This Emaciated Puppy Is So Hungry She Eats Plastic Then Her Heroes Arrive

Animal-lovers all over the world know that theres a special kind of joy in seeing sweet creatures find warm, loving homes.

Every animal deserves a comfortable, safe place to live, and this is doubly true for animals that have never had a real opportunity to experience love and security. Dogs and cats, despite being domesticated, household animals, are often shockingly neglected, as we saw with this sweet golden who was covered in pests and sores.

Wild or feral animals can usually fend for themselves if they absolutely have to, but there are few acts crueler than putting a household pet out on the street, where they wont be able to protect themselves.

Fortunately, there are excellent people all over the world doing their bit to help abandoned domestic animals, no matter the cost.

The latest case comes to us from Texas, where a young couple spotted a scrawny puppy one morning, and couldnt look the other way.

Cameron Trammell and his girlfriend were out on their balcony last Sunday morning, gearing up for a long day out of the house, running weekend errands.

Its fortunate that, just before they left to get started on their day, they happened to look down and spot a small dog lying on the ground below.

At first, they assumed that her owner was nearby, but when they looked around and didnt see anybody nearby, they realized that this sweet pup might be in serious trouble.

As Cameron put it on photo-sharing site Imgur, She glances up at me and I immediately know that we have to go down and check on her.

When the duo reached the exhausted pup lying in the grass, it was immediately clear that their instincts were good; the little dog was wearing a collar but no tags, was “emaciated,” and totally covered in fleas.

They grabbed a laundry basket from the apartment, and scooped up the dog.

She was too exhausted to be skittish, and, despite her size, showed barely any interest in the turkey and water that the couple had brought down from the apartment for her.

After a quick run to the store for some flea-killing shampoo, they gave the pup, quickly dubbed ‘Little One,’ two luxurious baths, carefully picking her clean of pests, and noting that, “The amount of fleas was unreal. Every time we thought we had them all, another would rear its ugly head.”

According to Cameron’s post, when she was finally clean, she was too weak to move much, and had a tough time deciding whether or not she could trust these humans that had found her.

Still, she had, “The sweetest face I’d ever seen…Good Lord, I couldn’t keep it together.”

They made a temporary bed in a cardboard box for Little One to rest in, and another trip to the store produced a proper crate for the pup, a toy, and plenty of dog food.

Eventually, Little One’s exhaustion won out over her nervousness, and she decided to trust her rescuers, and snuggled herself up for a nap.

While the pup napped, they couple couldn’t help but notice how truly skinny she was.

They were growing increasingly worried about her appetite; Little One had nibbled a little food and lapped at some water, but she was just throwing it back up again almost immediately.

At first, they attributed it to going hungry for so long and adjusting to food again, but after afull day where Little One didn’t keep anything down, it was time to head to the vet.

At the vet’s office, they got some bad news about the beautiful little pup who had just fallen into their lives; she was very sick indeed.

An x-ray showed that her she had a severe blockage in her digestive tract, from eating garbage and plastic in a desperate attempt to survive.

The vet tried a few external measure to move the blockage, but nothing worked.

The vet confirmed that the only medical option left was a surgery to remove Little One’s blockage.

The couple were quoted a price around $5000, and were also told that there was a chance the pup might not survive the procedure.

Please note,graphic content below might be distressing for some readers.


They had to decided whether it was worth itto spend a huge amount of money on a tiny little pup who might not even survive the surgery.

As Cameron explained on Imgur, it wasn’t exactly a tough decision, “Well, let’s be honest. There was only one choice. Let’s do it! She deserves a chance. The surgery certainly isn’t in our budget, but there was absolutely NO way we were going to tell them to just put her down. A dog as sweet as this is more than worth it. We hadn’t planned on owning a dog, especially spending thousands of dollars on just a chance to own one, but we had to try.”

Little One emerged from the surgery with an impressive scar and few ill effects, and went home with her new family by the end of the week.

She’s still skinny, but she’s cheery, perky, and curious. Cameron described her as “a little fighter,” in an email to LittleThings.

After posting the initial story online, Little One’s incredible story quickly went viral.

Many of Little One’s new friends urged the couple to create a GoFundMe, because so many people wanted to contribute to her medical care.

When all was said and done, they received an itemized bill from the vet’s office, which was significantly lower than the initial estimate, and even included a special discount from the vets that treated the adorable pup.

Still, the bill totaled nearly $3000, and the fundraising page has only raised about half that amount.

If you’d like to contribute to Little One’s care, you can find the GoFundMe page here.

The good news is that the surgery was worth every single penny.

Little One is now back at her new home, recuperating after her procedure, complete with a special cone to keep her from picking her stitches.

The best news of all? Her appetite is back and this little girl looks like she’ll make a full recovery.

In the latest update on Imgur, her new ownersmade sure to note, “Here she is back home with us waiting for dinner. Those eyes could melt the coldest of hearts.”

Well, we know they never planned to become dog owners that Sunday morning, but it certainly looks like they’re going to do a good job of it!

If you’d like to help the fundraising effort for Little One’s surgery, please make sure toSHAREthis story and the GoFundMe page!

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