This Squirrel Befriended Some Humans For The Most Ingenious Reason

I grew up around tons of woodland creatures, including squirrels.

My college was so well-known for its squirrel population that they even considered changing the mascot to a fearsome squirrel. In all that time, though, I’ve never made friends with one. They were more likely to scare me by popping out of a trash can on my way to class than anything else.

Scott and Pam Martin, however, have come to love their squirrel friend, Putter, who comes to visit every day and gets treated like a queen.

The Martins own a local business and they realized that they saw Putter show up on their outdoor patio regularly. The customers loved her, so they didn’t try to shoo her away.

Now, they just call her down from her tree and she comes scurrying. Find out on the next page what makes Putter so excited!


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