Tiny Puppy Figures Out A Way To Get Over His Baby Gate

You might think that because animals can’t talk, that they aren’t very smart. But that’s not the case!

Animals are able to come up with sneaky plans if they are left alone long enough to think of one. It doesn’t take a lot of effort and if the animal is fast, they sometimes can manage doing this without being caught.

Most pet owners need to figure out a way to catch their sneaky animals in the act. One pet parent set up a camera to catch his dog opening the garbagecan on his own.

One tiny puppy found himself in a bit of conundrum.He wanted to get it another room in the house, but something was blocking his way. What is a tiny little guy supposed to do?

Most dogs would give up defeat, as a gate usually is the sign that they can’t go past and they should try a different way. But not this pup! He was determined.

There must be a cat in that housebecause this dog was inspired. He attempts to jump over the gate, but being a dog, he doesn’t have the coordination to actually get over it. You can see the hilarious aftermath of his jump in the video below!

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