This cat ran into a burning house 5 times but what she brought out in her mouth each time, will

This amazing cat is a true mom. She was living on the streets and gave birth to five kittens. She managed to find her and her kids shelter in an abandoned garage.

Then the unthinkable happens. In the structure frequented by drug users, a fire suddenly erupts. This mother cat springs to action and does all she can to save her children.

The fire department arrives and can clearly hear the cries of kittens. The mother cat was severely burned. It turns out she had entered, and then re-entered the garage a total of 5 times. Each time she carried out, in her mouth, one of her kittens.

A fireman sees the situation before him, and quickly puts the mother and her kittens in a box and rushes them to a vet. At this point the mother cant even see she is burned so badly. Yet she is still nudging the kittens with her nose to ensure that they are all okay.

The vets spring to action to try and save the family. Unfortunately one kitten did not make it. The mother is severely burned on her mouth, nose, paws, as well as her ears which are partially burned off.

But amazingly, all the other kittens were able to be treated and saved. The mother has been thriving as well, her wounds treated after a week in intensive care and thanks to the heroic vets who treated this courageous mother.

The homeless feline family were now being offered up adoption requests from all over as their story had been featured on newspapers and television. Over 7000 letters were received as a result, and all of them offered to adopt the family!

It would be 3 more months of healing, but then everyone was adopted. The kittens were adopted in pairs and a woman named Karen Wellen adopted Scarlett, the mother.

The mother needs special meds due to the damage that the fire caused. Karen knows all too well about being in a severe accident as she had been through one herself. So her and Scarlett became an instant match.

The once homeless cat is now safe and secure with a very loving owner.

What an incredible story of motherly love and all the human compassion that followed. This mother risked life and limb to save her kittens, and humans from all around went out of their way to offer up new homes for these special survivors. Share this amazing story with all your friends and family!


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