These 30 Pets Want You To Get Off Of That Computer Right NOW

Whenever I’m working on my laptop, my cat never fails to jump on my keyboard and block my view.

To be honest, I can’t blame her. It seems that nowadays, I’m on the thing more than I’m off of it. I wish I could make her understand that it helps me pay for her food and toys, but something tells me that even if she did know that, she’d keep doing it.

The adorable pets below definitely feel my kitty’s pain, because they are doing whatever they can to make it crystal clear that their owners need to turn off their computers and pay attention to them.

1. “This hand is for snuggling, not typing.”

2. I would totally get off of Facebook for this cutie.

3. “But you promised that we could cuddle.”

4. Those sad eyes are definitely working on me.

5. “This isn’t over just because I’m tired.”

6. Talk about a major guilt trip!

7. “Whatcha doin’? Oh I see, not loving me.”

8. This cat has seriously had it with your crap.

9. “Now there’s no way you can ignore me.”

10. “I won’t stop staring until you give up.”

11. “I thought you loved me, hooman.”

12. “Have fun trying to use it now.”

13. “Is shopping more important than me?”

14. This cat will single-handedly destroy your computer before it lets you play on it for one more second.

15. “What’s so great about this anyway?”

16. “I can haz love meow?”

17. “I thought we were supposed to go to the park.”

18. “I’m so much prettier than that screen.”

19. “Don’t make me scratch you.”

20. How can you argue with that adorable face?

21. “I’m not staying silent about this anymore!”

22. She had to see what was so great about the thing.

23. Something tells me he’s getting revenge later.

24. “How many times do we have to talk about this, Larry?”

25. “What does this have that I don’t?”

26. “I demand to be petted RIGHT MEOW.”

27. “You said you were done an hour ago!”

28. “It’s good to know that you love that thing more than me, you jerk.”

29. “You didn’t listen to me, so I’m not listening to you.”

30. “Maybe slobbering on it will work.”

(via Mashable)

Of course, it comes as no surprise that my cat jumped on my computer while I was working on this. I have a feeling that this is exactly how it’s going to be from now on.

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