These Shocking Pictures Of Polar Bears Have Sparked a Huge Controversy

Polar bears are incredible creatures.

Their giant stature and the majestic nature about them, truly make them a sight to be seen. This is what makes these photos all the more shocking. Seeing the awe-inspiring polar bear appearing to be only a shell of his former self is jaw-dropping.

This should really emphasis the danger which polar bears are in, due to the shrinking glaciers.

These photos by Kerstin Langenberger speak for themselves.

The counter argument says that polar bears are slightly increasing in number, though that doesnt address the many areas such as this one where the changing climate is causing these bears to basically become homeless.

The photographer, Kerstin, has this to say:

Experts claim the Svalbard population is stable, even rising. Well, here comes my question: how can a population be stable if it consists of less and less females and cubs? How can a population be doing good if most bear will score a body index of 2-3 out of 5? Only once I have seen a bear getting a big fat 5, but several times I have seen dead bears and bears like this one: a mere 1 on the scale, doomed to death. I do not have scientific data to proof my observations, but I have eyes to see and a brain to draw conclusions. Climate change is happening big deal here in the Arctic. And it is our decision to trying to change this. So: lets do something about the biggest threat of our time. Maybe we cannot save this bear here. But every little action we do to change our ways is a step in the right direction. We just have to get started and keep on going!

Obviously something needs to be done about this situation. Photographs have the power to change the course of disastrous directions. Lets hope these shocking photos revealing the implications of a changing climate will implement some serious change in how we deal with this growing, and very real, challenge.

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