This Giant Knitting Technique Is Perfect For You And Your Pets

Knitting and crocheting are time-honored arts, loved by people around the world, most of whom like to put their own unique spins on their creations.

Bu the knit crafts of Anna Motake this art to a whole new level!

Anna uses massive (and we do meanmassive) knitting needles to create super-chunky scarves, hats, blankets, and pet beds from thick ropes of yarn in beautiful, rich colors.

This clever artist got inspiration to create these large knits after figuring out how to knit with her hands, in a method similar tothe surprisingly easy craft of finger knitting, but with a larger weave.

Her handmade items are all available for purchase on Etsy, and she even sells outsized yarn and needles for crafters who want to try going big with their knitting.

Now, she’s wowing the world with her extra-cozy creations!

Check out a few of her products below, and you’ll get the urge to cuddle with them all!

(h/t: Colossal)

Instead of using thin yarn and creating multiple rows of knit, Anna uses massive yarn and only a few rows.


The result are these big, chunky, super-cozy items!


Anna also makes these little nest-like pet beds for cats and small dogs.


Everything she makes is make from pure merino wool in beautiful colors.


You may just wish these little beds were human-size.


Of course, if you knit, you can always try your hand at making your own, personalized crafts. You can get the massive needles and thick yarn on Anna’s Etsy, too.


Then you can make whatever you want!


Or you can just play with the balls of yarn. Because that looks like fun, too.


Everything is so cute and snuggly, you may just react like this:


Check out Anna’s story in her own words on her Kickstarter video:

See more drool-worthy items over on Anna’s Etsy shop, Ohhio. You can also check out her website, Kickstarter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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