Tortoise And Mini Horse Have Their Snack Time Interrupted By An Adorable Puppy

As kids, our parents try to teach us the value in sharing what we have. Whether that’s our super cool deluxe set of scented markers or our favorite dessert, it’s better to spread the goodness around rather than hoard it all for yourself. After all, you don’t want to come off as greedy and petty. Of course, some things are too good to give away for free, but in those situations, you don’t want to flaunt it in front of others. That would just be cruel!

When I saw this adorable duo of a tortoise and fluffy mini horse, my heart was so warmed to see the cuties graciously splitting a pile of lettuce between them. No one is fighting over portion sizes, though the horse can probably pack away a bit more than his shelled friend, which is just so refreshing! It reminds me of the snuggly fella who spends his downtime curled up with 5 sweet kittens. They also seem to have a much better chemistry between them than the hilarious larger horse who couldn’t quite wrap her silly head around the tortoise she met along the road one day, though that’s definitely precious in its own way, too.

Everything seems pretty hunky-dory between these two affable animals.

However, after a while, another hungry critter decides he’d like a bite of the scrumptious snack: an adorable little pup! The silly fluffball was likely lounging with his mom on the other side of the porch when he noticed the duo chowing down.

Luckily, the pair does not seem to mind it one bit.

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