These Cats Prove They Really Only Love You For Your Food

Despite their adorable appearances, cats pretty much rule the world and us mere humans are simply there to attendto their every need. And, of course, along with love, any soft surface to sleep, and a clean toilet, one of those needs is food.

This is clearly demonstrated by two cats from Japan purring partners in crime who love to watch their humans eat at every meal. Whenever their humans sit by the dining table with a spread of food, they join in and take a seat on their humans’ laps, inspecting the dishes and critiquing their presentation and creativity.

Those humans decided to document this ritual by taking a picture with their furry dinner guests every time they eat, and you have to admit that it’s adorable…


Let me just make sure it’s still warm…


Is this supposed to be funny?


Those who wear the crown shall be awarded a feast of riches.


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