This Couple Gave A Senior Rescue Dog A Second Chance At Living Like A Happy Puppy

For far too many senior dogs in search of a loving forever home, their singular hope and dream never comes true.Though reasons for adopting or not adopting any specific pet vary from person to person, if you’re ever looking to add a furry pet to your family tree, canine or otherwise,never rule out the option of adopting a senior animal. Some of these dogs might look like they don’t have much life left in them… but they might just need a little bit of love and care to bounce back to life and live out their golden years. Who knows, maybe that 10-year-old dog has the spirit of a much younger pup underneath that scuffed-up exterior.

One pit bull, formerly known as DaVinci, but more appropriately re-named Dave, has this exact story. When he was rescued, he didn’t look good at all. His body was weak, and despite his fighting spirit, it didn’t look certain if he was going to pull through all the cumulative suffering he’d been through over the years.

However, Chris and Mariesa Hughes met him at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in Albany, NY, and knew that they couldn’t leave him there. They returned soon after that meetingto adopt him, thinking that his days were numbered and they’d give him the best darn days he’s ever had in his whole life.

But just you wait to see how far a little bit of love can go…


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