Big royal hero Prince Harry casually rescues five baby turtles

Image: PAUL EDWARDS/The Sun/PA Wire/mashable composite

LONDON If you like Prince Harry and you like watching baby turtles get rescued, you’ve come to the right place.

During his tour of the Caribbean Islands, Harry recently journeyed to a turtle nesting site on Lovers Beach, Nevis. He then proceeded to help five baby turtles, which he’d worked with local volunteers to free from the island’s undergrowth, by releasing them into the sea.

Here he is rescuing the turtles.

Image: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

As Harry looks on, the turtles make their plodding progress towards the sea.

Image: PAUL EDWARDS/The Sun/PA Wire

These turtles will probably never know they once touched royalty.

Image: PAUL EDWARDS/The Sun/PA Wire

Harry was working alongside Nevis Turtle Group a collection of volunteers who, the BBC reports, comb the beaches of the island on a regular basis in order to find out about the habits of Nevis’ miniature green inhabitants.

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Adorable baby turtles snack on a delicious hibiscus flower

Snack time is the best bonding time.

Tortoise lover and Redditor LordoftheTorts posted photos of new hatchlings sharing a snack of hibiscus flowers on Sept. 12.

Image: reddit, LordoftheTorts


The reddit user has been raising tortoises since 2007 and has a YouTube channel where they post many timelapse videos of the many broods.

Such sweet, little creatures could soften the hardest of hearts.





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Butterflies Drinking Tears From Turtle And Alligator Eyes Look Like A Scene From Disney

What you see before your very eyes is a phenomenon which is extremely hard to witness in nature. These amazing photographs feature Julia Butterflies (Dryas iulia) drinking the tears of turtles and alligators.

To your possible disappointment, these butterflies are not here to comfort the teary reptiles, but are here to feed on them. This phenomenon is called lachryphagy, which literally means “tear-feeding”, and, as cruel as it may sound, it is one of the ways that butterflies can get precious nutrition.

As reported by National Geographic, butterflies sip on tears to get sodium and other minerals which are needed for egg production and metabolism. While the mutual benefits are not yet proven, as long as the tear-providers are not too bothered, let the feast continue!

Image credits: Michael Wang / Tora Adventure