How A One-Eyed Rescue Dog And A Tortoise Became Best Friends Forever

Back in 2009, Alicia Wishart adopted her dog, Beans, from the shelter, after being immediately drawn to what she called Beans’ “big cow eyes.”

Beans joined Wishart’s dachshunds, Bailey and Molly, in herOntario home. Unfortunately, the introductions between Beans and Molly didn’t go as smoothly as planned, and after a scuffle, Beans ended up with an injured eye.

The injured eye ended up rupturing, and the eye had to be removed. Today, Beans only has a left eye, but it’s as big and cow-ish as ever.

About a month later, Wishart was selling artwork at a reptile fair, and ended up coming home with a male sulcata tortoise, whom she named Waffles.

Beans was immediately interested in Waffles, much more so than the other dogs, but because Waffles was still quite small, Wishart feared for his safety.

But she didn’t have to. It turns out that this was actually the beginning of a new, beautiful friendship.

Animals of all kinds, both wild and domestic, have pretty amazing capacities for friendship with those who look a little different, as this collection of unexpected animal pals proves. It seems like humans could learn a thing or two.

Check out their friendship below to see that it’s really what you have in common that counts.

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Beans was rescued from a shelter in 2009 by Alicia Wishart.She would end up losing an eye, though, after a scuffle with one of Wishart’s other dogs.

She’s also always had a thing for salad.

Luckily, Beans is getting along much better with Molly the dachshund, as well as Bailey, the other dachshund, after their initial discomfort.

But the family was about to grow again.

After spying him at a reptile fair, Wishart fell in love with a sulcata tortoise, and took him home the very next day. She named him Waffles.

Beans took an immediate interest in her shelled new companion, but Wishart was careful to keep them separate, as Waffles was still very young and small.

But Beans was determined to be friends.

“One day, I was getting out of the shower and Beans came trotting in with what I thought was a pine cone in her mouth,” Wishart remembers. “She placed it on the floor and it turned out to be Waffles.”

She was worried that Waffles might be injured, but Beans was quite gentle. She just wanted to be friends.

From then on, Beans and Waffles were inseparable, but only under Wishart’s supervision.

They began spending time together, sharing favorite activities like climbing on Wishart. Molly and Bailey, the dachshunds, weren’t quite sure what to make of Waffles, and stayed away, but Beans was a fan.

Their activities also included taking long naps.

And snuggling when it got chilly.

(Look closely. Waffles is tucked into a hat.)

Today, Waffles is 3years old and Beans is 10, and they’re still fast friends. Waffles has grown quite a bit.

Waffles appreciates Beans’ gentle nature, and Beans enjoys eating Waffles’ leftovers. After all, she still likes salad.

They can usually be found exploring the backyard and eating dandelions together.

Or enjoying a homemade snack together.

They both also really like toast, and spring into action when Wishart drops a piece.

Of course, toast isn’t the healthiest choice for either dogs or tortoises.

Today, the family has expanded even more to welcome Mango, a leopard tortoise (right), and Tortellini, a redfoot tortoise (the small one on the right).

And naturally, Beans is in this family photo, too.

But even with the new additions, Beans and Waffles are still fast friends (and their names are fun to say together), and love to spend their days lounging together in the sun.

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