Tiny Puppies Snuggle Up With Their Toddler Buddy For The Cutest Nap Ever

I am a huge fan of naps. Over the years, I have finallyperfected my own system of making sure I get just the right amount of Z’s for the optimum level of energy. I also have friends who say they somehow feel worse after a midday snooze, but I’m pretty sure they just aren’t doing it right. Besides, sometimes we run ourselves so ragged that our bodies leave uswithno other choice but to shut our eyes and count some sheep.

Of course, we each have our own little rituals before conking out. Whether youinsist on a special blanket, need your fan set to a certain speed, or require anexact amount of pillows, there’s always a chance for one small snag to keep you from entering sleep-town. For me, I can’t stand having any lights on in the room not even the small glow of my computer charger. As kids, though, we tend to rely on more snuggly methods with stuffed animals.

Or, like the little girl who’s dad lulled both her and her fuzzy friend to sleep, you might have been lucky enough to count on a sweet puppy to cuddle with while dozing off. The kiddo in the video belowhaseven more good four-legged fortune with his crew of three teeny-tiny puppies keeping him cozy. They look to be only a few days old as they curl up on his comfy sweater.

One of the itty-bitty babies seems to be having some trouble finding the perfect spot, though.Take a look to see where he finally ends up!

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