The 16-year-old from Dallas, TXrelies on the help of her servicedog, Flynn.

According to Fetching Apparel, Hailey was once a dancer on the varsity drill team, student council member, violinist and at the top of her class. However, with her conditions progressing, Hailey can only take classes online.

She is dependent on her parents, nurse, medications, and Flynn. The condition she grapples with the most is epilepsy, which causes seizures.

To get a service dog you must be disabled to the point where you can no longer function at a normal quality of life without the assistance of service dogs, said Hailey.

It takes around two years of intense training and thousands of dollars (if you owner train) to actually be able to call your dog a service dog. A service dog can go anywhere its handler goes, with the exception of a sterile environment such as an operating room or burn unit, a religious building such as a church, or some federal buildings, she said.

The job of a service dog is very important to its human. See why Hailey is pleading with strangers to get them to stoppettingher dog without permission.

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A picture of service dog Flynn and his best friend Hailey.

Flynn was with Hailey since he was a wee tiny puppy.

Beyond helping Hailey, Flynn provides a lot of love as well. According to Hailey, it was love at first sight.

While visiting her dad at work, a co-worker found the dog to be very cute and proceeded to pet Flynn, despite the giant stop sign that Flynn wears on his vest which warns people to not pet a service dog, as they are working. Hailey herself told the person to stop petting the dog as well.

I think we all can learn something here. Our impulses with dogs are to pet them. But we have to remember that service dogs are different, and we should treat them as serious support systems that cannot be interrupted as they are always working and need to focus.


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