The Secret Life of Pets review hyperactive with furry laughter

So what do humans really do all day? Their pets are baffled in this frenetic New York-set family animation

Toy Story has been rewritten for pets in this family animation, packed with quirkily voiced characters of all shapes and sizes, frenetically hyperactive, and crammed with detail in the traditional manner plenty of swooning images of New York that appear to belong to a more romcom-type of film. Just as pet owners wonder what their pets do all day while theyre out, pets are baffled as to what their human masters and mistresses find to occupy themselves with during this mysterious time of work. Max (voiced by Louis CK) is a terrier who is outraged when his owner brings home a new rescue dog that he must now live with: Duke (voiced by Eric Stonestreet). At first mortal enemies, they become pals when they find themselves collarless and menaced by strays. Its not ground-breaking, but there are laughs, and it is a good audience movie.

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