WATCH: Cat Finds Genius Use For Her Cone Of Shame

Forget the “cone of shame;” this clever cat has transformed her uncomfortable appendage into a collar of thirst-quenching efficiency.

Redditor Error2k says his cat, who recently underwent surgery, “hates the cone” but has figured out “one good use for it.”

Pure genius. 

Earlier this year, another enterprising feline enjoyed viral success when a video emerged showing it using its cone for a similar purpose


Beloved Clumsy Cat Stars In Viral Christmas Ad

When Mog the trouble-prone cat accidentally set her familys house on fire, it seemed certain that Christmas had been ruined. But thankfully, theres a heartwarming twist to this holiday tale, and it’s gone viral this week.

The Christmas ad for the British supermarket chain Sainsburys, which has been watched more than 1 million times in 24 hours, has already been hailed by some U.K. viewers as the best of the season. Watch “Mogs Christmas Calamity,” reportedly narrated by actress Emma Thompson, in the clip above.

Mog the cat is the creation of bestselling childrens writer Judith Kerr, who penned an entire series of books about the lovable but clumsy feline. As The Guardian notes, this is Mogs first appearance since 2002, when the cat died of old age in the book “Goodbye, Mog.”

For Sainsburys Christmas campaign, Kerr, now 92, revived the cats story, penning “Mogs Christmas Calamity.” She also illustrated a book of the same name to accompany the ad. Itll be sold in Sainsburys stores, with all profits going to the charity Save the Children.

“I have enjoyed illustrating Mog again after so many years and am thrilled that this special Christmas story will help raise funds for Save the Children and the important work they do for childrens literacy,” Kerr told The Guardian.

The nonagenarian, whose other books include “The Tiger Who Came To Tea” and “When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit,” makes a cameo appearance in the Sainsburys ad. See if you can spot her in the video above.


Rescuers come to the aid of a squirrel stuck in a cup

Turns out, it takes quite a few folks to free a squirrel from the trappings of a plastic cup.

The heroes at Enfield EMS, the ambulance provider for a Connecticut town, came to the rescue of a terrified squirrel.

In a video they shared on Aug. 12, a team of wildlife rescuers freed the squirrel with the help of a pink blanket.

It took them a few triesand the squirrel got a chance to show off its impressive leaping skills as it bounded across the pavement before finally scurrying away into the trees.

Let’s all make a pact not to leave our cups in the wild and relieve the squirrel population from unnecessary panic attacks.

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Cat giving its mate a massage and getting rejected will make you feel for it

Watching this pair of felines interacting with one another is like watching grandma and grandpa bicker.

There’s one cat that looks like it’s attempting to give the other a back massage, but keeps getting rebuffed.

While padding on its buddy’s back with its paws, the submissive kitty keeps getting swiped at and even gets a few unimpressed looks. Poor thing!

We’re sure there’s plenty of love between the two, but sometimes we just need our own space.

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Rescue cat Pitzush Puss In Glam is a fabulous feline fashion model

Image: pussinglam/instagram

Everyone loves a good rags-to-riches story.

Rescue cat Pitzush Puss In Glam is making waves on Instagram with her glamorous ensembles and gorgeous (fake) eyelashes.

According to the Daily Mail, Pitzush lives with her human Roxana Dulama in Romania. Dulama rescued Pitzush about eight years ago, when the kitten’s mouth was full of infected teeth.

Luckily, Dulama is a dentist, and she was able to extract Pitzush’s rotten teeth and nurse the kitty to health.

“I started dressing Pitzush because I thought that so many women in fashion aren’t good role models for young women and they end up getting body conscious,” Dulama told the Daily Mail.

I wanted to do something that would poke fun at that lifestyle even glamour puss is a poke at women who are overdressed with no substance,” she said.

And for cat-lovers out there, not to worry. Pitzush’s eyelashes are entirely Photoshopped.

We think Pitzush has the potential to be a role model to cats everywhere.

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