These 30 Adorable Animals Will Make You Wonder If They’re Actually Teddy Bears

Did you know that National Teddy Bear Day is on September 9?

I didn’t either, but I’m so glad that I found out, because I’ve always loved those cuddly toys as a kid. The only thing that could have made them better for me was if they were actually alive. But, as I recently found out, real-life teddies do exist. They’re just really masquerading as other animals, as you’ll see below.

There’s really no better way to celebrate everyone’s favorite stuffed animals than by bringing you pictures of ridiculously adorable dogs and cats that look just like teddy bears. Let’s begin!

1. This little guy is so precious.

2. He still sleeps with a teddy bear as an adult, but who could blame him?

3. I’ll take the puppy, please.

4. Boo the dog is so adorable that he even has his own book.

5. Who could resist that little face?

6. He’s so fluffy!

7. This kitten even sits like a teddy bear!

8. Does it get any cuter than this?

9. Yes, it does.

10. I want to steal her so badly.

11. Being a teddy bear runs in the family, apparently.

12. This cutie totally made me squeal.

13. I just want to cuddle her forever.

14. Is this a cat or a tiny bear?

15. Those paws!

16. This dog must be a mix of teddy bear and Wookie.

17. Here’s the prettiest real-life teddy ever.

18. This cuddle bug has the most glorious coloring.

19. He has to be part stuffed animal.

20. This breed is actually called the teddy bear, which makes so much sense.

21. I wish that was my lap.

22. How amazing is that fur?

23. Be still, my beating heart!

24. “How about some snuggles?”

25. I’m betting that this little bear can get away with anything.

26. He makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

27. Hey pal, are you sure you didn’t come from a toy store?

28. He looked so much like a toy that his owner named him Teddy Bear.

29. I’m having a hard time believing this is actually a dog.

30. This fuzzball is way too adorable.

Is anyone else about to go into cuteness overload? I can’t be the only one.

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