These Clips Of Animals Being Brushed Will Chill You Out On National Pet Day


Come here. I have to show you something very splendid.

You know how the internet is a wicked, hateful place where loneliness comes to metastasize? Well, within that same internet also exists a subreddit where Richard Spencer was never born, Beyonc won the Grammy and everyone kept their missiles to themselves.

Brushy Brushy is a digital utopia of clips, GIFs and pics of animals being brushed. Thats it. Dont try to make this more than it is.

Feast your hungry eyes on smol cat havin a brush and tell me the hot, painful tension in your chest didnt melt a little.

Thank you,ShaneH7646.

Precious Hulk the Rhino Iguana walks around all day with what looks like a scrotum on top of his head AND where his jowls should be, but that stress cant keep him from unwinding under the touch of a toothbrush.

Thank you,Leuhhh.

This pup had a hard week of jury duty and even got yelled at by the district attorney for pooping in the jurybox! Hes ready to feel those bristles wander.

Thank you,princessdessi.

Oscar proudly defended Obamafor two terms as a member of the Secret Service. Now, he spends his dayssurrendering to the siren call of the brush.

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Thank you,the_dude_upvotes.

This Gray Whale left herpod to live a nomads life, writing travel books and scouring the seven seas for the best scrub man or beast can give.

Gray Whale stops by for some scrathes

Thank you,Ernest1863.

Fadjen the bull is in the middle of a contentious divorce fromhis wife, Fadjina, and sometimes a stiffbrush is the only thing that gets him out of bed in the morning.

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Thank you,kf7zde.

Warner is a Friesian ladykiller with bangs that say I spent the summer of 2006 following From First to Last on tour. He needs a brush as that feels better thanheroine.

Thank you,Xisayg.

Happy National Pet Day. May brush be with you. And also with you.

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