrest Gump.

Image: goodboyotis/Reddit

Keep cutin’ it up, doggo. The internet loves you.


A Puppy In An Aliens Power Loader Suit

A neat little idea for a cute little puppy from the people of Tested. But Ripley doesn’t seem to like the Power Loader Suit from “Aliens” as much as the original actor…

“While at this year’s DesignerCon, Frank Ippolito and Bill Doran (Punished Props) take on an impromptu build project: making a foam power loader costume for Ripley the Boston Terrier puppy.”

via: laughingsquid


Drop everything and watch this puppy being sworn in as a K-9 detective

Just a very good pupper doing a swearing in.
Image: Courtesy of the West York Borough Police Department

Puppies are incredibly high on the cuteness scalelike, well over 10/10, as fans of Dog Rates will be quick to remind you. A puppy being sworn into public service? That’s off the charts, verging onto Internet Hall of Fame levels of wonderful.

A Very Good induction ceremony was caught on camera earlier this month, showing a determined bloodhound pup entering the world of public service.

Detective Prince will serve as a K-9 officer tasked with locating missing persons for the West York Police Department in Pennsylvania. He’s just 13 weeks old, though, so he has some training to do before he starts working a beatmaking sure he’s housebroken, probably a good place to start.

Along with his oath of pawfice office, Prince “signed” some very official documents to join the force.

The pup comes to the department after being donated by The Jimmy Ryce Center, according to local affiliate WBALTV11. The organization provides AKC bloodhounds to police departments across the country for search and rescue, particularly for programs focused on finding abducted children.

Prince has an official Facebook page because duh, so you’ll be able to keep up with his adventures keeping the streets safe and finding lost kids but for now JUST LOOK AT THOSE EARS.

Detective Prince’s induction ceremony reminds us of a more somber moment in K-9 law enforcement history: one of the best memes on the internet, Dog Swearing.

May the justice system have mercy on Greg’s soul.

Prince doesn’t bring that determination and intensity quite yethe looks like he’d more likely snuggle a perp into submissionbut by the time he’s completed eight months of doggy police academy training and grows into his ears, the pup should be ready for a long, productive life on the force.

WATCH: Why get a puppy when you can have a snuggly lizard instead?


These Animals Were Living In Inhumane Conditions Before These Heroes Arrived

When the 66 dogs and three horses on this Galia County property in Ohio were found, they were in terrible shape.

Left without water and adequate food for who knows how long, there’s no telling what the fate of these animals would have been had the Humane Society of the United States not stepped in…

From the outside, the home looked relatively normal.

But the inside told a far sadder story. Hiding under every surface…

…were scared, starving dogs.

They all desperately needed medical attention, food, and water.

The Humane Society of the United States knew just what to do.

Watch the full rescue below.

If you can, please consider helping make more rescues like this one possible by donating here.


Pomeranian Puppies Happy To See Their Owner Swarm Her With Fluffy Hugs

The woman in this video had been gone for a few weeks, and when she returned home she got the single greatest welcome you could ever imagine — a swarm of dozens of extremely happy and fluffy Pomeranian puppies.

This video is basically an antidepressant that’s so strong, you should need a doctor’s prescription to view it.

Great. Now I have the spontaneous urge to adopt 20 tiny dogs.

Somebody needs to set up a business where for $5 you can be swarmed by puppies. It looks like so much fun!


Brewery gives employees ‘puppy parental leave’ and everyone else major job envy

Image: brewdog

How does spending an entire week playing with a puppy and getting paid for it sound to you? Too good to be true?

We’re here to inform you that there is a company which allows their employees to do that. Yes, that exists.

Companies all over the world have stepped up their game to ensure a high quality of life for their employees by offering all sorts of competitive perks and benefits. But we have found the one company that has every other place beat, hands down, no question.

BrewDog, a brewery based in Scotland, announced on Monday that it would be instituting “Puppy Parental Leave” across their company.

“We know only too well that having a new arrival whether a mewling pup or unsettled rescue dog can be stressful for human and hound both,” BrewDog stated on its website. “So we are becoming the first in our industry to give our staff a working weeks leave on us to help settle a new furry family member into their home.”

If it were possible to give an entire company a hug, we would be doing it to BrewDog right now.

Their announcement also came with this adorable video explaining the policy.

As you may have guessed by the brewery’s name, dogs are an essential part of the identity of BrewDog. Indeed, the brewery was founded by two men and a dog.

“Ever since Bracken, the original Brew Dog, first watched James and Martin mash in batch number one of Punk IPA back in 2007 dogs have been central to our way of life,” the brewery mentions on its site.

BrewDog also encourages its employees to bring their dogs to work. Their main office in Scotland boasts 50 “office dogs.”

How does anyone get any work done there?

While the brewery is headquartered in Scotland, they are planning on opening up another brewery in Columbus, Ohio. And just a reminder, the puppy paid leave policy extends to all employees anywhere.

We’ll just leave their careers page here for you for easy access.


George W. Bush adopts a puppy

Washington (CNN)George W. Bush made a very important announcement on Facebook Monday — he adopted a puppy.

The 43rd President posted on Facebook that he and his wife, former first lady Laura Bush, adopted a dog from the SPCA of Texas and named him Freddy Bush.
    “We already love him, and even our cats Bob and Bernadette are finding Freddy’s charm futile to resist,” Bush wrote on his Facebook.
    It’s no secret that the Bush family adores their dogs. Barney Bush was the famous Scottish Terrier who was at the White House during Bush’s administration. The pup even had his own White House website and was often referred to as “First Dog” while Bush was in office.
    Barney died at age 12 in 2013, after Bush left the White House. Miss Beazley, the Bush’s other Scottish Terrier, died in 2014 at age nine.
    In the Facebook post, Bush advocated for adopting or rescuing dogs from shelters.
    “If you could use a little extra joy in your life, consider adopting a pet from an animal shelter or rescue group,” he wrote.


    17-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Carried His Puppy 500km To Greece

    Aslan, a 17-year-old Syrian refugee who fled to the Greek island of Lesbos, didn’t complete the 500km (310mi) journey alone – he had his little puppy named Rose for company.

    In an interview with the UN’s Refugee Agency filmed on Lesbos, Aslan, in broken English, explains his relationship with the dog; “I love this dog. I need [her.]” Besides his backpack, he also has a carrier for Rose, and even made her a passport!

    Given the many dark and tragic events that have come out of the Syrian refugee crisis, it’s nice to see a story full of hope and compassion. We wish Aslan and Rose a safe journey!

    Watch UNHCR’s interview with Aslan: