15+ Cats Who Just Realized You Took Them To The Vet

Today is the international Take your cat to the vet day! Unfortunately, little fuzzball doesn’t care about human days. What shall you do?

Start with doing mock checkups at home, to get the kitty used to being poked, prodded and squeezed. Get the cat familiarized with the (preferably) solid carrier let Admiral Wuss-Wuss sleep in it, leave in the living room, and make it a general part of life. Next comes car familiarization: take your cat on small rides, and gently increase their length so that Mittens gets used to it, as well as disassociating rides from vet visits.

Its also a good thing to take a towel or blanket that smells of home with you. Use it to make the kitty calmer in the waiting room, in the procedure area, and even leave this bit of home if overnight stay is required. Having a good rapport with the vet also helps being less stressed and having a caring doctor helps the cat, too!

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Kid writes vet super cute email after her cat drank strawberry milk

Possibly killing your family cat will surely send any preteen into emergency mode, but the fear of getting in trouble is always a priority.

Redditor ChiefAcorn shared an email they received at the animal hospital where they work. Maggie, a 12-and-a-half-year-old wasn’t paying attention and her cat Shadow snuck a few sips of her strawberry milk, which concerned her enough to write her vet an email while her family was sleeping.

“I am concerned how this may effect him because I do not know if he has ever drunken milk or strawberry milk,” the email reads. “I am also concerned because I am the only one in my family who is awake and I am only 12 and a half so I don’t know what to do. Please help me.”

Maggie’s adorable call for help was met with reassuring email from the vet, letting her know that it was OK for Shadow to have a few sips of strawberry milk, but that it’s probably not a good idea to let it happen often.

Image: ChiefAcorn/reddit

Unfortunately, it took the vet a little while to get back to Maggie, but we’re sure her parents would understand if she was forced to tell them the tale of Shadow and the strawberry milk sips.

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Someone Dipped This Poor Cat In Concrete, But A Team Of Heroes Saved Him

When he showed up on the doorstep of Faye Richards’ house in Withywood, England, a cat named Grant was in horrible shape. Covered from head to toe in wet concrete, the poor cat was surely going to die if someone didn’t help him out.

When Richards took him to her local vet, she learned the heartbreaking truth about Grant’s situation.

By the time the vet could see him, the concrete on his back had already hardened. Because he was traumatized, doctors decided to forego a bath in favor of combing out everything they could.

Concrete powder is toxic, so they had to remove it as quickly as possible.

“Most of his top coat was covered in concrete and it was matting together,” said vet Adam Sheridan. He ultimately decided to shave Grant.

When they investigated the pattern of the concrete, they learned that this was no accident. From what they could see, vets concluded that someone had intentionally covered poor Grant in concrete.

“Grant did not have any concrete on his paws and the pattern of the concrete on his fur looks like it was poured over him. Cats are not normally attracted to wet concrete. Because of the soft feel of it, they find it quite unsettling.”

At this point, Grant is getting plenty of rest and relaxation.

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Since several members of the community have stepped up to adopt Grant, the veterinary team has decided to screen all prospects to ensure that the cat finds a great home.

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20 Cats Who Will Do Absolutely Anything To Hide From The Vet

I’m pretty sure that pets feel the same way about a trip to the vet as we do about a visit to the dentist.

It’s basically the worst thing ever while it’s happening, but afterwards they get treats and we get a fun little goodie bag filled with toothpaste and floss.

On second thought, they totally get the better end of the deal!

But I digress…while not every cat and dog despises the vet, these furry felines are certainly not looking forward to being poked and prodded, regardless of how many tuna treats you plan on feeding them later.

1. The sink is a strong go-to when it comes to stealthy hiding spots.

2. “You can’t see me, right?”

3. “I am one with the sink.”

4. “They’ll never think to look here.”

5. “I’m not here. I’m not here. I’m not here.”

6. “She’ll be distracted by the dog photos.”

7. If only this sink were white…

8. “Just do the checkup in here, please.”

9. “I’ve really gotta lose some weight.”

10. “You think taking apart my crate is going to stop me from hiding? Silly human.”

11. Getting out of here could prove problematic, but we give this guy an “A” for originality!

12. “Now push me in!”

13. “I cannot see you, therefore you cannot see me.”

14. “A smelly cat is a safe cat.”

15. He hasn’t figured out that it’s his human’s fault he’s at the vet.

16. “Be a doll and open this window?”

17. “Just keep walking…you didn’t see me.”

18. “We’ll come out if you promise no thermometers!”

19. So close…kind of.

20. I’m worried for the unsuspecting vet’s sake.

Why can’t all cats be as excited as this little guy?

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